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  1. I'll gladly help out beginning cachers, but the user I'm talking about has 45,000 finds. It's always the "high volume" cachers who complain and get bitchy after their log gets deleted. They are so focused on getting the numbers up that they don't even read the listing. Cacher in question has logged a multitude other caches on the same day (in different areas), including two other virtuals which were logged, of course, without a photo. I'm even wondering if these aren't armchair logs. I'm sure answers of virtuals and Earthcaches (and final coordinates of unknowns and multis) are shared among "high volume" cachers...
  2. Hi, What is aggressive about requiring a photo at a certain WP with the additional requirement that something personal must be shown to prove they actually visited the location? If that's aggressive, then 95% of the virtuals are aggressive. The thing about the e-mail address has never been enforced "aggressively" and has been dealt with by changing the listing. I invite you to read the listing now and tell me what on it is against the guidelines. I have visited several virtuals in the past, not read the listing fully and thus missed one or two logging requirements. I have logged and have gotten several of these logs deleted. In my opinion, this is normal. Moreover, every CO should check the logs of his/her cache for validity. I don't see what's aggressive here.
  3. In my opinion that would be unfair. - My log is 4 years old and has been validated by the CO 4 years ago. Which means my log is valid, and shouldn't be suddenly invalidated years after logging. - Other users' log does not fulfill the logging conditions of my virtual, hence is invalid, and has been invalidated by the CO. Actually, this would cut my wings as a CO: CO's should be allowed to delete bogus logs. This IS a bogus log, since the evidence does not support the user actually visited the place.
  4. Okay, I will change my listing, but it has been like that when it was published, and I never got a remark about it, neither at the time of publishing nor later.
  5. You're still missing the point. This is not about the way which answers are provided, this is about the log photo. What guideline says I can't have an automated e-mail system? Like I said, a small percentage of the loggers doesn't read the listing and sends a message. If their log photo is fine, that's ok for me.
  6. Dude, what's the problem? If a users sends the answers via the message center, I accept the log, although I prefer the other way. Lots of owners of virtuals use a similar kind of automated mail system. Moreover, the reason I deleted their log was not the answers, but the log photo.
  7. I have a virtual cache which has rather strict conditions for logging. One of the conditions is that the log photo must be taken in a certain location, and that something personal must be visible in the photo. That is stated several times on the listing. User logs the cache, uploads several pictures of which none fulfill the conditions. All are at the wrong location and none of the photos show anything more than just surroundings. I delete the log, user logs again, I delete the log again. Four years ago I logged an EarthCache by that same user. I received log permission at the time(of which I have proof) , so all was well. Log even includes a photo with gps at the correct location. Today user says my answers for the first question is wrong, and threatens to delete my (four year old) log. I reply with the correct answer (it's a very easy question with an easily findable answer). User deletes my log stating that that is not the answer which is on the info board. In my book this is an obvious retalation, and very childish behaviour. I will ask HQ to reinstate my log.
  8. We'll be there on the 25th, adding country #42. We're taking the ferry from Heysham.
  9. Just got back from the HQ Celebration (+HQ, APE and Jasmer), and of course we've added Canada as country #40. Earlier this year we got Bosnia and Montenegro, so the goals for '22 are all achieved. Next year we'll try to go to Scotland, and add Isle of Man to the list. Aso on the short (or long)list: Costa Rica, Malta, Guernsey, Iceland, and, oh yes, San Marino!
  10. Only one new country since the start of Covid: Aland Islands, country#37. We made a small ferry detour on our Sweden-North Cape trip. In '22 we're hoping to add Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Canada. Geographically closest "countries" which we don't yet have are Guernsey and Sark. But these are quite tedious to get to, especially out of the summer season. Countries which we might get in the following years: Iceland, Malta, San Marino, Costa Rica. And if we ever get to make that Caribbean cruise...
  11. Only succeeded the third one. Oh wel, maybe in 2021!
  12. I would love to see Virtual rewards 3.0 focus on Webcam caches, but of course there shouldn't be as many as 4000, like the Virtual Rewards 2.0. 400 would be a viable number, since the amount of Webcam Caches would then triple, which would make them a tad less rare, but still very rare and thus interesting.
  13. Small steps this year, indeed. We were due for Bosnia, Montenegro and Canada (border hop) + 9 US states (4 week RV camping trip) this year, but we got none of that. Even Guernsey was off limits. Instead we got a bunch of new Swiss Cantons and German Landkreise. Which is nice of course.
  14. - Fill the Jasmer, visit HQ, log the APE, go to the HQ Celebration Event on Aug 15. - Add one ore more new countries. - Continue to have fun.
  15. Last week we were on a Baltic cruise and grabbed countries #35 and #36 (Finland and Russia). We were glad there are two virtuals and an EC in Saint-Petersburg (and at very touristy locations) , otherwise we wouldn't have been able to grab a cache there (we were visaless and thus condemned to a guided excursion).
  16. Well, they chose to not mention anything in their log. They just chose to share the experiency orally. And I just disabled the cache for a month, and afterwards reactivated the cache. The guy's family erected a small memorial at the tree, and that memorial is mentioned several times in the logs afterwards.
  17. In Marrakech, most of the geocaches are inside shops. In fact, that may be the only option to keep caches alive in a "lively" city like that. And yes, we gave small tips to the shop owners, or even bought something from their store.
  18. Actually, friends of ours found a dead body at GZ of one of our caches. The cache is on a trail which isn't used much (in an otherwise urban area) and a guy hung himself on the tree where our cache is hidden. The guy was dead for almost a week when he was found... Needless to say, our friends were - and still are - a bit traumatized. They actually thought, upon arriving, that the guy was logging the cache, as he was "leaning" against the tree...
  19. I don't have as many as most of you guys, but we've just added country #32: Morocco. Next on the list is Greece in April. July might bring Monaco, and we might be planning a road trip over Estonia, Finland and Aland this summer. We'll see!
  20. I've submitted an event in Mexico one week ago... still no response from any reviewer whatsoever. Soon the 14-days-in-advance time will have passed. Will my event be denied then, even if I submitted it more than 3 weeks before the event date? Does anyone know which reviewer "handles" Mexico?
  21. http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC2ZR8X_pic-de-leviste?guid=9ed40f1f-200e-4128-8b9c-2e0b46b46fc4 Published in July 2011, logged by us as FTF in August 2013 (almost 1000 km from home), no logs since then.
  22. I deleted the old PQ, created a new one and it came through immediately.
  23. JoLTeam


    Same problem here.
  24. My Bookmark PQ is not generating. Last generated says "Never" and I've created it hours ago.
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