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  1. We're heading to the black hills soon, looking for help on deciding what trails to hit. I'd love to try Harney Peak, but will have a 9 year old with. How steep is the climb? any big drop-offs?

    are there shorter trails that would be just a neat?



    Have not done Harney Peak as of yet but here is a trail system info that you might be interested in, Black Hills National Forest


    Here is the main page of the national forest here in the hills, National Forest


    There are many trails out here to pick and chose from and it can get a little overwhelming! Wind Cave National Park has some awsome trails if you want to see wildlife but you need to watch out for the buffalo and rattle snakes there especially this time of year.


    The Devils Bathtub is a neat and fairly easy trail that crosses the creek several times that a 9 year old would get a kick out of Devils Bath Tub


    I have a couple other trails posted to this web site Trimble outdoors just do a search


    Hope this helps a little.

  2. Is there a way to search for caches by Difficulty and/or Terrain levels? I've looked for a way to search for this, but haven't been able to find if it's possible.




    Mat (Egghammer)


    Creating a pocket querry will let you find caches by difficulty and terrain

  3. I'm planning a trip to South Dakota this August to see Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. The plan is to go primitive, just what I can carry on my back. Does anyone know where I can pitch my tent without having to pay $25 to $35 and make reservations?


    The Centennial trail would be a great primitive hike. It is about 110 miles up through the black hills and you can camp at most of the TH's without paying anything. We packed starting at Pactola Reservoir and went north to Bear Butte with the scouts. That was about half the trail, I have always wanted to do the other half here someday.


    You could call the Black Hills National Forest to find out info on back country camping and trails at 1-605-673-2251. They would probably send you some info also.

  4. What happened to geocaching web site? I was looking at some caches and went back to profile page and got and internal error message?


    Guess it was not to hard of a fix, thanks Groundspeak for your hard work on the geocaching pages!

  5. I could edit all other PQ's but this certain one. I deleted it, deleted it again, Finally! I just put in from my zip code (not home coords) and am able to edit now? Not sure if it was because I was trying to put in just my home state or what the problem was? I got it edited for now to what will keep me busy for awhile.

  6. Trying to edit PQ's and already have one set up that has run a few times each week, but now want to expand finds and miles. When I go to edit this I go back to preview after I have edited it and it is the same as I started. Is there a bug or something happening with the pq's today or is anyone else having this issue? Not a big deal as long as it gives me my original amount each week.

  7. Add me to the list, I just went ahead and looded all my caches one at a time from the pages I was going after. It took a little longer but I was able to get out and do some caching.

  8. If you haven't heard already the Game, Fish, and Parks has decided to ban all Geocaches in GPAs in South Dakota. They cited several reason most having to do with the way the areas are being used and the money they receive to maintain them doesn't comply with Geocaching. Also they don't want 'Geotrails' forming to the cache sites or people ruining the area. I believe the last reason to be preposterous but there will always be people who can spoil it for the rest of us. They also cited that people from out of town may not know about hunting season and might endanger themselves by visiting the areas during hunting season. Needless to say this is a sad day for Geocaching in South Dakota. We are going to do our best to get this reversed, but it will take some time.






    I just recieved a note that all gpa and walk in areas with the GF&P's have been baned for SD and was wandering what brought this on? I have a cache that I had requested permission from someone in the Yankton area and do not remember his name but had gotten permission at Highland Landing in the SE corner of SD. This is an excellent spot for mushroom hunting and sight seeing along the National Missouri River. It is also a hunting area. There are people building houses right next door, I mean right across the gravel road, you can't get any closer (500ft) to the east of the hunting area. If a bullet would happen to stray to the east from this area it would either hit a home or worse yet someone that lives there! There is also a boat landing here accesing the river so it is not like only hunters access this area, people come here to float down to Clay County Park and to go to Elk Point or Yankton or Sioux City on the river I have seen as many as 20 cars at a guess in this area using the hunting area for mushroom hunting, sight seeing, just a hike etc. I am really kind of upset about this whole thing. I know it is not your falt, I thought about archiving this but thought I would put my 2 sense in before and see what happens.

  9. I noticed allot of people are getting onto there accounts page now, I am still not able to do this. I can get to the main page and go into where I can find caches through hide and seek and search for caches on the right hand side of the main page and go into all the other links but the my account page? It says that it has encountered an error when requesting this page.

  10. I have recieved two e-mails wanting me to participate in a survey regarding my use and satisfaction with geocaching.com. I was wandering and if anyone else was getting these and are they legit? Here is what I have recieved in my e-mail, I guess I should have read more down the line. There is a topic on this matter already. Sorry


    "You are invited to participate in this brief 5 – 7 minute survey regarding your use and satisfaction with geocaching.com. All responses will remain confidential and used in accordance with Groundspeak’s privacy policy. View Privacy Policy


    This survey link will be active until April 14th. We value your feedback and look forward to learning how we can better serve the entire geocaching community.


    Thank you,

    The Groundspeak Team







    OPT OUT | Learn More


    If you do not wish to receive further surveys from this sender, click the link below.

    Zoomerang will permanently remove you from this sender''s mailing list.


    I do not want to receive any more surveys and emails from this sender."

  11. I am a lurker, :P I like to lurk around to see what I can learn on this forum. I find a lot of humor and needed info for me that are posted on here, what a great bunch of people! :D Most of the posts are interesting and lots of fun to read. There are also some posts that annoy me also but you have to take the good with the bad. I have learned more on here about geocacheing and about how people go about playing the game and what they expect and what they do not like. Well you can't please everyone all the time! :D Thanks for the place to come and learn and chukle!

  12. while working with a friend, he told me that beings I have a gps there is this game called geocaching that you use a gps to find treasures some where hidden. I looked it up on the internet and punched in the coords to one and went to find it and was hooked! GREAT FUN! Do not have the time to do it all the time. Wish I could find a way to paid to geocache I would never complain! LOL

  13. Cache alone? Like others have said, down time for myself. Alot of the time it is just me and my dog. He really likes to run and crash through the bush! I have taken others with to show what it is all about, but most of the time alone. I do let someone know where I am going just in case.

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