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  1. Hey any update on this? I am curious.
  2. Just got around to submitting it This Monday, we will wait and see. Any word yet? I am very intrested in hearing your out come. I am also "stuck" on this point for my EC. Has anyone else had issues with BLM land permissions?
  3. I have only encounted a snake twice. In fact I was starting to get complacent about snakes. In Nevada everyone is like watch out for rattlesnakes. But I didn't ever see them. My first experience was at the Old Miners Cabin GCX8R4. It's Near Walker Lake, NV I was on my way to GeoWoodstock VI. I was circling the rusty car near the cabin. I went around it several times, and the last time - I heard a rock move. Looked down and there he was slithering away. I ran like there was no tomorrow to the car. DNF'ed it. The log after mine posted photo's of the cabin with crazy spiders everywhere - YUK! The second was after I found Barrell Cactus Cache, By G.S. Troop 92 GC4AF4. I was walik down the hill and this one rattled at me. Otherwise I would not have seen him. I turned arround and ran wide and back to the car.....anyone see a pattern here?
  4. Generally I post my DNF's. There is no shame. Some times I log a DNF, as got to the location and ran out of time, I will be back. I know if it's a puzzle or a higher rated cache, the owners enjoy seeing the folks try and be thawarted by the difficulty. Also I like to look at logs as DNF's are a good indication of a missing cache.
  5. I registered on the site in Sept 2001, did not find my first cache untill Dec 2007. Still have less than 400 finds. This sums up my ecperience...It's not about the number of caches you find, but the friends you make along the way.
  6. You can use Waymarking.com for that now. There are tons there.
  7. It looks like you have the spirit. I have alot of the same opinions you do! Here's to another great 30.......
  8. my personal best is 40 at GW6. I met some totally random people and we cached together all day. It was be far the easiest caching EVER there were clumps of folks at every cache. That day was definatly not about numbers, but meeting the folks along the way. It's was a great time!
  9. Karzdan, Welcome to the madness! My coworkers laugh at my crazy adventures in GeoLand. I have one that giggles everytime I say GeoWoodstock! So when you are tromping through the desert, climbing over rocks or climbing trees - just remember this IS normal.
  10. I will be at the Edith Macy Conference Center in Briarcliff, NY in the next few weeks. Where is the best caching around? I will be also going in the NYC for at least one afternoon (I know that I will be traveling with someone who MUST go to the worlds largest Pokemon store in Times Square). I would like to hit about 30 caches in the area. I have two Geocoins that need tobe dropped from GeoWoodstock. What is your advise?
  11. NW 393.4mi from your home coordinates Avoid at all costs!!! GC14PY4
  12. I have had this happen to me. There was a Pinball game CD in the cache. I even got excited when I found it. When I opened it at home - it was empty. Errrrrr!
  13. I am a proud member of the NGA - Nevada Geocaching Association. A great group of folks. We chat all the time, share stories, and just have an all around good time! I can't post a fancy logo, but our home has a lots of content and lots of community!
  14. I have to say I agree with Kit Fox. There is some controversary about some of the behaviors listed below in my area. It really makes for alot of hurt/hard feeling for those who are "cheating" and those rule followers. The rules are the rules. All evil needs to get triumph is for good men to do nothing. I beleive that the right thing is the right thing. We all have to work together to keep this site fun.
  15. 18 is my personal record. I know a few local cachers that have done 100+ days (in an urban area).
  16. I have to say that I an not in "love" with mico caches, but I do like them for some situations. I live in the city, and have/do drive to the "wilderness" of the local desert to cache. However I REALLY like to hit a cache or two on my lunch break. Heck there is even one in the parking lot of my place of employment (not placed by me). I do see both sides of the argument but in the city I do not feel larger caches are always feasable (is that spelled right?) My favorite micros are the LPC/Skirt caches. I really like em! Some of the micros I have found have taken me to interesting locations (i.e. Shelby World headquarters, on a Nevada Historical Marker, or the one on the windmill that I had to climb up to get). They are not all park and grabs. I know that everyones "mileage may very" on micros but they have good and bad points. If your not in to them ignore them, if you are in to them cache away! NOTE: I am not really into the swag. Mostly I am just a log signer (I do carry swag for "JIC"). The swag argument does not move me, but I do acknowledge it can be an issue for others. I am a sucker for a TB. NOTE: I am noticing that I use a lot of quotation marks. Happy Cacheing
  17. I too am a WheresGeorger. I am newer to the Geocaghing scene. I learned about it from WG? and joined the site in 2001......then in Dec 2008 I got a GPS for Christmas. I have been clicking in with my state GeoCaching association. I find a micro or any other log only situation a bit more interesting if I can see when my buddy "X" was there or if "JJ" made it, or even who was the last player to be there. And yes I do find most of my micro's on lunch breaks.....or other equivilent non-working times. The best caching (IMHO) is going out in the desert and hiking/biking/scraping the heck out of the bottom of a rental car in search of the box. Also must confess, not much of a SWAG person, in general I just like to sign the log. "Random letters" not real names
  18. Hi, I am Holly. I have been a member of the website since 2001, but I just got a GPS for Christmas. I have been enjoying the caching, I even hit one cache each day at lunch.
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