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  1. This can be done currently with MapSource. Just make sure you have your mapset created in Mapsource and then save it to your computer. Next time you need it just open it up and the mapset and waypoints and whatever else you saved will be read to go.
  2. I vote for more options with Declutter on/off. I would like to turn off POI icons and leave street labels or vice versa. If they really wanted to make it cool they could give you more options on what to leave on like specific POI like Rest Areas or Food. This way you could filter them all out and see just what you want. This combined with the regular search functions would really be helpful. Also an ability to search just the road ahead of you and not things behind you on a given route. Also it would be cool to be able to limit how far off the route it would search for things.
  3. The 60C does have a standard USB interface.
  4. Since installing 3.7 I have not had another lockup which were really minor in my opinion but I have had it basically shut down twice on me. Both time were while on auto power and the screen first went blank with the displayed items becoming very faint and then the whole screen would go away completely. I don't know if any of the buttons were still working as the screen was blank but the power button would still work and I could just turn it off and back on again and everything would be working correctly. Both times were in the San Francisco bay area over the last 4 days.
  5. In the main menu, select setup, at the bottom of the page (you'll have to scroll down) there's a welcome page option. I put my information and a return reward in there.
  6. If you upgrade to the latest City Select say from v5 to v6 you can unlock a new GPS. The upgrade option only retains the unlock for the primary GPS not the additional ones. Also you may be able to contact Garmin and explain your situation.
  7. Here's the link. http://www.garmin.com/software/Recommended...desSoftware.exe When you install it it will be added to the mapset list in Mapsource as GPSMAP 162/168 Tide Points. From there just select the area you want the tidepoints for just like selecting any other map sections and then upload your whole mapset including your roads and any other maps you want at the same time.
  8. While it could be non-linear, it is probably also calibrated to Alkaline cells, which are pretty much dead at 1.1-1.2. You can probably get quite a bit of use out of the GPS after it is indicating as dead. This was the same case with early Palm Pilots and rechargables. Palm eventually released a method of changing the battery profile to NiMH, NiCd or Alkaline. You can change your battery profile with most Garmins as well. I have found from past experience that you need to run a set of batteries through it before the battery gauge will adapt to the new battery type. For example if you use alkalines and then replace them with NiMH even if you change the profile it will not show a full battery meter until you use them up and replace them with fresh ones. So the battery meter has a memory from one set of batteries to the next in order to tell if you have a fully charged set of batteries.
  9. I too am a dedicated Mac user but I just have to say if you want a GPS get it because none of them support the Mac.
  10. That's my conclusion as well. All in all I really can't complain as my Vista barely got 8 hours on two AA batteries with backlight and compass off with it's gray scale screen. My new 60CS with it's bright gorgeous color screen and using backlight a large amount of the time can get over 20 hours on the same two AA batteries.
  11. 10.3.8 contains a workaround for Garmin's non-conformance on their USB models. dmesg will even show which chapter and verse Garmin is violating. Users of 10.3.8 have reported success with the GPSBabel beta from December. (FORWARD compatibility. I rule.) Jeremy has added USB to the option, but that was after that beta. The USB-aware GUI will be in the next beta that we put up and we'll try to get that out soon. But the command line core seems to work now. Watch http://www.gpsbabel.org and the mailing lists for more info. Do you know if the fix in 10.3.8 has fixed the issues with USB and Mapsource within VirtualPC?
  12. You discovered how this works the same way as I did. Though I have found that the lower the batteries the less accurate it is. This works the same as my iPod and Powerbook. I think it's pretty much a standard way of measuring battery life anymore. Also yes I understand that fuel gauges are not exactly linear but as compared to measuring mileage they are much more so.
  13. You can't reduce the capacity of NiMH or Lithium Ion batteries by charging them early they don't work that way. What you can do is shorten their overall life. They have a limited number of times they can be recharged. Yes the fuel gauge is linear but no your mileage is not. Same as the battery meter. The battery meter is calculating your mileage not your fuel left.
  14. No as I explained previously the battery meter predicts life based on current usage so therefore if you are using more you have less mileage or if you are using less you have more mileage.
  15. You can buy these relatively cheap. Just get an external antenna with reradiating amplifier. They're about $50 from PC-mobile.
  16. I also carry an extra set with it. On the other hand I get excellent battery life. Since I use NiMH batteries and don't have to throw them away when they are dead I actually rarely plug it into the car. I on average get a minimum of 20 hours of battery life and the highest I have gotten was 35 hours. I personally can't believe how little battery power the 60C uses. Think of all the calculations it has to do to keep you on the map on track and to move the map in the exact same way and track speed and distance and everything else it does. It's hard to believe it lasts as long as it does on two little AA batteries. Of course my perception come from using an Etrex Vista for years which would barely get 8 hours if I was lucky and was half the GPS the 60C is.
  17. The battery meter shouldn't be looked at like a consistent level indicator progressing steadily at the same rate from full to empty. Look at it like a fuel gauge. I you drive easy you know you can get say 400 miles on your tank of gas. If you drive hard you can get 200. Also remember that use is a variable so you may drive hard for 10 miles and the easy for a 20 miles. From what I have seen it's best to average your typical use with these battery gauges rather than asking other people as one person might say 1 hour and another might get 20 hours from the same battery indicator.
  18. What about using the turn by turn text screen with the guidance text turned off? That's what I typically do because I find that I either want a large map or want to know future turns neither of which pop up text provides.
  19. No, not even if you're good at soldering.
  20. When the keyboard pops up you can just hit quit or exit to get rid of it. At least on the newer Gamin models.
  21. Just streets with no POI is very much like the World Map. Also maps like City Select allow you to select many many pieces within a county in a lot of cases.
  22. Doesn't the 60 do this? What happens when you make a wrong turn? Doesn't it recalculate from your "lost" position? It most certainly does. As does the 76c.
  23. Most likely from when they had it open for repair or when it was originally constructed. There is no way dirt or dust could work past the seals on it unless there is something wrong with them.
  24. Nope. It's a way for them to avoid lawsuits from people over the fact that there speedo was reading slower then they actually were going causing an accident or speeding ticket or whatever else sue happy can think of. Yes many manufacturers have had this happen and I seen the affects of it on the manufacturers side of things.
  25. Huh? They should have the same software.
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