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  1. Thanks Miragee... that's exactly what I was looking for!!!
  2. Ages ago I found a link to a Geocaching.com site optimized for mobile device web browsers (PDAs, PPCs, Smartphones). It worked great on my smartphone. A few months back I swapped my phone out and of course... forgot to save my favorite links. Now I can't find the site. Does anyone have the link to the mobile optimized GC.com site? Thanks!
  3. Great... a big thank you to both RK and Sputnik for your feedback. City Select it is then.
  4. Thanks RK... not sure I follow you. The Garmin website states that MetroGuide functionality will work on... : "**These functions of this product work with nearly all Garmin GPS units, excluding the GPS 100 family and panel mount aviation units." Plus... they even show screen shots. Are you saying that it won't work on the 60CS? If so... that's great information to know and it significantly narrows my choices.
  5. I know this has probably been asked a dozen plus times... What is the difference between: 1 - City Select® North America v6 2 - MetroGuide® North America v6 I've looked at the Garmin website and can really only figure out that the City Select contains an Unlocking Wizard... other than that the only difference I can see is price (w/ Metroguide being the cheaper of the two). Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. I'm ready to buy I just don't know which one to get.
  6. Well... it's a couple of months away... but I'll be going to Dublin, Ireland in Feb. I'm going to drop a couple off "across the pond". When I get closer to the trip I'll see if anyone has any TBs they want to take a little trip as well.
  7. Hehe... yeppers... and that's probably enough of a clue to get people out there scouring the Kirkland caches for it...
  8. Hi all... kind of a silly question. I just released my first WA Geocoin out into the wild (a most worthy puzzle cache if I must say so... I might add the actual cache to this post later) but I was wondering how anyone would know it's in there. Since the coins are not tracked via GC.com... there's no way to make a note that the coin has been moved into a cache... other than an actual post/note, etc. Did I miss something here? I've activated the coin and it's resting peacefully in the cache... but how will anyone know it's there (in case they wanted to move it on) except for the happenstance encounter (Geocacher finds cache... opens canister... exclaims "WOW... a WA Geocoin!!!") Thanks again! Team Levy
  9. Well if I wasn't impressed before (which I was)... now I'm truly amazed. Talk about amazing customer service!!! L&R... you're awesome!!!
  10. Okay... Defender1 was right. Patience is a virtue it seems. I posted the typical "how do I check the status of my order" message and low and behold... I get home from work and I have a nice little package with five coins in it!!! Not only that... but Lucy and Rickie were so amazingly kind enough to give me #9!!! The other four were 1146-1149. #9 is perfect to start my geocoin collection. Thanks so much for putting all of the hard effort into organizing the WA St Geocoin!!!
  11. Hey Defender... I don't think I got that fortune cookie ;-)
  12. Is there a way to check on the status of my order? I still haven't received the coins I ordered way back when. I know my order was placed in time (there were only 800 or so coins ordered at the time I placed my order) so now I'm just waiting patiently (not so much I guess ;-) How do I follow up on the order status? Thanks!!!!
  13. A Christmas Story... and yes... I want my little red BB gun too!!!... no wait... I want my MTV... umm... no... my Precious?... that's not right... dang it... I just can't remember. What the heck did I order way back when? ;-) Anyway... I really appreciate all the hard work that everyone has done on these coins. I'm looking forward to getting them in my dirty little mitts. Thanks again for all the effort of making this possible!!! (Edit) Oops... how the heck did I get this posted twice. Sorry. Now if only I could just figure out how to delete the first one ;-)
  14. A Christmas Story... and yes... I want my little red BB gun too!!!... no wait... I want my MTV... umm... no... my Precious?... that's not right... dang it... I just can't remember. What the heck did I order way back when? ;-) Anyway... I really appreciate all the hard work that everyone has done on these coins. I'm looking forward to getting them in my dirty little mitts.
  15. That's one way to celebrate a find! Congratuations on the future member of your family! LOL... "Addition"... that's what I thought she meant as well. And here I was thinking I need to add that to my geocaching repetoire!!!
  16. I called in an order for a Vista two nights ago (Sept 14). At the time there was no back order indication from the sales rep. She said that I should expect delivery in 7-10 days. Of course she couldn't give me any tracking information, or even an email confirmation that it ships so I'll just cross my fingers and wait. I actually ordered this for my wife's Aunt. We're using a 60cs that I totally love but actually thought about ordering one of these as a second unit. Of course then the wife and I would be fighting over who gets to use the color screen ;-)
  17. Ouch!!! Sorry to hear that EraSeek. Six weeks in a cast huh? (Angel in me "Ahh... wonder if there is anything we can do to cheer EraSeek up?") (Devil in me "Muahahahaha... first K7's GPS flips out... now EraSeek is out of commission. Yes!!! My master plan is working... one by one all of the local competition to be FTF will be wiped away!!! )
  18. It's a personal preference. However I love having the electronic compass and altimeter. I haven't used the altimeter for geocaching but it's great for hiking, biking, etc. Regarding the compass... I think it's invaluable for finding a cache. The GPSr will only give you a bearing if you're travelling at greater than 4 miles per hour. Below that you will get no directional information unless you have the electronic compass. When I'm within 50 feet or so of the cache... I know I'm not travelling over 4 mph so that's when the 60cs' compass kicks into gear and really helps out.
  19. I see several questions about the red pointer on the compass of the 60cs. I had the same problem where I would be navigating to a geocache (using the Find -> Geocache functionality) and the bearing pointer would not appear. I also wouldn't get the Found, Note, Quit buttons under the compass either. After playing around with it however I figured out what the problem was. I had changed my Routing settings to "follow the road". This is obviously not very conducive to looking for a geocache in a park or off a trail. If you change your Routing setting to "Off road" when looking for a Geocache then you'll get the red bearing pointer as well as the Found, Note, Quit options beneath the compass. I think you have to be in "Off Road" mode in order to actually use the geocache functionality. Hope this helps.
  20. I don't see any reason to not call this fair. If the puzzles have a solution and that solution leads to a cache... fair it is. Here's my question (anyone feel free to email me if you'd like to lend some advise)... I've always thought of myself as a pretty intelligent guy... but I'm totally stumped by the M15 puzzle. If anyone could give me a few starting tips on how to solve this I'd be very appreciative. Thanks Slevy
  21. Thanks Suziq... this is a great site. I'll post in your site forums and see what sticks!!! Slevy
  22. I love my 60CS as well. I'm new so I don't have much to compare it too... but I played with all of them at REI so I was able to make a pretty educated decision on it. I love the fact that the 60CS has the electronic compass and altimeter. Just hate how most GPSr units will show you the tools (compass and alt) but without the functionality unless you buy the more expensive model. I always thought that was weird. So I checked on EBay and found a new 60Cs for $399. Couldn't pass it up. K7... Number 344 huh? Well if I happen to see you cross the finish line I'll flag you down and introduce myself. So don't be shocked if some stranger comes up to ya Good luck and ride safe!!!
  23. Hey all... I know I can do some research myself (and I am) but wanted to see if I could get some quick suggestions. I'm driving down to Portland this weekend to help some STPer friends. On Sunday I'll basically be waiting for them to get to the finish line and I'll probably have 3-4 hours to kill. I've picked up a TB already (Homeless Homies) to take with me to Portland but need to find a couple of good caches to drop him in. Does anyone have any good suggestions for fun caches in the Portland vicinity that I could do in a couple of hours? Thanks for any suggestions you have. Slevy
  24. Hi all... I'm new to geocaching but I'm all for chipping in on a Washington coin. I have to agree with Team SG and Shoknaw though... I've looked at the WSGA site as I was interested in finding a local chapter. The site doesn't look like it's been updated since 2003 (at least there doesn't appear to have been any meeting minutes posted). I've been hesitant to sign up without knowing if it's still an active organization. But hey... this is about a WA geocoin... where do I sign up?!?!?!?
  25. Hey K7... I'm actually helping some friends with the STP. This year I'm doing the driving. I'll be tagging behind them and giving them a ride back from Portland. I actually picked up the Homeless Homies TB this week so I could plant it down in Portland and give it a couple hundred extra miles. Good luck with the STP!!!
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