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  1. Stopped by the last one on the list on our way into town today as we knew there were limited hours the cache was available and found a note that the museum is closed until Jan 2nd.
  2. Noticed that stop #38 GCRFGM Hooters was archived on 3-8-18
  3. Cache machinists need to be extremely careful of this cache. Not only does it involve a beach drive but it also may require crossing a small stream in your car on the beach. Also there are a few private roads that do not lead to the beach or the cache. One must drive the beach from the Roosevelt conservation beach approach. Also this stretch of the beach doubles as the Copalis Beach runway. How often planes are landed on the beach I have no idea, but I thought you should know about these things.
  4. Interesting thank you for pointing that thread out to me. Make sense as to why I don't see it in the guidelines then. I believe it will be a fun area to visit and since it appears you have read the event page you know at least a little bit of our story and I'm sure you can see why we want to visit. Thanks, SirKarp
  5. I'm really not sure what to say. I had never heard of the rule that Rufusclupea quotes. In fact I went and read the event guidelines and I could not find that quote or anything to that effect, so Rufusclupea if your still following this thread I'd be curious to know where the quote comes from. As I'm from the Seattle are not to far from where the annual going ape event is held I wondered how so many folks got away with their vacation events around the ape event. It's not uncommon here for there to be a few events leading up to the APE event hosted by out of towners. I don't know perhaps I missed something in guidelines but I'm happy it has been published. Thanks, SirKarp
  6. Well we will see what happens. In my area I have seen these sort of events published so we'll hope it goes though. I've got a spot picked so we'll see. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the post and suggestion. It's funny here in Washington state the subforums arent exactly hopping anymore but they are still active. The good news is on the mean time since my post my caching partner did a little research and I contacted a couple of cachers, than own caches in the area and one of them made several suggestions. So I have list of restaurants to call tomorrow and we'll see what happens. Thanks again Sirkarp
  8. Hi there, We will be visiting Salem Massachusetts during the first week in October, we are coming from Washington state and thought that it would be fun to hold an event preferably in Salem or very close by. We'd love to meet some local cachers, share stories and swap TB's from across the country, but in order to do that we need to have good place to hold an event, and hopefully there will be a few folks able to make recommendations. I'm not sure what the weather typically is in Salem during early October, but we'd be open to a restaurant or a park. We will also be there during the week, so some place we can hold the event later in the day like late afternoon when folks could come after work, would be best. l At one point we thought we had a place but that didn't work out. So I'm open to ideas. Thanks, SirKarp
  9. It's not looking like the low 90s any more.
  10. Thank you so much for helping out. It's too bad you are not able to be there. We will have fun in spite of that. Yes, it not said often enough. Thank you Travisl for putting these events together time and time again and Terrible Ts for the bookmark which makes it so much easier. Also I know this was posted on Facebook but for those that don't facebook it's going to be quite hot, in the low 90's Saturday and Sunday. Looking forward to it as always!
  11. I'm the C/O of the cache I think your talking about, it's actually stop #77 and to clarify it's Spirit Quest Home of Piece. There were several reasons for the daylight hours only restriction in the beginning, and I have kept it on mainly to keep people from looking for it at odd hours, like 2AM in the morning, or accidently going inside the cemetery when they shouldn't. Keeping in mind during the summer dark can be as late 9PM or even later. I think since the cache is accessible from the sidewalk on the street outside the cemetery that it is just fine for folks on the cache machine to look for the cache in the early evening, even if it is after dark. I have posted a note on the cache page as well to that affect. However please don't assume that is ok at my other spirit quest cemetery caches in the area such as Mountain View and Old Pioneer. Those are inside the cemeteries and should never be looked for after dark ever, which is why they were removed from the CM because of the time the CM would get there. But for SQ Home of Piece it's totally fine to look for it in the early evening hours. Thanks, SirKarp
  12. I just so happened to have a conversation with the hotel I'm staying at today and she mentioned that the hotel is fully booked because the central Washington Fair opens on Friday the 23rd. So if nothing less be prepared for a busy town, and fair traffic.
  13. Nice! That's where I'd already booked, and it's right next to the start and end points of the route. I found that if I went through TripAdvisor's link to http://www.oxfordinnyakima.com/lnr-1374864815.php , which inserts promo code TAWEB, I could get the price down to $94.50 before taxes. A few places on 1st Street were cheaper, in the $79 range, but not as highly reviewed. If someone else books this way, could you let me know if you receive a confirmation e-mail? I never received one, so I'm a little concerned that the reservation didn't go through. Travis, I have never used the tripadvisor link, but I have booked on the oxford website many times in the past and I always received an E-mail confirmation. If it's not hiding in your spam folder I'd call the hotel. Since the tripadvisor sends you to the oxford website they should be able to see it at the hotel if it went though.
  14. After unfortunately having to miss the June CM, we will definitely be there for this one! Actually I've been looking forward to this one since last year. For anyone looking for a hotel in the area there are two that I would recommend. We'll be staying at the Oxford Suites which is right off of I-90 and the river http://www.oxfordsuitesyakima.com/ If you need something more economical their sister Hotel Oxford Inn is right next door http://www.oxfordinnyakima.com/ The Oxford inn is older hotel and has fewer amenities than the newer one the Oxford Suites. Looking forward to seeing you all there!
  15. You did get the short end of the stick in this case. Along with the other owners who have been working on challenge caches but didn't get them submitted by the deadline. But, GS has made their stance and there will be no exceptions. So, the choice now is to either publish it as a different cache type, archive the listing and move on or wait out the year and see if it still meets the guidelines for challenge caches. I imagine it's a pretty hollow feeling when all that work and preparation kind of goes up in smoke. Thank you, I appreciate the fact that you can see that, it seems like few do. I don't know what I will do with the cache at this point, it would seem like such a waste to archive it. And to publish it as a different cache type seems like a huge compromise.
  16. That sounds like a great cache, and one that would be enjoyable to many finders. Why not skip the challenge limit on who can log the find, and publish it as you would any other cache? I really think it is great cache, but the whole idea was that getting to find this unique cache would be the reward to meeting the challenge criteria, which myself I have met many times over. You wouldn't be able to meet it's goal in one day but it's not particularly hard either. I didn't want it to be really hard, but I did want it to be a reward so to speak. Yes, I could publish it as open to everyone, but again the basis of this was to be a mild challenge and after all the work I have done I'd really like to see it published in the form I intended it to be. Instead I'm left feeling like I have had a portion of this cache taken away from me and like I have got the short end of the stick.
  17. I've only completed a few challenge caches, but those that I did compete I went after because I found them to be interesting and fun. I didn't really realize that there was a problem with the challenge caches, however in looking though the posts here and can quite clearly see that there is problem. Especially when you get into stuff like power trails of Challenge caches I get how that's a problem. Now what I'm here to voice my opinion about is the way the moratorium has been handled. I can understand not wanting to give a lot of advanced notice, because that could lead to reviewers being flooded with low quality challenge caches that they would have to wade though, and that is not fair to them. I totally get that. However, what about those of use that have been planning, refining and creating a really good quality challenge cache submissions. I have been working on putting together a challenge cache for a about year now. I've gained permission for the cache, I've put together the cache page. There are a number of carefully chosen waypoints. I don't want to give away to much of it, but compass bearings have been taken and distances measured and history researched for the cache page. This was no simple task to put together. I've discussed the cache with a reviewer less than a month ago and this person checked it over to make sure that I was within the guidelines and even logged a reviewer note on the cache page. With that log I can prove the time line at least. I made sure my location for the container was ok. Not knowing about the Moratorium I enabled the cache for review on the morning of 4-22-15. Of course moments after that, I learned about the moratorium. I explained my efforts to the reviewer and was told that they were told that there would be no exceptions, if the cache wasn't in the reviewer queue by noon on the 21st it was not able to be published and that's a hard a fast rule regardless of anything else. Again I understand why it was handled the way it was, if more advance notice was given the reviewers would have been flooded with folks that just wanted to get them out. But what about me, I'm sure there are a few other folks in my boat too. I have countless hours over the course of a year setting this cache up, trying to make sure that it is good high quality challenge cache and for what. I find that all my efforts on this one will be for nothing. I really think that there should be some latitude for those of us who were trying to put in the effort, can prove our timeline, and have tried to do the right thing and make a challenge cache that the caching community could enjoy. If I had just whipped it out without regard to creating a well put together cache that I am proud to own, it would be up and running today, but I tried to be the best that I can be, do the right thing and in the end I am feel like I have been punished for it and left with a lot of wasted work, time and effort. It's really unfortunate that the 4-21-15 at noon rule is hard and fast with no exceptions to someone in my situation. Thank you for reading about my point of view, SirKarp
  18. WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After having some kind of nasty stuff happen this week (Not at all geocaching related), I've been feeling down. But this has renewed my faith, that there is good in man kind and that there are folks out there that really do want to make things right for the rest of us. My basic member friend says that she can us the old search too again and is VERY happy about it as well. Thank you to the folks at G/S that have brought back the old search. We complained and you listened. Thanks!
  19. Thanks for getting the finals up, we are set here now and I'm sure others are glad to see it too.
  20. Travis, Just wanted to say thanks for validating this idea.
  21. I'm posting this mostly for the folks like ubie, who are trying to figure out what to do. We have had a bit of debate here. we are leaving Wednesday night and searching for state parks caches on our way over. The way we like to prepare for a cache machine, trying to do it in the hotel Friday night really isn't practical. So going against what I said just last night we have come to the conclusion that if the final draft isn't up sometime tonight we are going to have to go with draft 2, and simply remove any caches from draft 2 that look like they will get dropped of the final. It's pretty much our only reasonable choice. I just wanted anyone thinking of doing the same to know there not alone and it might be the best bet depending on your situation.
  22. I wouldn't really recommend using the 2nd draft personally. We did that for one cache machine a few years back. As it turned out there were 4 drafts for that cache machine a few deleted and a few added, there was some ordering changed too. It didn't work out well for us at least. I think the best thing we can do at this point is hope Travis is able to get it up sooner than later. I think the backup plan for us will be loading up the caches the night before into the GPS and doing the best we can with what we have.
  23. Here is a thought. Since a lot of us are very unhappy with the current state of the new search would it be possible to have both the new and the classic search available? It would seem like it could be possible since they were both available during the sneak peak period. If G/S did that then folks could still use the classic search the way they are use to using it and the way they like to. Mean while the new search could continue to be improved on and perfected without it taking away from the fun of the game. I think a lot of folks used the state pages to find events, and with no direct link to them that's another issue. Again as a incoming WSGA board member, having it difficult, for folks to find events is a huge issue that I think anyone who holds or attends a lot of events would agree with. I'm thinking what needs to be realized here is that this new search isn't fine tuned well enough to be the only search method available. I say run both the new and classic search, maybe down the road classic could be dropped but it way, way to soon for that, the new search has a long way to come before it could be the only effective search tool. For many years anytime I needed to map something I used yahoo maps. At some point I think around 2008 or 09, yahoo did an update to their maps, and I didn't like the new search tool, so over to google maps I went. And I have continued to use google maps, since then google did a major map update, I don't know probably 6 months to a year ago now, it appeared to be a major overhaul but guess what, they kept the old google maps around as classic google maps. Couldn't something similar be done here? I know G/S is not google, I'm not trying to compare apple to oranges. And I'm definitely not a programmer so I don't know the ins and outs. But What I am saying is this is a really major change. It is a total overhaul of the search system, and if the new system is to be the only search system, then people need to be eased into it, with both searches being available all the while the new one is being refined. If there is someway for G/S to watch the traffic on the two search engines at some point when the classic has low enough traffic it could then be turned off. This is WAY to much of a drastic change all at once. Thank you, SirKarp
  24. I can't see any benefits from the new search myself. I couldn't figure out how see events in my area. I wrote G/S and someone got back to me with instructions a few hours later. It took me 4 attempts to get it to work so I could see events. If I had to do it again right now I couldn't. It maybe able to do somethings that the old search couldn't, but it has certainly complicated the process of doing a simple search. I think what we are all trying to say is that this new search just doesn't work for us. I'm going to say that if I was new to geocaching right now I would take one look at that hard to use search and walk away I would never be able to figure it out. As an incoming WSGA board member I am quite concerned that geocachers will not be able to figure out how to search for events, which means fewer attendees. Sure I wrote G/S and now have instructions, as I'm sure quite a few other folks have. Given enough repetition there might come a day when I can look up events without having to read how to do it first. But what about all the folk that don't ask, what about the folks that are casual cachers? What about basic members? Aren't those folks potential future premium members? Will all those folks just stop going to events? Will they stop caching entirely? I'm sure there are some that will love the new search, but I think for must of us we just want to be able to get on the website and search for caches without having to click this, and filter that. It's not user friendly, it's not intuitive and it's difficult to use.
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