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  1. I say just give each of your family a difficult (impossible?) puzzle cache puzzle. Sure, they will suspect you were too cheap to actually buy them presents, but they will not be able to prove it.
  2. I love this piece. Could it be added to this topic perhaps? - Notable quotes - Interesting stuff from the forums." MrsB Agreed, move them bugs. We found a wooden cache container close to here that was actually busting at the seams due to being a TB prison. We took about half, the ones we thought others would be less likely to pick up.
  3. Closest to me that I have not found? 0.4 mi. Published today. My DNF is one of three. No one found it. I looked at the cache owner,s page. One hide and 1 find and only 2 weeks since sign up.
  4. There is a cache on the grounds of a geocaching store on Florida's East coast that gets so many TB or GC coins drop logs that I suspect that people are buying things over the internet and having the store just email them the codes and put the trackables in their cache rather than shipping them.
  5. I also carry tweezers for log extraction in some micros, a couple of different sizes of log sheets, an extendable magnetic pickup tool, and one of those long handled grabbing tools.
  6. I recently did a typical light pole cache in a parking lot that was rated 4 for Difficulty and 2.5 for Terrain,so I am not taking the ratings very seriously. I have also found that as far as size goes, "other" usually means micro. I think that a 2 sounds about right for the one under discussion. I must say, however, that I like the idea of someone putting serious thought into their ratings and seeking input.
  7. I was searching the web for bicycling trails in my local area (Polk county, FL) when I found http://www.friendsoftheparks.net/TrekTenAgain2009.html They had great information on some trails, but also for each trail they had directions for finding their geocache with or without a GPSr. This Saturday they are having their wrap up for this year's set of 15 caches, and, I assume, announcement of the next set.
  8. There may be hope for the planet yet, if there are more students like you. Back in the 60's, there were a dozen chemicals or more in the environmental "conversatation." Some wound up banned and better options were found to replace the use of others. Today it seems that all everyone talks about is carbon. And even though humans only play a small part in the carbon cycle, most people seem to think that is all we should be concerned about.
  9. And I expect it would be good to have some idea about the difference between a cache and an improvised explosive device.
  10. You get the bone chillin temps in Alabama? I prefer winter as well, but here in central Florida, it is the only season where we don't tend to run from our air conditioned cars to our air conditioned houses. My wife happened to mention just a couple of hours ago that she is looking forward to "geocaching season."
  11. A cache a few miles from my house (GC10YZT) is temporarily unavailable just because a Moma 'gator is raising a family there. This 'gator is within feet of another cache that is less than a mile away from that one, and is logged on a regular basis. (For a sense of scale, the bench behind it seats two people.) My 7 year old grandson walked by this bench today while on a school field trip.
  12. Make sure you also include a laminited card with a phrase or two of the basic idea of what a travel bug is as well as the name and mission of yours.
  13. Do you think the goal might be a bit ambitious? TB31AB8
  14. As a geocacher, I love it, however, the Muggles in my netghborhood are not likely to drive by and think, "Oh, he must be a geocacher!" I'm not sure I want to be connected with some of the ideas they might come up with.
  15. Hey now, I can give at least one reason why Oregon is superior to Washington.... Oregon has ME in it and Washington doesn't. Good point. I may need to rethink my examples. There are other states out there? Washington is a state? I thought it was part of Canada! Crud. What Canada isn't a state? I lived there over twenty years and the whole time I thought I was in the state of Confusion
  16. We generally refer to non-geocachers, but it can be a bit confusing when you post a note like "Did not attempt to find the cache, because a lot of Muggles were there for a game of Quidditch."
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