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  1. Absolutely. Picture this: Fat 40+ woman in jeans and a purple silk shirt, purse over one shoulder, standing in a public park while consulting a BlackBerry with a confused look on her face. This park shares a chainlink fence with a house, and out of the house comes a 60-something guy who wants to know what I'm doing. I explain I'm geocaching, and he launches into a ten minute angry monologue about how "You people really need to be careful because people think you're terrorists and drug dealers." I just blinked at him. He thought *I* looked like a terrorist or a drug dealer? That tells me immediately that the terrorists have already won. And this guy kept on going, saying how they nearly called the cops on another cacher. Well gee, since I'm doing nothing illegal you can call the cops all you want, you're just wasting their time and it won't phase me one bit. Anyways, I was pleasant and helpful, and he very grudgingly gave me a useless hint (I found the cache about thirty seconds after he left), but I found it highly suspicious that the cache got muggled shortly thereafter, as it was not in a place easily 'muggled'.
  2. I haz a huge happy! That's AWESOME that it matches, another knitting buddy was like, "You should overdye that, it's so....bland." My biggest disappointment was that the "G" caching logo is kind of difficult to see. Stealth logo; were I to do it over again I'd knit that in a different color entirely.
  3. I walked in to work this morning to the most wonderful surprise....a box from Germany! I had COMPLETELY forgotten that I'd given my work address (durrrrrr!), so this was a fabulous start to the new year. Pictures coming shortly, but I was SO HAPPY to get LEBKUCHEN! Love me some lebkuchen! And the marzipan potatoes are hilarious, I hadn't seen those before. I got THREE coins (WOW!); a Red Herring, a FABULOUS Hamburg coin, and a solid color Geocaching logo coin. Thanks SO much for the fantastic package!!!!!
  4. Grrr! Well, I'm already picking up replacement goodies for ya. I'll go get replacement yarn tomorrow (yes, one of your items is hand-knit!) and go find the pattern I used.
  5. I think the mail is just hosed, hosed, hosed. The box I shipped to Ontario hasn't reached GeeOCachers yet (I'm starting to put plans in place to get replacement items); and mine hasn't arrived yet either. I'd give it till New Years before starting on a replacement box.
  6. So. It's the Zombie Apocalypse. Civilization as we know it is falling apart as it's being eaten alive by the undead. The Internet is down; it's unknown how long it will take to bring the Net back online again. Your local area is now reasonably clear of zombies; one day it occurs to you that you know a lot of the local cache locations and you don't need GPS to hit the larger ones. What do you do about the trackables? ETA: Hmmm. I probably should have turned this into a cointest, shouldn't I?
  7. These are GORGEOUS!!!!! When/where do I go to purchase mine???!!!
  8. Will do! We are hoping it arrives today! Thanks!! Me too. Never believe anything the government guys tell you. "Four to seven days" my patootie. For what it's worth, mine hasn't shown up yet either, so we're in the same boat!
  9. I hear ya, dude. All through high school and college, anytime I did these things I typically got shortchanged. Says something about my state of mind that I keep hoping, tho! lol. However, this Santa is concerned. GeeOCachers, please check in. I'm getting worried that you have not gotten your box yet. Two of the more unusual presents require about a month to....ahem....'complete' and will need time to be replaced if the package has gone astray. Still waiting for mine to arrive. It lessens the temptation to open it early!!!!
  10. GeeOCachers: Please check your mailbox. Your package was mailed on the 14th, and should be arriving any day now.
  11. 1. Participating: Hakali 2. Received Name: Yep 3. Mission Complete: 12/14/09 mailed out at 3:15 pm. Look out Ontario!!!!! 4. Package Received: Watching and waiting!
  12. I'm running a bit behind on my planned mailing....got laid low with a nasty, nasty cold. Should have it in the mail by Saturday, and I'll send it as quick as I can.
  13. Hakali

    Clay TikiCoins!

  14. Bloody hot there, eh? This will definitely have you not caring about heat. One word of caution, tho: if it's that hot, make sure you keep this stored in the fridge at all times. Here’s my recipe, given to me by a treasured friend. Worried about fat content? Substitute nonfat milk and skip the cream. It’s not QUITE as good but it beats everything else by miles. Bowen's Eggnog 6 eggs, separated 1 cup sugar 1 cup orange liqeuer (Grand Marnier recommended) 1/2 cup brandy (the best you can afford) 1/2 cup light rum (Appleton’s white rum, or better yet Appleton’s Extra even tho it’s not clear) 1 and 1/2 quarts milk 3 cups cream (whipped stiff) Beat yolks till thick; add sugar gradually. Chill. In a separate bowl, beat whites gradually, adding booze. Chill for one hour in glass container. Stir together milk, whipped cream, whites mixture and yolk mixture. Store in fridge in glass container. Notes: * Don't use cheap booze. If you use cooking brandy, it will taste like cooking brandy. The higher the quality of ingredients the yummier this recipe is. * If you're going for low fat, you can use lowfat milk and I've even accidentally left out the cream and this is STILL awesome. * Store this in the fridge in a GLASS container, preferably with a lid. You may have to split it up into two containers, and the cream will insist on floating to the top. A thorough shaking will remix it. * Your cat will probably demand to lick the mug. Don't let them. The litterbox consequences are horrendous. * For those of you worried about raw eggs.....as long as you get your eggs fresh and keep everything cold, the sheer quantity of booze you're adding will pickle dadgum near anything. I've made this recipe for at least a decade now and have yet to see anyone get salmonella from it.
  15. He's wearing camouflauge netting, also known in the US as "tank netting". It's commonly draped on tall poles so planes passing overhead can't tell what's under the netting. They used to simply toss it over tanks to conceal them. In the US you can buy tank netting in any military surplus store. I made a suit out of the stuff to play paintball in, and it works GREAT for concealment....everyone thinks you're a bush. The downside is that the netting WILL pick up every loose branch and tumbleweed on the field, and if you're playing in poison oak there's no way to get the poison oak off the netting before the next game.
  16. An update on my package: I'm "In Construction" on one of the gifts. I'm delighted I got someone who lives in a collllld climate, so I hope they like my addition. Headed out this weekend to do some food purchasing....can't put these in caches, but I can sure ship 'em! For whoever ended up with me: I'm easy. No really. I have a list of my Most Lusted After coins on my Geocaching.com profile, but I welcome with open arms any coins OR travel bugs, activated or not! It's the thought that counts.
  17. Picked up my update kit today at REI (and forgot to get my discount, oh well) and other than an initial issue with the port not seeing the unit correctly, that had to be the EASIEST update for a handheld device ever. Awesome job! WOOHOO now I can go find some caches that are new that my Berry has trouble with!
  18. Sorry you seem to think so, because I'm well over 40, the buttons make perfect sense, I can see the coordinates just fine, and the arrow is more reliable and accurate than apps for either an iPhone or BlackBerry. It's also quite affordable, which is great. I use my GeoMate in tandem with my BlackBerry.....use the Berry GPS to get close enough to walk, then whip out the GeoMate and get to the cache. Now if you're a hardcore backwoods hiker type you probably want something with more maps on it and a better display, etc. etc. But if you're caching around urban areas and money is tight the GeoMate is a TERRIFIC deal and works great.
  19. 1. Participating: Hakali 2. Received Name: Confirmed! 3. Mission Complete: Shopping: 50% complete Shipping: 0% complete. 4. Package Received!:
  20. Well, I missed the deadline, but I'll give you a real story that happened this Halloween night! I was dressed up as a zombie, complete with blood down the chin, bloody handprints on a ripped shirt, fangs, the works. I'm at a party, and the doorbell rings.....trick'r'treaters! There's a very small girl, probably around 5, and her older brother who is maybe 8. The brother is dressed up as a space character, complete with little LED lights on his fingers as 'lasers'. I hear his parent say, "OH LOOK, it's a zombie!" I go "GRAAAAARRRRR!" and start lumbering towards the boy. His eyes get wide, but he stands his ground! His sister decides it's time to leave, so she leaves the porch. I keep lumbering towards the boy, and when I get close I go "BRAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNS!" I'm pretty impressed with this kid....he's standing his ground, staring me down, and as I get really close he lifts up his hand with the LED lights and......turns one on!!!!!! These are obvious lasers, right? So I go "AUUUUUGH!" and, wailing, run off down the hallway. I think that kid's gonna remember THAT incident for some time!
  21. I've added a list of coins I'm looking for, plus info that would make life a lot easier for my Secret Santa (favorite stuff), to my Profile page........probably be a terrific idea for all participants to do the same. And even though it sounds weird.....don't forget your shirt size. I have a very fun idea for my Santa-ee, but need to know their shirt size! .....I promise I won't knit it out of cat hair!
  22. Sailing in Santa Cruz Pelican at twilight My kitty Detail on a lace shawl I knit
  23. From my New Orleans trip a month before Katrina....hungry hungry pelicans! This guy hangs out at work. This is the Cache Guardian for one of Boulter's caches. My very first digital photo....EVER! And last week we went to Santa Cruz, and I hit up the carousel. Somewhere in the blackness on the right, under that ride, is my husband looking for Under The Boardwalk. And for the upcoming holidays:
  24. IGOTMINE! IGOTMINEIGOTMINEIGOTMINEIGOTMINE! Many thanks to RIVER CACHER for offering to swap for one of my coins....now I have a lovely purple cache hopper decorating my Wall O Coins. Thanks, River!
  25. I love wine. I wanted to move into this place.
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