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  1. I am reposting this as I didn't get any response! Please let me know what you think.. K Change your overall appearance settings. I don't know if there is a white option but you know how the maps go black at night there are settings to turn that on and off and the colors it uses.
  2. Another vote for Mac Support. Also preference save sets is a good idea. Removable memory or larger memory. 1GB flash modules are cheap nowadays. I would be happy to pay $100-$150 more then the regular price to have a 60C with 1GB of storage.
  3. In my experience the screen protectors have made my phone and my gps nearly unreadable in daylight due to reflections.
  4. I too have found that my 60cs will lock up while using the City Select V6 software when the map is displayed and I am traveling over 50mph. I returned the unit to Garmin and they reloaded the operating software. When I got it back the problem has not been fixed. I have "repaired" the CS-V6 software in my PC by selecting that function in the installation process. Then I reloaded a map into the 60cs via the USB cable. Still locks up. This unit is truly feature packed. Amazing what technology can do. Garmin is sending me a brand new unit and CS-V6 North America disc. Has this problem been discussed in the forum and/or does any one have a fix for it? I have not experienced this problem and have hundreds of hours auto navigating using City Select 5 and 6.
  5. It really depends on the accuracy you are currently receiving with the GPS combined with the accuracy of the GPS used by whomever placed the cache. If the person who placed it had 20 foot accuracy and you had 20 foot accuracy you could in reality end up 40 feet from the cache. You can try turning on WAAS but unless you have a clear view of the sky it will not work as WAAS satellites tend to be on the horizon. Also turning on WAAS can slow down the GPS while it's trying to receive those satellites and actually hurt accuracy until it receives them. Also turning on WAAS uses more power. Speaking of using more power you might want to check your system settings. The GPS will track more accurately under cover if you turn off battery saver mode.
  6. I believe that's been brought up in this thread. I'd rather do my mapping and GPS uploading with a native OS X app. My goal is a Microsoft-less, especially a Windoze-less solution. Besides, I gave away my copy of VPC because it wouldn't run on my new G5. I agree on the NO MICROSUX thing. If you read my previous post you will understand one of the million reasons why. I stated the bit about the serial adaptor in reply to Parsa's post in which he said you couldn't load maps from a Mac.
  7. OSX is a huge part of the problem. Well not because OS X itself is at fault but because Windows is such a standards nightmare. Windows doesn't require a strict adherence to the USB standard. Apparently Windows nearly totally disregards the USB data header. Without the header your much more prone to corrupt data. Well since Windows doesn't really follow the standard apparently Garmin didn't feel it necessary to follow it as well. Because of this OSX is rejecting Garmin USB devices as they don't communicate in a way that it feels is acceptable. Apparently there is some work within Apple to improve their USB implementation to be more accepting of poorly implemented USB devices. From what I've read though the fix will most likely not make it into OSX until 10.4 or later.
  8. When you're in your waypoint screen whether you have just chosen the waypoint or you are currently marking it hit the menu button and you will get a list of options including averaging.
  9. You can load maps with Virtual PC on a Mac using MapSource a Serial cable for the 60C or any other Garmin that has a serial port and a serial to USB adaptor.
  10. Looks like it's primarily an American car thing.
  11. I've heard of the metal coatings. Do you know if anyone publishes a list of cars that use this coating?
  12. Hmm I don't have any signal troubles with my 60cs in my car but that could be my location on the dash and the type of windshield my car has.
  13. I have an antenna from PC-Mobile that was part of a re-radiating package I got for my eTrex Vista. I have plugged the antenna portion into my 60cs and it's extremely tight. I have to use pliers to pull it back out. It's so tight I can't use a screwdriver to pry it out without taking the chance of breaking the plug off.
  14. How are the 2500 mAh AA's working for you? How long is the charging time on them? I seen some of the 2500 mAh in Target this weekend with charger. I have been looking for just the 2500 mAh batteries, but can not find them without charger. All the ones I see without charger are only 2100 mAh. The RayoVac 2000 mAh AA's with 15 minute charger I picked up to try works great. I love the fast charging time. Target has 2300mAh Energizers but they don't have the 2500s without the charger. I've been checking there for a couple years now.
  15. I got an Energizer brand charger at Target. They seem to have some the best prices around for NiMH chargers and batteries. I refuse to shop at WallMart so that's out of the question. The charger I got charges AA, C, D, 9 volt batteries. Also it does a quick charge and trickle. http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/sr=2-...asin=B00000JGNB
  16. Sorry I wanted to add some details to this but I can't edit my post. I've had this unit for about 3 years and have used both while driving and while hiking/camping. It's a good little unit. It's very accurate and for when there's too much tree cover it has a built in compass that allows you to point where you want to go and then plot in a distance and mark it on the map. The screen is very high resolution and has great detail. It's in excellent shape with only a dusting of rub marks on the screen that you can only see if you hold it up to the light and look at it edge on with a reflection. Low retail for the unit is $220. The software retails for $100. The auto mount is $30. The Auto/Data cable is $40. Total $390. I'm looking for about $250 for the complete setup. At this point though it's whatever it goes for on eBay. Happy bidding.
  17. It's on eBay check it out. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...=ADME:B:LC:US:1
  18. MacBandit

    76cs Or 60cs

    I would not say there are lot of shut off problems. Yes there are a few people complaining about it here but what about those that are complaining because they don't have the issue. I for one have not had this issue.
  19. Actually 3000MmAH AA batteries exist but they are difficult to find. Most stores carry 2300-2600mAH AA batteries as there highest capacity. For reference your standard Alkaline AA such as Energizer or Duracell have a mAH rating around 2800-3500mAH.
  20. MacBandit

    External Antenna

    Even though the reception seems quite good it does not mean that it is every second of your travel. Often you can look back on a track that you just went over and see that when you were traveling 80mph down the highway around corners that the track did not follow the highway. This is because the accuracy gauge on most GPS units does not respond quickly enough to let you know that you have lost tracking for a brief second which at highway speeds is a huge distance. Without an external antenna the GPS can have a difficult time keeping a long on sattelites directly behind you due to the metal of the roof.
  21. I haven't had this issue, the cable moves freely in and out even after months of use. Are you using the Garmin supplied cable?
  22. You'd have to be able to prove damages due to the lack of a response. You'd be hard pressed to do so. And why is it some folks want to sue at the first perceived sign of a transgression? Even if you can sue them and win it would only hurt Magellan customers with increased prices. The best thing customers can do in this situation is to call and write to let them know that they are hurting there customers and that you are taking your business elsewhere. If enough people did this they would have to change the way their company does business due to loss of customers.
  23. Okay I know that the vast majority of you are PC users but the whole reason for this website is to spread Geocaching and the fun that can be had with it. So in that mind set I ask you to please sign the following petitin no matter if you are a PC or Mac user or if you even have a GPS. http://www.gpscity.com/gps/brados/72266.4..../macsignup.html
  24. Don't buy Virtual PC. Virtual PC costs $249. You can buy an actual bare-bones PC from several places for about $250. (See Walmart) Use Microsoft's free and excellent "Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac" to remotely control the PC from your Mac across ethernet. This way you don't even need a keyboard or monitor attached to the PC. You'll end up with a faster, better experience than VPC. This is what I do to program my Garmin eTrex and SPIII. Cheers, -Jason (PS: I just emailed Garmin asking them to support the Mac platform. They wrote back thanking me for the suggestion. I would encourage all Mac users to do the same) Walmart PCs do not come with Windows so you would have to buy that on top of the cost of the PC thus not being cost effective not to mention having to find a place for a second computer at home.
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