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  1. Well said mrkablooey. This was a difficult decision to make, but one that I stand very firm on. Geocaching was a big part of my life and I will miss it for sure. But what I sought out to do in this sport was to make a difference in someone's life and I have done that. So my goals in geocaching had been achieved. As far as putting all of my caches up for adoption, I feel that it would be a shame to see them all get archived and pulled up. So consider it a token of my appreciation to those that have given so much to me. Actually the process has already started. A young lady has shown an interest in my cache in the Ocean City area and I thank her. A special thanks to Jeremy and G.C.com for the sport itself.
  2. Klause Von Kuhn here, I just want everyone to know that all of my caches in Maryland are open for adoption. If anyone wants them, you have my permission to claim them. I have resigned from my position as the Secretary and Emmas Tiger has resigned from her position as the Treasurer of the Maryland Geocaching Society. We have decided to leave the MGS and say farewell to all.
  3. Yes BrianSnat, I agree with you. But these forums are not the place to air dirty laundry.
  4. Klause Von Kuhn and Emmas Tiger have resigned from the Maryland Geocaching Society today. Our caches are up for grabs. If anyone wishes to adopt them, they are more than welcomed to do so. Permission is certainly granted. We both have met some really great people along the way and we thank the world of geocaching for that. But the time has come for us to part from the MGS and the sport itself. To all of those that have done our caches, we thank you and hope that you have enjoyed them. We wish all geocachers farewell including those that are in charge of the MGS.
  5. I say this because I used the 310 on my early hides. I received a few complaints about the co-ordinates being off a bit. But what you must realize is that everybody's gps is not the same. The readings are almost always going to be alittle different. For an example, I hid a cache under a very large stone on the side of a hill in a ravine. This cache was completely covered by the terrain. I waited for roughly ten minutes for the co-ords. to lock in, yet I was missing that last number. Still I recieved alot of hits on this cache. Most cachers found it to be hard, but had no problems with the co-ords. There were a few people that said my co-ords were off, but there were some that said they were right on. So I believe you can do one of two things here. You can either by something new, such as a Garmin product or you can continue to hide using the 310, but explain to people what gps you are using and that the co-ords may be slightly off. A good clue always helped me out. I bought a Garmin Etrex and it is so much easier to use. Yet there are still some people out there that think they are always right with the co-ords and you are off. Don't sweat it either way. Put them out there and someone will find them.
  6. According to the stats page as of 3/09/03, they have an overall total of 1925.
  7. I can agree with you on that Joe. In a sense, I am guilty to a certain degree. The min caches that I hid in White Marsh Park in Bowie, were a bit too much. But we wanted to hide as many aswe could for our meeting. After doing so, I was informed that the minis were no longer welcomed by Park Officials simply because there were too many in the park. Of course we learn by our mistakes. I have achived them and plan on using them with my first multi-cache that will be out in the spring a Patapsco State Park. I have archived others as well due to plundering, MIA and lack of interest. I have decided to pull out several of mine at Patapsco in the spring, so that I can hide some new ones. Also by me archiving, it frees up space for others who may wish to hide some as well. Trust me Joe, I'm personally not in it for the numbers. I had a personal goal of hiding fifty and I achieved it. I do not cache for the count. I know several people that do, but that has never been me and never will. That simply takes the fun out of the game.
  8. I would be more than happy to change any of the ratings on my caches as long as that is what the majority wants. But we must not forget that everyone's opinions are different when it comes to the ratings. When I hide my micros, I feel that they are rather easy. But I find out later that people think they are not. I have been told several times to raise my difficulty and terrain levels. Not once have I been asked to lower them. I guess it's all in what you like. If you really want a good challenge, then try some of the micros in Maryland. There are eight of them on the Patuxant Branch Trail and none of them are easy. Also Team Focallength has some real tough ones as well. If you like multi-caches, then try out the one by Mark II called GOOD LUCK. That one is a killer and there has been less than ten people to ever find it since it was hidden last summer. The challenges are out there Joe. You just need to look for them. Granted they might not be as involved as your latest one, but they're still challenging. By the way, I've not received a complaint about any of mine. All of them are completely covered all the time.
  9. Thanks Russ & Erin. May I point out that my 50 hides do not include any locationless or virtuals. I know that there are other hiders out there with more than fifty and I don't know how they do it. This fifty was a personal goal for me and has taken me a long time to achieve. I'm sure by the time I hit my next fifty or so, the first bunch will be archived. This will be due to the availability of space in the parks. I'm not about to cram them all together. Plus by archiving them and actually pulling them up, this allows others to use the space needed for the placements of their caches.
  10. I see that the majority wants to give the locationless caches a separate page like the benchmarks. I think that's great. My question to the Admin. is, can you do the same for virtuals? I think people get out of hand with those as well. What's the reason for the virtuals anyway? If you want to bring someone to a certain location just to see something new, why not just place a traditional cache there? The virtuals to me are rediculous and I have chosen never to log them. But look at D.C., now that's a joke. I'm sure everyone in America has learned all about the history there, simply from going to school. I ask that you give the virtuals thier own page also.
  11. Thanks to the Leprechauns for their offer, but I know if you were to do that for me, I still would never see it. People here in Maryland have a hard time following directions. They would either keep it for themselves or constantly move it around just to be funny. Or an inexperienced newbie might grab it and not have a clue what to do with it. I thank you guys for trying to help. But I may just plan a trip to Pittsburgh this year and do some Black & Gold shopping myself. My favorite player was Jack Lambert. Perhaps I can get ahold of his rookie card or something. Thanks again.
  12. We here at the Maryland Geocaching Society www.mdgps.net have by-laws in place. They can be downloaded from our site. Just click on Downloads. Hopefully this will help you.
  13. I would like to see more sports related items. I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and an avid collector of anything with their name on it. And living in Baltimore, it's tough to find these things. I found two Steelers pencils in a cache and you would have thought I won a million dollars. Also someone placed a signature Steelers potholder in my Sports cache, but I wasn't fast enough to snatch that up. That item was truely unique and I don't expect it to show up in another cache.
  14. I too am a member of the MGS and I can tell you first hand that this club has done some wonderful things for the sport and the geocachers of Maryland. Our website @ www.mdgps.net is the biggest help to new & old cachers. Why you might ask? Well it's because it is loaded with information. Such as parks, contacts, events, stats, meetings, trips/camping, geocaching links, how to find/hide, guidelines, etc..It also offers articles, journals, mailboxes & address books, downloads, forums, chat, caches by counties, weather and so much more. But the best things in the club are the members. The friendships are an on going process.
  15. All micros do not have to contain a log book. They can have a codeword inside that you would have to email to the hider of the cache in order to log a find. Or if there is a log book, it can be several small sheets of paper stapled together and rolled up tight with a rubberband around it. I have done several micros in this manner.
  16. The only restrictions in Maryland State Parks, are the use of ammo-cans. I personally would recommend using this State as an example. They are not ignorant to our sport at all. They will work with you and they are very knowledgable about geocaching. I'm sorry BrianSnat, it's very obvious that you are a fan of the ammo-can and that is what you are basing your whole opinion on when it comes to Md. State Parks. Being from Maryland and getting approvals for my caches in the State Parks it is a very easy process. There are a set of guidelines to follow but none of them are rediculous in my opinion and you can download them from the MGS website at www.mdgps.net Thanks to the Maryland Geocaching Society (MGS), the State Parks actually welcome geocaching. Sorry Brian but the real fact is that this State is a great example to use.
  17. I too am looking forward to this. I think it will be nice to finally get to meet and talk with cachers from one of our neighboring states. Personally, I have never hunted for a cache outside of Maryland before. But I'm sure that it isn't much of a difference, other than the actual beauty of the parks. I've been to Virginia many times and I know that there is plenty of wilderness there. I would guess that you guys will never run out of places to hide caches, huh? Anyway, thanks for hosting the MGS meeting down there this coming March. It is greatly appreciated by all of the members that usually plan our meetings and events. My hat goes off to the Va. folks.
  18. I agree 100%. Get rid of the garbage. I know when I check up on my caches, I too get some very unwanted material in them and I chuck them in the trash. I believe if it is not suppose to be there than do the cache owner a favor and get rid of it. Every geocacher knows that any kind of food doesn't belong in the caches but they still manage to leave it. That's how some caches get destroyed. When will people ever learn?
  19. Most cachers say that they love the thrill of the hunt, rather than what's inside the cache. So why is it that alot of people are against micros. Is it the difficulty in finding them or what? Believe me, it takes just as long to hide one of those as it does a traditional cache. You still have to scout out a great location (I prefer in the woods or in a river), and it's more time consuming placing the cache in it's actual hiding spot, that is depending on the terrain and difficulty. So could someone tell me why so many people seem to be afraid of these things.
  20. "I would just like to add my two cents worth. Just my opinion folks." Well, if that doesn't sound very familiar to me. I know who the coward is that's doing this trashtalk. You may think you have fooled the others, but you haven't fooled me in the least. The next time you should choose your words wisely. The Maryland Geocaching Society is constantly growing and that is a good thing. Although certain individuals seem to have a problem with that, simply because they are not a part of it. But that's okay, because we will continue to move forward without them. As far as Davros and Crashmore approving caches here in Maryland, what is wrong with that? I think you have a better chance of getting approval and getting a quicker response, then you would from someone in a different state. I know I don't like waiting 3 or more hours to get approval for my Maryland cache from a cacher out of Georgia. And as far as all of the micros and mini-caches, if you don't like looking for those, then don't. Some people enjoy them because they are generally harder or they don't get into the trading of items. Most people are just out for the thrill of the hunt, not what is inside for the taking. There are plenty of traditional caches out there and there will be many more to follow. Supposedly you have not logged any finds or hides. Well both of us know that isn't true. Naturally you are registered under a different name and you have quite a few finds. Matter of fact, I believe you wish to keep up your stats but just don't care for micros. So until more traditional caches go out there, you will have to just sit behind your computer and continue to talk trash that you can't back up. Now I know you thought that your post would get under everyone's skin that is involved with the MGS, but in all reality, we're doing nothing but laughing at you. The real joke is on you. Merry Christmas, Klause Von Kuhn Maryland Geocaching Society www.mdgps.net
  21. All of my caches in the Patapsco State Park, will remain there and everyone is free to look for them now. I will not be removing them.
  22. Due to the latest news on the Maryland Geocaching Society Forums, the removal of my remaining caches in Patapsco State Park, has been put on hold for now.
  23. I am from the United States and in my hometown of Maryland, I have hidden the most caches to date. I have hidden 20 of them. I have found that most people really don't care as to what the contents are. They are just in it for the thrill of the hunt. Although there are a few that really enjoy the contents in my caches. I just hid one called "Klause's Collector's Cache" and inside were all collectors items in mint condition. The contents were: 1st edition U.K. comics, porcelain doll, gold dollar, antique glass, vhs movies, sports hall of fame photos, trading cards, pic. frame, State quarters, etc.. For caches like this, I make the difficulty and terrain rather tough.
  24. Not all Americans like the use of ammo-cans. Infact, they are pretty much outlawed in my state of Maryland, U.S.A.. We mainly use tupperware type containers or something more natural, such as hollowed out logs. For those that do use ammo-cans in Maryland, they are frowned upon. After the terrorist attacks, people are rather nervous when approaching a military box. And the local and Federal Government actually blew one up near a river, because they didn't know what it was.
  25. Not all Americans like the use of ammo-cans. Infact, they are pretty much outlawed in my state of Maryland, U.S.A.. We mainly use tupperware type containers or something more natural, such as hollowed out logs. For those that do use ammo-cans in Maryland, they are frowned upon. After the terrorist attacks, people are rather nervous when approaching a military box. And the local and Federal Government actually blew one up near a river, because they didn't know what it was.
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