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  1. She is a class act. I'm sure it wasn't at all a tough decision for her. You Go Girl !
  2. Oh, I'm gonna kill him if that's true. And the dude owes me a favor. Albeit a small one. He probably sees that cacher occasionally and could probably have passed along the request. Oh TTD, too busy doing repos and snagging FTF's. Thanks for the intel Lam. What favor do I owe ? And why ? Your gonna kill me ?
  3. disconnect the 60 and then restart it to see if it is actually in there also anything that is over 100 miles will not show up in your gizmo until you are closer than 100 miles too
  4. Notifications are down in the Seattle area right now also......Nov. 11th was our last notification, but there have been 4 publishes around here since then according to PQ.
  5. We now have a proximity issue of transmiters, and who's is more powerful ...
  6. One thought.. what if you set up a multi with chirp units, and someone else sets another chirp or a final with a chirp 10 feet away? I do not have an answer, but that would be a worry to me. You mean the chirp units don't have proximity rules? Would they not be considered a physical container for a multi? Wow a whole new area for angst. They have to be 30 feet or more away from each other or we got problems....
  7. yellow writing on white background? really? Sorry, ... fixed
  8. Groundspeak does not allow you to use these as designed. I bought three and am returning them as you have misrepresented the product.
  9. Thank you for contacting Garmin International. Chirp is designed for use with Garmin products. I do not understand the claim that that we have misrepresented the product, as it is outlined in the product features on the Garmin website that it has been designed for compatible Garmin devices. We apologize if this in conflict with your commercial guidelines, however Garmin will only be producing units, software , and accessories for Garmin devices. With Best Regards, Robert G Product Support Specialist Outdoor/Fitness Team Garmin International 913-397-8200 800-800-1020 913-440-8280 (fax) Att: Robert G, Associate #6970 www.garmin.com
  10. Good point. And what's the difference with the new UV Light Required attribute ?
  11. I'm afraid the new Chirp device is something very exclusive to Garmin, which brings it into conflict with our commercial guidelines. To be publishable, the cache needs to be findable with any type of GPS device, and the Chirp method must be optional. Please come up with an alternative option to do this cache which does not require a Chirp compatible device. After you have done this, please enable your cache and I will look at it again. Thank you for your understanding, XXXX XXXXXX Geocaching.com Volunteer Reviewer
  12. Yes, I will be there. Just got my shift covered confirmed.
  13. Now I wonder if that would have worked with my 60csx instead of going through EasyGPS ??? OH WELL ! SEEEEEEE YAAAAAAA 60 ! This 62 is GREAT !
  14. Didn't follow the drop and drag thing, but....I opened mail and sent GPX file to Garmin GPX folder and it took it, so musta done same thing....a different way, kinda protocal to Geocaching eh ? THANKS>>>>>> !
  15. Had 60csx, I always just build query, sent to email, open in "EasyGPS" and send to unit, no probs. Just got new 62s today, won't work that way, says doesn't see unit, and EasyGPS doesn't list unit. Garmin only allows 5 a day from their site. There must be another way.....
  16. The container I purchased also arrived and is correct. I will store it away if ever needed, which will be hopefully never....but at least another is "In The House".
  17. Any way of replacing the A.P.E. movie literature thats all missing also ? The first time I went there was a script, a DVD, a bunch of publicity pics etc. They were not there this time. I have copies of the pics I can print. I also bought the same can Moun10bike did, but from a different source. It will be here Friday so I will hang onto it for future problems if they occur.
  18. Went up with my lid, and it also did not fit. Looked for about an hour and a half or so in the bushes down the hill under the power lines with no love. That was a time I really wanted to yell "FOUND IT !" but....DNF. Sorry guys, I tried.
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