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  1. Being "newbies" ourselves, let us share this. On our first day out we found a TB. However, we knew what to do with it. We had read many of the posts on the forum, as well as read almost every page of geocaching.com. We posted on the forum before we even bought a GPS. In short, we did our homework before venturing out, so that we knew what to expect. With our first TB, it took a bit to figure out how to log it, but we did eventually do it. Since then we have found 3 others, and plan on sending out our own TB this weekend. When we find a TB that we can help and take it with us, our goal is to move it within 10 days. Otherwise we just leave it for the next person. People just need to be more educated about this "sport" and do thier homework beforehand. We've only been doing it for about a month and a half and just love it! We're hooked on it!
  2. Thanks to everyone that replied! Your suggestions really helped us out alot! We have simplified our goal and plan on sending our 1st TB out into the world this weekend to begin it's journey. We are so new and "green" to doing this, it's nice to know we have fellow geocachers to help us along. Someday down the road, we'll hopefully be able to help "newbies" and repay it back. Thanks again!
  3. In 2002 there was a "Party at the Palace: The Queen's Concerts, Buckingham Palace, which had Sir Elton John as one of the performers singing for the Queen's Jubilee for 12,000 selected guests. I think that might be it, anyway. Rather off topic but as a brit I thougt it was that was a brill concet and I have it on DVD - it was for the Queens jubile whos full outlandish titles accross the comenwealth can be found here if your intrested. Did the jubile and the concerts make it big in other countrys as well, out of intrest? On Topic: you have said "After touring the world for the next 10 years or so" which I personaly think might prelong the journy from goal to goal as finders might not be concearnd with time posibly increasing the liklyhood of your TB missing 1 or more goals I would just take out that sentance and say something like "after I have achived thse goals I would like to end up back in Wisconsin" just my 2 pence worth. Eitherway Ithink it makes and exelent TB and what I have said is just a minor point and my own personal opinion which indeed might be wrong. One last thing when you send out yor TB please attach a laminated info sheet (like the one provided on the TB's home page via the menue.) So that when pepole pick it up they know what it's goals are and wheather they can help it or not. Without an info sheet you might find that pepole will pick up your TB and only realise that they will take it in the wrong direction when they get home and log it online and read the goal. Attached TB info sheets are so important in that respect. Edit: added a letter here and took one there. Thank you so much!!! Your type of reply is what we we're looking for. It sealed the deal for us. The info sheet is ready to be printed, I just need to go back and make some changes. Then I take it to work, print it out, laminate it to keep water out, and away we go. Thanks again to both you and the other reply that mentioned the Queen's Concerts. It's the perfect tie-in. Our 8 year old daughter has a fascination with Buckingham Palace and we wanted to somehow include it in. You bring up a valid point with the time thing also, we never thought of that. Thank you so much again!
  4. Now my wife and daughter have changed the mission for our small airplane. Everything needs to be re-written again. At the rate that they keep changing thier minds, this plane will never see take-off. Thanks to all those replied. I have a question about a Tb that we found recently, but will post that seperately. Thanks!
  5. We're getting ready to send out our first TB, but are having some problems writing a goal. We'd like to get some opinions to what we have so far or suggestions on what to change. Here's what we have so far: Current GOAL: I want to travel around the World, and make stops in as many cities, states and countries as possible along the way! While on my journey, I would love to go to some special places also and be photographed there. Those places are Kitty Hawk (the birthplace of aviation), the Boeing factory in Washington, the new stadium of the New York Jets, Buckingham Palace in honor of the song "Bennie and the JETS", the Sidney Opera House in Australia, and any other interesting places I may vist. After touring the world for the next 10 years or so, I would like to end up back in Wisconsin to live out my days making short commuter flights around the state. Our TB is a small metal toy plane. Thanks for the opinions, in adavace.
  6. Thanks for the opinions so far. Our intention is for it not be religious, just to put a smile on the face of those that find it. We've been tossing it around for awhile, especially the wording of the goal. We think it would be a cute idea with a simple, but nice goal. Promote smiles!
  7. We have an interesting idea for a TB, and want to get some opinions from everybody before we do it. We would like to take a small "angel" figurine and call it "The Angel of Joy TB". It's goal would simply be to travel the US and/or World, and just put a smile on the face of whoever found it. Would this be considered too religious, even though it's not meant to be? Or would most people take it at face value for what it is? Send us your opinions! We'd love to hear them!
  8. Thank you both for the information. That was what we had thought, but figured we would ask just to make sure.
  9. We would like to start our own travel bug. Do we need to start our own cache with the travel bug in it or can we just place ours in any cache? Please advise us on the proper etiquette. Thanks for the help.
  10. Thank you to everyone! You've all offered some great suggestions! We have yet to see this question asked in the forums, and thought it was important. Based on what we've read, we also managed to come up with some other ideas on our own. We just needed some much needed help. It looks like a trip to the "Dollar Store" is in order before we attemp to find our first cache tomorrow afternoon. Just a sidenote: Over the past month, we've been asking questions of other geocachers we've met and posted questions in the forums. It's nice to see that the "veterans of the sport" are more than willing to help those of us just getting started. Thanks!
  11. We're looking for some suggestions on what to trade when we find a cache. The caches we're going to go search for are medium to large in size. We think our 7 year old daughter will get a huge kick out of trading items. We know the rule of replacing a "taken" item with something of equal or greater value. Please give us some suggestions. Also 2 other questions: 1. What are geo-coins and what do they do? 2. What are geo-bugs and what do tehy do? We've heard about both of these and were just curious about them. Well, we have our new eTrex Legend H. We're going to search for our first geo-caches this weekend. Going to start with some really easy ones, just to get our feet wet. Wish us luck!!!
  12. We want to try geocaching, and don't really know where to start. We'd like to get a gps, but which one? Because of the economy, money is tight, so we've narrowed our choices to the eTrex Legend H and the nuvi 205. What do we do after that? We've read that most gps units will get you as close as it can using roads, but then not go any farther without us buying more maps for about $100. So, any suggestions would be great! We live in Wauwatosa, Wi and would love to hear from someone in the area with experience to help us along.
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