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  1. I guess you haven't read the airline disclaimers or listened to the flight attendants pre-flight requests. All the commercial flights I have been on request you turn off all electronic devices and devices with receivers are to stay off the entire flight. I had several flights recently that even singled out GPS devices. The airline pages also lists GPS as a device to leave off during flight.
  2. I was getting this problem with my Vista a couple weeks ago and I tied it to slow screen response due to having WAAS on.
  3. I'll test mine as well to verify that this is the case on multiple units. I'll get back on this soon.
  4. 1. The circle with the red dot is your direction of travel. Yes it moves around when standing still because GPSR commercial units are not exact. If you were moving and come to a stop it will remain pointing in the direction you were traveling unless due to the previously mentioned GPS accuracy it thinks you have moved in another direction. 2. The 'D' stands for timing differential. This means you received a timing differential update on that specific satellite. The regular GPSRs owned by us in the public sector typically only receive this update through a signal sent from the WAAS satellites. You can receive a timing differential update on any of the satellites that you are currently receiving. WAAS Satellites are any satellite you are receiving with a number of 33 or higher. On a recent trip near Tacoma, WA I picked up both WAAS satellites and differential signals for nearly all 10 of the other satellites I was receiving. It was the first time I had ever seen that sort of reception and accordingly the highest accuracy I ever saw at 6 feet. Here's a couple pages explaining WAAS in more detail. http://www.garmin.com/aboutGPS/waas.html http://www.trimble.com/gps/dgps.html Also here's a link to the manual for the Garmin Vista. It's a .PDF manual. Check out page 5 it explains the 'D' and what numbers are WAAS satellites. http://www.garmin.com/manuals/eTrexVista_OwnersManual.pdf
  5. Typically the limitation in Read/Write speed is not in the flash memory but in the Data I/O in the device it's being used it. Someone mentioned an advantage in digital cameras while this may be the case in the D-SLRs it's typically not the case in most cameras under $1,000. Also MP3 players I don't know of any that will take advantage of faster memory. I would have to say that I highly doubt that a GPS will take advantage of the faster memory. As mentioned above the one place the faster memory will become an advantage is in a good card reader when you are copying your maps over to the card.
  6. I have had no other reports of this nature. This does not at all makes sense and must be something simple we are mising. Have you tried just the "load a single" file option? I would suggest removing the program using the add/remove programs app and then reinstalling.
  7. I have not really experimented with it on my 60cs but will do so if you wish. The only issue I have with the PC Mobile antenna when connected directly to the 60 is that it is a really pain to get disconnected from the GPS. You practically need a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the connector because it's so small and fits so tight.
  8. Isn't that the same model he said he got but isn't big enough for his Garmin 176C? If you have an REI in your area I would stop by there. They're and outdoor outfitter and seem to have every kind of case you could want. They aren't specifically made for GPSs but they should work.
  9. MacBandit

    Meridian Platinum

    Sounds to me like the compass bearing is pointing in the GPS travel direction rather then the magnetic compass. I don't have a magellan so I don't know what features there might be that need to be turned off or on to correct this.
  10. I prefer to sew a little fabric pocket on the inside of the top of my cap. Advantages are that I don't have the weight of a metal washer on top of my head, I can take the magnets out of the Gilsson antenna to reduce its weight, and it hides the antenna so I don't get comments about the odd thing on top of my head. That's not a bad option but I use the washer method because I hike in the rain. If you hike in the rain and you have the antenna covered by a piece of material the chances are the material with the combination of water will inhibit reception. I most often carry the antenna on my shoulder.
  11. I guess if I can afford a new 60CS, I can afford Premium Membership. I'm such a cheapskate sometimes. I bought the Premium membership before I got the 60CS. It seems like an almost necessary tool to go Geocaching.
  12. Get a large metal washer and put inside your hat and then stick the antenna to the washer from the outside of the hat.
  13. Even with my unit horizontal I get overhead sats very strong there signal strength does not decrease. It's the the ones towards the horizon that fade in and out. So I typically at least maintain a 2D lock. I personally also use the compass for projecting waypoints and also for heavy tree cover. I only resort to it when I'm going cross terrain without reference points and only after I lose signal completely. Here in Oregon almost any trail you hike you will lose signal with any GPS the tree cover is just too thick.
  14. You can get the antenna without the inductive amplifier. In this situation I do not know for sure if it will work on a 6v system. It's just a normal GPS antenna but it does have a higher gain and a different voltage and amperage draw then a lot of antennas out there.
  15. MacBandit

    Garmin 60c Or 76c???

    The problem with those measurements is they are the measurement required if you were to put them into a box. In other words they don't make exception for small protrusions or the antenna. I have had the 76c and 60c side by side and the measurements just don't add up in real world use. The 76c feels and looks much much bigger especially when held in the hand and put side by side.
  16. You could email them and ask? I would expect that it would work but I can't say for sure. It would most definitely work inductively.
  17. I got it working without the patch though I have now gone ahead and applied the patch for Topo. My problem I think stems from me using Virtual PC on a Mac to run MapSource. It appears that if I run any other program or even switch from Virtual PC to another program running on my Mac while it is installing or even when it's copying the CD to the drive I'll end up with glitches. I've recopied the Topo East without disturbing it and it works now. I also had to run a repair on City Select North America and reinstall MapSource 6.1. Everything is working now.
  18. I think I figured out my problem. I have access to Hawaii, Alaska, West Topos but not the East. I believe it's a problem with the CD. It will bring up the East section and show the map zoomed out but then Mapsource crashes. Everytime from there on out if you load Mapsource it automatically goes to the last map which is the East Topo and it crashes. The only way out of this is to rerun the Topo Setup.exe. I've tried this several times with and without the CD in the drive and many other ways. I just have a bad East Topo disk. Not a problem really since I don't have a need for it also this Topo is many years old and I suspect there is a newer version of it out. It's version 3.00.
  19. The problem as far as I know is that there is only one user waypoint database. Each waypoint contains data such as icon and date information. When you go to Geocache mode all you are doing is telling the GPS to filter out of the database all the waypoints with a certain icon pertaining to Geocaching. When you go to the calendar all that is happening is the GPS is grabbing the date information for each of the Waypoints in the database. Therefore if you remove a waypoint you also remove all the information needed for dates etc..
  20. For some reasons I'm not getting the option to install anything but the West file when I do this.
  21. I haven't tried moving my mount now that I'm using the 60CS. I had my mount as far forward on the dash while still being flat enough for the mount that I could. The reason was that even with this mounting directly under the windshield the Vista I was using wouldn't get it's best signal and if the satellite was behind me at all it would not pick it up do to the roof of the vehicle. This doesn't seem to be a problem at all with the 60CS.
  22. MacBandit


    I have a eTrex Vista with a Patch antenna and a 60CS with a Helix antenna and I have to say that the Helix beats the Patch hands down in every situation I through at them. Canyons, foliage and buildings.
  23. Great I'll do this. Thank your for all your responses.
  24. Permanent sounds good. Is it REALLY permanent? Does anyone have experience in removing it? Will it damage the dash (at some point I want to sell the car and don't want to have replace the dash...) I don't see a need for the permanent disks as I have been using the temporary one for over 2 years and it has never budged. Just be sure to clean the surface with some rubbing alcohol first before applying the disk. In fact I think it comes with a cleaning wipe.
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