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  1. The way I deal with these situations is to check the point on virtualearth or maps.google.com. If it's correct according to the satellite imagery (which may or may not be correctly calibrated) but not the map data, and it's grossly off (ie: the source of the error can't possibly be a GPS reception issue) I file a bug report with either NavTeq or Garmin. The surface waters indicated on the NavTeq (Garmin) map come from very old 1:100k topo maps. There are plenty of errors, including large missing lakes and rivers that have changed course in the last decade.
  2. The only one I know about is mapopolis (where the maps regions are by county, too). However, it only runs on PDAs.
  3. Which firmware version did you have on your unit? I'm wondering whether this is an issue in early firmware or in early hardware revisions.
  4. Or plop the card into a card reader, and delete the files you find on it.
  5. The gpx trackpoints look like this (on the venture cx, anyway): <trkpt lat="40.11111" lon="-111.99999"> <ele>1308.484741</ele> <time>2006-05-12T19:45:41Z</time> </trkpt> So any speed and heading data you may see is calculated.
  6. In addition to that, look at the source data for an autorouting map, and at the techniques used to build that dataset. It takes a ridiculous amount of work and cash to create and maintain auto-routing maps, especially for a country the size of the USA. It's no wonder that NavTeq has a virtual monopoly in the US mapping market -- nobody can afford to compete. Even TeleAtlas is struggling to create a US map that comes close to the NavTeq one (the same way that NavTeq struggles in Europe). So even if someone wrote a converter that can create routable maps for Garmin GPSes (and I'm not saying that nobody has done it), getting the map data to convert with that converter would be a significantly bigger challenge. Due to economies of size, the $75 or so you pay for a Mapsource update is a very reasonable sum compared to the alternatives. (The price of the European maps is another question altogether.)
  7. If 64 megs are enough for you, go for it. Otherwise: Venture Cx at Amazon $210 with super saver shipping + Crucial card reader from newegg for $8 + $5 shipping (comes with USB cable) + Sandisk 512 MB microSD card 19.99 shipped, after rebate from buy.com (see previous posting) Total: $243 Which is 3 bucks more than the vista, but you get a 512 MB card, a microSD->SD adapter and a card reader. I wouldn't hesitate to call this a no brainer.
  8. Not the greatest deal, but pretty decent. http://www.spoofee.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33257
  9. If you are contemplating the Legend Cx, get the Venture Cx instead, and get a larger SD card and a card reader with a USB cable (same price as a USB cable ). As the previous poster mentioned, you will still come in under the price of a Legend.
  10. Since the tunnel problem is very likely a variation of the well known SiRF jet-lag issue, your test is not representative. You would have to put the 60cxs in the fridge, then transport the fridge a mile away and then take it out.
  11. The prices I saw last were 205 and 250, which is a $20 difference after the memory and the card reader. I agree that you need a very small car and have to live in the right region of the country for that to equal a tank of gas The difference between the Legend and the Venture is the 32 MB card (which most people will ditch immediately) and the USB cable (which comes with pretty much any computer-related product nowadays).
  12. I've finally looked at the documentation (I don't need no stinkin' documentation), and right on the cover both the quickstart guide and the manual says "for Venture Cx and Legend Cx". So I guess they don't make it a big secret that they're the same.
  13. what do you mean by mount it sideways? The reason you don't see the screen with your glasses on is that the LCD emits polarized light (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LCD). If put on your glasses and try rotating your GPS between portrait and landscape, you will notice that there will be an orientation where the LCD becomes completely invisible, and one where it will look quite good. If you can mount the GPS so it's facing in the "quite good" direction, you might get enough of an improvement that it becomes visible during your 4 wheeling. Failing that, just get non-polarized glasses.
  14. Mount it sideways (so the polarizations line up). Or ditch your polarized glasses.
  15. I've just received my Venture Cx. To lay a long running controversy to rest: it is fully functional and you can download CD-based maps to it if you get a blank memory card (and a cable and/or card reader). I invested an additional whopping $25 and got a 256 meg card and a card reader that comes with a USB cable (actually I already have more mini-USB cables than I know what to do with, but I did need an extra card reader ). So for the price of a Legend Cx you can get the same GPS (in yellow, regrettably) with much more memory, a bonus card reader, and a tank of fuel for your geocaching trips. If I get around to playing with the thing, I will report on what the eTrex slum feels like for an eMap/60cs user
  16. That's a good observation. Check the number of trackpoints in the log from the unit's internal memory. If it's 10000 (I don't remember the exact value), the earlier part must have been overwritten.
  17. Before you give up: call them. If they say no, call them again to get a different rep (if you get the same one, wait a few hours for the next shift). If that doesn't work, send another email. There is an enormous difference between reps. I've tried this on two occasions, trying to convince them to do something unorthodox, and I got refused twice but eventually found a rep who obeyed my request cheerfully.
  18. I was gonna say check resellerratings.com, but these guys only have a single (albeit positive) review. How much money is it worth to you not to become a guinea pig?
  19. You are looking at 32 megs for MA (including inalienable pieces from neighboring states).
  20. 56 MB holds about 2-3 states (except for heavily populated areas -- NY will gobble up the whole amount by itself). However the X model gives you more than just expandable memory. It also has a faster CPU (noticably quicker searches, map scrolling) and a significantly better GPS receiver (holds a lock in downtown areas and/or under heavy foliage). In fact, the 60c is more of a competitor for a $200 Venture cx than for a 60cx. So unless you can get a 60c at an insultingly low price, pass on it.
  21. They may be trying to send you a message: the altimeter in the 60csx is crap anyways, and you're better off with the cx that gives you accurate GPS measurements
  22. If you are formatting on an OS that gives you an option of cluster (allocation) size, make sure you select whatever the manufacturer originally used (typically 512), otherwise your card may slow to a crawl.
  23. You Arizonians may not know the secret that we have discovered in Utah. If you put steeeep slopes around the peaks, the turists will naturally slide to the bottom on skis as well as buttocks. And then you can just conveniently collect them where they stop.
  24. When the first units of the x-series were sold, someone reported the same problem... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...dpost&p=2021271
  25. Btw, that's a seriously old picture. It only has a coaster, and all the other rides are missing. It must be at least 5 years old.
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