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    There's only one database in the 60c for waypoints so any waypoints you add wether they be Geocaching or not will go into the main waypoint list. The Geocaching screen just filters from the waypoint list the ones with the icons you designated for Geocaching.
  2. Hit Menu twice go down to Setup hit enter then go down 3 to routing press enter then select Prompted from the first menu. Now it will ask you if you want Follow Road or Off Road in the future.
  3. No actually I am installing it within VirtualPC so it will be the same as installing on a PC. Thanks I'll try that.
  4. They also have a stick on mount that has two adhesive disks one labeled permanent and one that's removable. Both discs come with the stick on mount. I use the latter myself.
  5. When installing Mapsource map data onto my computer how do I do a full install so I do not need to put the CD in every time I want to look at specific maps? For example with TopoUSA it gives you the option of limited or standard install in the installation software but no full install option. I'm sick of having to swap CDs every time I go to a new area of the US or a different Map Source product all together.
  6. Will the external speaker made for the Street Pilot models work with the 60c? They use the same power/data plug. I'm wondering if the speaker will amplify the alert tones the 60c uses for upcoming turn and proximity alarms.
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    Garmin uses both Quad Helix and Patch depending on the model and I would not be surprised if Magellan was the same. Yes the Quad is quite a bit more sensitive. At least in the models I have used.
  8. The CS can be had for about $40 more then the C.
  9. You can load city select at only the major cities and a smaller map like Metroguide for the in between spots. Or you can just use the base map for the in between spots. The 60C will autoroute across the base map and utilize the city select where it's installed. As for using a palm device unfortunately thats not going to happen. You need to have a host device to serve the maps from. Unfortunately all the Palms/PocketPCs out there currently are slave devices meant to be connected to a computer themselves just like the GPS. At least that's what I've read and been told.
  10. There could be some sort of radio interference in the area. That's why I asked if it is happening in the same place repeatedly.
  11. Things are changing every day though. Also you could always have a really cheap PC to run the basic software that doesn't run on a Mac. There really is very little in the way of professional software that can't be had on the Mac. CAD programs are about the only field that hasn't crossed over. I think there is hope yet for Garmin and the Mac. They seem to be a little more open to the idea then they were when I first looked into it 3 years ago. They are now admitting there is a demand by saying that they have heard of success with VPC within Garmins own support documents.
  12. Does this happen when traveling through hilly country? Also does it happen in the same area repeatedly?
  13. MacBandit

    Garmin 60c Or 76c???

    I just checked the floatation ability of my 60CS and while it doesn't float it does have a very low submerged weight. It shouldn't take much at all to get it to float. I'm think a medium sized bobber connected to the lanyard should do it. For me backpacking I didn't want something any bigger then it had to be. All I had to do was set the 60 and 76 side by side and I was sold. While the dimensions of the 76 aren't much bigger on paper and/or in a photo if you put them side by side in person the 76 is much bigger. Not to mention the 76 weighs nearly 50% more.
  14. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I can't peform your work around. My machine can not boot OS9 and also I do not have Win98 just XP. I'm wondering if I can get it to work over the serial connection though.
  15. Does anyone know for sure if you can transfer maps from a Mac running VPC within Mac OSX via a Keyspan USB-Serial adaptor connected to the Garmin Serial cable to the 60CS? The Garmin Serial cable and the Keyspan USB-Serial adaptor combined is a healthy investment and I just want to verify that this combination will work for sure.
  16. Sorry, my bad, that +$170 Canadian (not US) and I probably overpaid because I bought at LeBarons Outdoor Store. My total was $600 CAD for the unit. If you got the 60c that's probably bout $60 higher then you can get it online otherwise you aren't too far off the mark for a 60cs. In either case if you got it from a store front then you got an excellent price and I would be willing to pay for the difference to get it from a store front as well as it makes it easier to return.
  17. Hmm these problems must be with later Vistas. I have one of the originals and have never had any issues with it and it's gotten slammed extremely hard. Also it could be that I haven't upgraded my firmware in over a year. Have you tried changing the screen contrast?
  18. Just to note the difference in price between the 60c and 60cs at places like www.getfeetwet.com is closer to $40. Also don't you usually have to hold a normal compass flat? The one feature a normal compass will not do is project a way point in a specific direction and distance then let you navigate to it using a built in map.
  19. www.getfeetwet.com seems to be THE place to get GPS units/accessories/software for cheap.
  20. I would never describe my eTrex as not rugged. I have a Vista and have on more then one occasion dropped it on concrete and just recently I had it sitting on the dash and forgot about it. When I rounded a corner hard it shot through the air and hit the A-pillar with a very loud crack like someone hitting a home run. I picked it up and it was still running with no visible damage. I'm typically overly cautious with my electronics especially ones as costly as this one but because of my experience with it camping/backpacking I've gotten somewhat careless as it I can't seem to hurt it.
  21. Have you tried turning off all the mapsets except the topo ones? You do this by getting to the map menu and then going to the menu bar above and selecting the mapsets you want on or off as a set rather then selecting them individually by section below.
  22. I think you are mostly correct. I bet the hardware is the same and the firmware only has minor differences. If you've ever seen the post showing a picture of the guts of a 76S and then look at a 60 series, you'll see they are nearly the same size. 76 series encases the antenna entirely and the 60 series has the Rhino-like antenna sticking out of it's case. This minute amount of extra volume is why the 76 floats and the 60 sinks. I would love to see the guts of one of any GPS could you post the link?
  23. Thanks that prompted me to do some research and you are correct they have never turned it back on. I don't know where I read that is was being turned back on but I wouldn't have taken it as truth unless it had been a government statement. Maybe they were just considering turning it back on. In any case thanks for straightening me out.
  24. The USB connection should be a filled in sealed unit from the inside even if you see a gap in the outside it should most definitely be waterproof.
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