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  1. thx for the help. after trying many things, I formatted my SD card and updated firmware. It now works. Strange, since everything worked before.
  2. I have this software and when I create a map of a region - it does not seem to include the streets so I can use it while on the road. I know the Topo version has streets (it says it does) and a few years ago when I bought it the maps I created had street info. Now, no matter what I do (in the Software and on the GPS itself) I can't figure out how. This is frustrating me as I will be on a one-week roadtrip to Atlanta and would like these maps. To my knowledge, I never had to do anything different to get this feature. I'd simply create a region, download it to my GPS, and select the map, and it would work. I even played with the map settings on the GPS (detail). Any ideas??? Thanks
  3. I want to delete all waypoints at once, I have almost 300 and don't want to delete each individually. Is there a tool?
  4. I wanted to know how to find azimuth angle using a GPS. This is to setup a dish for dishnetwork. the azimuth is 152. Does that mean it is 152 degrees CCW from North? thanks.
  5. make up the continental U.S.? Is it 48, 49, or 50? This is in reference to one of my caches, which has been found once only (240 days ago) and I think the post of the finder is scaring people off. I say the answer is 48, based on what I remember in U.S. Geography, as well as what I found on the internet. But I was told I was wrong. Unless I did get the question/answer right and I just used the wrong coords. . .
  6. I placed a cache, but due to the area, I moved it about 250ft away. Some found it the first time, and went back later with others to find it had moved (they had the new coords, just didn't realize the cache had moved). It was recommended to archive the old one and re-create the new hide as a new cache. Personally, I wouldn't go to the same location to find a cache again, even if coords were different. I guess it comes down to a second find on the same cache. Not sure what I want/should do. Thoughts?
  7. Fry's Electronics has it 'til tomorrow, I think. http://shop3.outpost.com/search?search_type=regular&query_string=meridian
  8. Thanks. Yes, I guess the Ocean would not have much detail. I realized I could probably create many small regions, join them into 1 giant region and load to the SD card, assuming < 32M. Thanks, jc76
  9. OK, I just got it so I apologize if I should know this. I'd like to upload just one state, CA. Can I do this or do I have to use the rectangular tool to select regions? This sucks because to get California loaded, I have to get most of Nevada and a lot of the Pacific Ocean. I'd like 'just' the state of CA. So I guess what I'm asking is, can I download regions state-by-state? (Or, maybe, I should make smaller regions. . .) thanks.
  10. USN Retired, that depends on which unit you have, but try here: http://www.magellangps.com/en/support/products/ - Choose your GPS type - Click on Software Updates
  11. Selling mine. You get Magellan 315 GPS receiver, User Manual, PC cable, GPS made easy book and two AA batteries. To see what you get go to http://www.geocities.com/007peabody/mag315/index.htm Shipping is included (US only, you pay more if outside US). Asking $120 US. -justincredible76
  12. The Meridian cable does work with the 315 GPS. YOu have to tweak the prongs a bit (or use foil like I did).
  13. thx for all the advice. I tried reupping the update. That did not work. I tried doing the force mode thing, that did not work. I'll call the manufacturer and see what they recommend.
  14. I'm looking at these packages. Does the Topo version contain the same street info as the streets version? What I want to know is, if I buy the Topo version will I get the same thing as the Streets version plus the Topo software? I want maps of streets and topography, but I don't want two pieces of software. thx
  15. I think I'm ph*k'd. I was updating my Mag315 (because I plan to sell it) and all I had was a Meridian cable. So with some aluminum foil in the contacts (the coupling did not fit correctly), I started the upload. Then it stopped for a while. I clicked cancel, it said 'if you do you may corrupt your unit'. I figured, oh well. I cancelled. I CAN NO LONGER USE MY UNIT. ItT just says 'Software Update Mode Active' each time I turn it on. Now, WTF do I do? Anyone know how to do a MAJOR reset? I'm thinking w/o the update as well as the previous version, the unit won't do crap. dadgum, I'm pissed. I shoulda left it as is.
  16. Does it have to be a Magellan Meridian SD card, or will a Sandisk Secure Digital-type card work? Or, basically, will any SD card work? thx
  17. Amazingly, it was not a misprint. The current price of the Meridian at Fry's was 149$ (not 199$), but on sale till tomorrow for 99$. The Fry's I went to today had about 40 units. (On Hamilton). This is an awesome unit!
  18. just curious. was the 128 card part of the deal? If so, I got jipped. If not, how much did you pay for the card? What does a reader cost? Will check at Fry's tomorrow.
  19. WooHoo!! Yes, this baby rocks. Upgraded from a 315 and wow, what a difference. It's better by a factor of 10. Comes with cable, which sucks for me, just paid $25 from Amazon for one for the 315. Oh well, will sell it with my 315.
  20. Just got a Meridian, too, and I love it! Do you have to have an SD card? Is there not enough space on the GPS for a map? Where to get SD cards cheap? thx
  21. Thanks everyone for your help. I actually found the cable I needed from Amazon for $18 so I ordered it and hope to have it later in the week. Perhaps then I'll be able to find Night Tracker's Rattlesanke Hill cache! dadgum micros!
  22. Thanks for the help guys. Yes, NT, we do know each other, though, I don't think we've met. Now, where to get a PC cable for the 315 that doesn't cost $50. I'm looking for just the Pc cable (not with cig adapter). Anyone know where? I found a Meridian PC cable online, and wonder if that one will work with a 315 series. Anyone know if this does? Thanks.
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