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  1. We know you're way, way past the 20, but what the heck we'll try. We just got into geocaching this year, and quickly found out about coins. Needless to say we are hooked on them. So, if one of your coins is in need of a good, loving home, we would gladly adopt it. We will still check out your coin sale, though. Thanks.
  2. Greetings from Wauwatosa! We've only been doing this for a few months ourselves, and just love it! It's an excellent (and cheap) family activity. Our 8 year old daughter really enjoys the trading swag part, and we ALL enjoy the search. Currently we "own" 6 TB's that are all out on their own, and we enjoy tracking their travels AS A FAMILY. Welcome aboard!
  3. While on a recent trip from Wisconsin to the Rochester area for some job training, I decided to take 2 personal TB's with me. So far, no problem. I get to my hotel and go out caching. I drop my 2 TB's into a cache and go on with my business. Everything is going good. Then, I get home a week later and discover I have a TB dog tag with nothing attached to it. Now, I need to find somebody in the area who can go retrieve my TB, log it like normal, and then send me their mailing address so I can mail them the dog tag to attach for me. There is an info card attached that has the correct code, just no dog tag, so it should be easy to log. Can anyone out in the area help me with this? Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. On a recent trip I dropped 2 TB's into a cache. In my haste to get everything packed the night before leaving, I forgot to attach the Dog Tag to one of my TB's. The info card attached to the TB, and also the bag it's in, have the tracking code written on them. I've posted a note on the TB's home page about this, but I'm hoping to find someone in the area that I can send the Dog Tag to so they could attach it to the chain for me before it gets to far away. If anyone can help me with this, I would be forever greatfull!
  5. I have a standard "card" that I use for all my TB's and GC's. All I do is go in and change the info for each item I use it with, then save it as a PDF. Send me your email and I'll send you a copy of what I'm taking about. Then if you would like, I can get your information and just send you a PDF for your coin. It only takes a few minutes for me to change the info, and I'll tell you how I put it together and laminate the finished card. Thanks.
  6. I have 3 TB's that I want to take with me on a trip to New York. I want them to start the mileage close to my house. So my question is: When I log a find do show them as dropped then relog the cache as found again and show that I've taken them from it?
  7. What could be more Midwest than Milwaukee, Wisconsin! We have the hotel rooms, a large airport, tons of meeting space,and loads of interesting things to see and do around the city. We're also located within a 25 minute drive to West Bend, WI, the "geocaching capital of the midwest", which has over 500 caches within a 7 mile radius. Get the info to us and we'll pass it on to our neighbor, the mayor. We would even be willing to help out with the planning.
  8. If you live near an REI store, order it from them. You get FREE shipping to the store. It usually takes anywheres from 4 to 10 days to get it. It saves you a few bucks on shipping such a small item.
  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH Runaway46! You hit our whole purpose right on the head! "JOY" is such a simple word, but when looked up in the dictionary is such a powerful word! Our whole purpose is to make people smile! We're not going to call it the "Angel of Joy" anymore, just simply "Joy" with the mission being the definition. The world does need more "joy" and "smiles". Some people might be offended, most won't be, by reading the posts. Oh well. If "joy" and "smiles" offend people, that's thier problem. Thank you so much for putting this into perspective for us. (Sorry. If my answer sounds harsh, it's not meant to be.)
  10. You can trade a coin (either one of yours or one in your inventory) for another persons coin. However it's not required. If you take another's coin and can help it on it's journey, that's fine. JUST DO NOT KEEP IT FOR YOUR PERSONAL COLLECTION! Like Renegade said, coins are like TB's. They are meant to move. Help the coins, and TB's, on thier journey when you can. Otherwise just leave them for the next person.
  11. Being a printer, I would go with something like Tyvek or similar. I happen to have something at work that would work just fine when used with a permanent marker. Be sure to explain that in the description. Send me an email from my profile along with the size and number of sheets you need and we can go from there. I'll cut them down for you and mail them to you free. Cheap is good, free is better!
  12. and am curious about them. We've never even heard of these. Can anyone offer us any info about them?
  13. Can you go back to a cache more than once to help move a Tb or coin along, that was placed since you visited? Or, is it a one and done type of thing? If you can go back and re-visit, how do you log it?
  14. Guilty of being "lurkers". We read the forums for over a month before joining. Even though we are new, we read the forums just to get information before we even started. They were a great source of information for us. After awhile, we made a few posts to get more detailed information from others. Everybody has been very helpfull, and honest with us. It's the posts, and answers, that encouraged us to get into the sport. The people that were rude or offensive, we just ignored. They were few and far between. That's just our opinions. Thanks.
  15. Start with the easiest ones you can. The ones with a 1/1 rating. Our very first cache was so easy, we saw it when we parked the car. Then gradually build from there. Build your confidence with the easy ones, but don't get down with a DNF. If all else fails, take a child with you! They have a knack for it. They're kinda like 2-legged bloodhounds! Our 8 year old often finds them before we do. Just an idea.
  16. Odd too because the cacher that last retrieved it appears not to have cached in a very long time too. They may have found it in their stuff and dropped it off into a cache without logging either the cache or the bug - the haven't logged a cache in a while, but their last visit to GC was Friday. It was nice of them to at least get the bug back into circulation! Jenn That's what struck us as odd also. Thier last visit to GC was on Friday, and yet there was no record of anything, even for the cache. We're thinking it was just someone that just enjoys finding the caches and that's it. They didn't even sign the log. Compared to where this cache was at, there are much easier ones very close-by that they could have dropped it into. Go figure. Like we said, hopefully we can reunite owner with TB!
  17. How's this. We found a TB today, 7/12/09. The last log for this TB was on 9/4/04. You can do the math. We've emailed the owner saying that we have it. From looking at her profile, she lives less than 15 miles from us. Hopefully, we can reunite owner with TB!
  18. After talking about it we did indeed do the grab. We've also emailed the owner of it asking her what she would like us to do with it. She happens to live, according to the city listed on her profile, about 15 miles or less from us. We said we can get it to her if she would like us to. At least common sense did prevail on our end, and we ended up doing the right thing. Thanks again BD!
  19. Today we found a TB that had not been logged in about 5 years. We picked it up and listed it as "discovered it". Did we do that the right way? Should now drop it another cache or contact the owner?
  20. ...such as geoswag.com and USA geocoins. Are there any other places, with a good selection, where we can buy them?
  21. Thanks BD! We were waiting for your reply! We got the email like you said, so everything is good. With us being "1st timers", we weren't sure how to go about this. Thanks again!!
  22. We placed our first TB in a cache today. It shows up as being in the cache, so everything is good there. We wanted to add it to our "watch" list, but can't figure out how. As the "owners", will we get an email everytime it's moved? How can (will) we track this TB?
  23. Here's what we did, only because we want to get him on his way today. We've been sitting on him for a week with no email reply from the owner. We made a new tag with all the info from the webpage, had it laminated, attached it to the chain, and left the original one attached also. We figured that would be the best way to go with it. Thanks for everyone's imput.
  24. We picked up a TB last week with the hopes of getting it going in the right direction again. The "mission" tag that's attached is half unreadable because water got thru the plastic covering on it. We've tried to contact the owner 2 times through email, but no reply. We'd like to drop it in a cache this weekend. Would it be proper to just replace the tag with a new readable one without hearing from the owner, or should we just cross our fingers and send it on it's way?
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