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  1. It's fixed for me now. I think any remaining problems are probably a different problem.
  2. Yes, I'm still seeing it too. I've mentioned it on the ticket. Feel free to vote for the ticket too...
  3. Moun10Bike has replied to the bug report: "Zipping all PQs was one of the steps taken to ease server burdens during recent weekends. This will be corrected in tomorrow's release."
  4. Thanks. I have reported this at http://feedback.geocaching.com/forums/75863-report-a-problem/suggestions/1782695-pocket-queries-have-become-zipped
  5. I'm using my own Perl script, to make a nicer Google map than the Groundspeak one ("nicer" in the sense of "more customised to my preferences"). I seem to remember I had trouble unzipping the file on the fly, but I may be able to make it work if I have to. That still doesn't explain why it's changed though. Thanks, but that box is already unchecked.
  6. Thanks, I'd forgotten that. But it turns out that this PQ only has 248 results (and is limited to 500).
  7. I have a pocket query which is emailed to me daily. Until three or four days ago, the attachment was a pair of gpx files. But as of last week, I'm now receiving a zip of the gpx files instead, which breaks my post-processing. I have not changed the settings of the PQ, and I have verified that the "Compress files into *.zip format" checkbox is still unchecked. Is anyone else seeing this?
  8. By the looks of it, you don't have font smoothing tuned on in XP. Display Properties > Appearance Tab > Effects ~ Make sure the check box for font smoothing is ticked. Well, that's true, I don't. I find antialiased text unusable in XP: it's really smudgy. (I don't have the same problem with Vista and Win7). I still regard this as a bug. Other websites don't have the same problems. Even the rest of gc.com doesn't have the same problems: as far as I've found, it's only this left nav.
  9. The left-hand nav looks really bad on my work computer (Firefox on XP). Looks like a bad font choice. On my home computer (Firefox on Win7) it's fine. Thanks.
  10. It certainly sounds like that icon will only be available at that one event. If so, that seems rather unfair to everyone in other parts of the world. Groundspeak: Will there be any other opportunity to collect this icon?
  11. The "Last Updated: about n hours ago" at the bottom of the cache page is an improvement, but it's wrong at the moment. Looks like a Pacific/GMT confusion. E.g.: Current Time: 06/03/2010 14:22:50 Pacific Daylight Time (21:22 GMT) Last Updated: about 8 hours ago on 06/03/2010 13:41:19 Pacific Daylight Time (20:41 GMT) The current time is correct and I believe the last updated time is correct, but the "n hours ago" is wrong. (I am in GMT+1 at the moment, though I don't suppose that makes any difference).
  12. I just wanted to finish the story, as I started it. After the firmware update was released, I wrote to Garmin and asked if they would install it for me. (I was unable to install it myself as I don't have the cable, and anyway the cable connects to a 9-pin D serial port that computers don't usually have any more). They asked me to mail it to them at my expense, which I couldn't be bothered to argue with, and they fixed it and mailed it back for free a week later. It's nice to have a working GPSr after four months!
  13. Unfortunately not I found one from August 2009, for a start: http://www.codeproject.com/Messages/314896...g-modified.aspx But I'm getting rather off topic.
  14. Nice that it's in the Register. Thanks for the link. But I'd like to point out that I used "Y2.01K Bug" at the top of this thread on January 3rd.
  15. Garmin have replied to my latest mail. They said they would fix the unit for $59. I'm not in the U.S., so I don't know how much it would be here. I'm not even sure they can fix it anyway, and I'm also not sure it's worth that much.
  16. I suspect it's a different bug from the Vista one, even if the symptoms are similar, because everyone seems to have suddenly encountered it at the beginning of this year. Also a hard reset didn't provide even a temporary fix, only a one-time fix.
  17. I have performed a hard reset (PAGE+UP+OK+POWER) on my unit, as recommended by Garmin. It destroyed all the waypoints, but didn't fix the problem. The first time it turned on, it did find the correct date, but then when it was turned off and on again, it had forgotten it, looked for the satellites again, and got a bogus date when it had found the satellites. This exactly mirrors my experience at the beginning of this year: it was on the second start-up this year that it went wrong, so I hypothesise that it has trouble saving the date on shutdown. It seems that several other people have the same problem. Apart from this thread and the thread posted by wellera above ( http://groups.google.com/group/alt.satelli...cad726c6b947ddb ), I also found this one: http://www.gpspassion.com/FORUMSEN/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=132684 My hardware version is 8 and my firmware version is 2.00, but other people have found that a firmware upgrade hasn't solved the problem. I'm going to contact Garmin again and I'll post here if I hear anything.
  18. Yes. They sugggested I perform a hard reset. I haven't yet done so because it will delete all my waypoints and I'm skeptical that it will work. But I may yet have to, in order to convince them that there's a real bug.
  19. Thanks for your reply, Stevo. When you say a "hard reset", are you referring to PAGE+OK+POWER? Garmin advised me to do that, but I haven't done it yet because it will delete all my waypoints, and I don't really believe it will work. I've had mine running for longer than that with no improvement.
  20. Good point. It's not up to date -- I'm at 2.00 and the latest version is 2.70 -- but the latest is from May 2007, and also the release notes for the intervening versions don't mention anything remotely relevant. I would have tried updating to the latest firmware anyway, but I don't have a data cable (which is only an optional extra on the Gekos).
  21. My Garmin Geko 201, which I've had for about six years, has suddenly lost the date. I'm wondering if it's got a Y2.01K bug! The first time I switched it on this year, I think it was OK (it had the right time at least). Since then, it's 1) failed to know the date when it's switched on; 2) had to go and look for satellites, rather than knowing which ones it's expecting; 3) when it does find the satellites, reported a completely wrong date (for example, the first time it said 19-Aug-29, and right now it says 20-May-90); 4) the time (ignoring the date) seems to have always been exactly one hour fast. Has anyone else experienced this? Or any Geko owners not experienced it?
  22. My GPSr (a Geko 201) saves its track logs but doesn't have a lead to connect it to a computer, so I would be unable to upload them. And you would deny me a find on your cache for that reason? This is a great example of why ALRs shouldn't be allowed.
  23. Success! Blacks in Cambridge phoned me to tell me the geocoins had arrived. They seemed to have about 10 or 12 in total, including all four of the new designs. I chose a Stonehenge, which is beautifully made. -- S&AT
  24. I don't think it's because you're in the south-west. Cambridge haven't even heard of them (well, they have now, but...). If anyone has a spare one, I would happily have it, and I promise to release it!
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