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  1. Because I'm not a premium member, I can't access this cache to see if our TB is still in it. When it was public, we saw our TB in it, and then found that they were doing some major work around the airport and that it was missing. Can someone please tell us if "Ash's Super Duper Mighty Bug" is still listed as being in it and what the condition of the cache might be after reading the postings? Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. We've devised a real simple form using MS Word where you can change fonts, sizes, colors, ect. We print it out, cut out the 2 sides, and glue together then laminate. Works great for us! IM me and I'll gladly send it to you. Cwikfam
  3. Thanks, we found it. We we're looking for something that said "contact us" without really reading. Now that we feel totally stupid, hopefully the mods will delete the post to free up some space for others.
  4. Can somebody please IM us with some contact info for geoswag.com? We have a few questions to ask them, but they have no contact info on thier site. Thanks in advance!
  5. I did contact the initial finder to ask for his opinion. He's an experienced cacher. Hopefully he can help us with this. The IM's we get are really nasty. Wish us luck!
  6. I used our garmin etrex legend H and our garmin nuvi when determining the coords. They were almost identical, so I averaged the 2. Ive downloaded the coords to our gps and will have my wife search for it tomorrow without my help just to see if she can find it. Our etrex usually puts us within 10-15 feet of GZ, so we're confident in it.
  7. Recently we placed our first cache. We thought it was pretty simple. Once published, we were flooded with IM's from other cachers (some on the verge of being threatening) complaining about everything from the ratings to the co-ords. It really took the fun out of both placing a cache and geocaching in general for us. Has this ever happened to anybody else and what did you do? We have 2 other caches placed but not yet published. We'd like to find someone in the Milwaukee, WI area that would be willing to double check our co-ords of these 2, and give us thier advice about what D/T ratings should be used for them before they get published. We really would like to avoid getting all the nasty IM's from our fellow cachers about something as simple as a cache. Please IM us if you would be willing to help. Thanks.
  8. We are very selective in the coins we buy. There has to be something in the design that appeals to us. After having our first few coins go missing, we just collect them. The first coin we placed, was picked up 1 day later and hasn't been seen since. The next 2, pretty much the same fate, although it took longer. Now we just collect them and only buy from the same reputable dealers, never off the E-thing. As of right now, we only have about 60 coins in our collection. If it makes us say "cool", and the price is right, we buy it. Hope all this helps.
  9. Why not just do a simple EXCEL spreadsheet, like somebody mentioned earlier. That's all we do with our coins. Some of them were sent out, and some of them we have in our collection. We have all the info at our fingertips: tracking number, name, reference number, ect. You can very easily do it for your personal travel bugs. Keep it on your desktop, and you'll have instant access to it.
  10. I just noticed that. Thanks, my bad.
  11. I have a travel bug (TB33FEE) that was dropped into an event cache (GC26PQ1)just over a year ago. It still shows as being in this event cache along with 6 other trackables even though the cache is archived. Including mine, all 7 were "dropped" by the same person and still show in the cache. All of the others are MIA as well. I'm starting to think the person that dropped all of them is not on the up and up with what he says he does. I've emailed some of the attendees, including the cache owner and the person that made the drop, in the past several months, not hearing back from any of them. I've lost any hope of hearing about this bug. Should I use the "copy" tag now or just wait for awhile longer?
  12. Bugs are bugs, they will move eventually. We thought we had lost a few, only to have them show up months later. Have faith! It's all up to those that pick them up. Where exactly is Bikini Bottomless, Florida? I'm booking my next vacation there!!!
  13. The best we've found is to do this: -drill a 1/8th inch hole in the object -cut the chain down to a shorter length -thread the chain thru the hole and epoxy it in really good from both sides -attach the tag to the chain -crimp the connector together and epoxy the chain ends in it It might seem like overkill, but it will hold for a long time. Good luck!
  14. Sometimes this happens. They get misplaced or "lost" for a period of time. We have 2 TB's that are MIA. We have no idea who has one of them. The other, we know who has it. It's shown in a picture hanging around the neck of thier cat, on thier profile page! We've tried contacting them numerous times, to no avail. Don't give up just yet, it'll turn up eventually.
  15. We had the same type of thing happen to us last year. I took a TB of ours from Milwaukee, WI to Rochester, NY. Dipped it in a cache before I left and then logged the drop when I did it. A week or so later someone posts and the cache page that the cache had been muggled and strewn about the area, and there was no sign of a TB. It went missing right off the bat. I'm going back out there this July, staying at the same hotel, and plan on visiting the cache area to see if I can find it myself. In other words, never give up. I refuse to lose on my TB, so you shouldn't either. You never know....
  16. If it's just for you personally to watch the movement, then use google earth. That's how we keep track of all our bugs and coins movements. Download google earth and then open the bugs page and click on track on google earth. You can see all your bugs at once or one at a time. However, you can't transfer that map anyplace that I know of. Hope that helps!
  17. Got here before BD! WooHoo! You don't have to trade a thing for a TB. If you can help the TB move along on it's journey or mission, then pick it up and get it going! In the words of BD: "Move them bugs!"
  18. Is there any way to contact another cacher about a coin they're holding aside from sending them an email? We politely emailed someone several months ago and they replied by saying they would place the coin in a few weeks. Everything was good. Now it has been several months and they have done nothing. I've emailed them 3 times, including tonight, since then with no response. They have logged on the website recently as last week, so they are still active. I even offered to send them a prepaid envelope to mail the coin back to us! No reply! Any other way to contact them aside from email? Maybe ban thier membership or something?
  19. DUH! Never mind everyone! As soon aa I hit enter when I did this post, it hit me in the head (or was that my wife?). I just went in and reactivated it and was able to change the date of release.
  20. I saw this in the forum once several months ago, but can't find it now. Is there a way to change the release date on a TB's page to show the actual release date and not the date it was activated? We activated 2 TB's back in early December but never sent them out. Now we're planning on releasing them and want the date to reflect the actual release date.
  21. We have 3 entries in the race. Mom's has only gone about a mile, Ash's has gone about 16 or 18 miles, and Dad's has gone about 1400 miles and is now in Idaho. It's fun to watch and we cheer each other when they get moved. This is our first race, so it really fun to watch how everyone is doing.
  22. My second post tonight. SHAMEFULL Ooops! My Bad! I'm out! I've never offered a cointest or, heaven forbid, given away of my coins. I REALLY should have read the first 2 lines. EMBARRASED (sp. ?) Can I use that also?
  23. Challenging Different day, same challenges. I'm a 1 man printing department trying to keep up with the 15 other people that work for the company. Today I had 2 machines go down at the same time. Challenging. Then I had to figure out what to make for dinner tonight. I'm the male of the house, and yes, I do all the cooking. My wife's co-workers are jealous, because she doesn't have to cook, and that I cook better than they do. Again, challenging. Nuff said.
  24. To copy a phrase from BlueDuece: "MOVE THEM BUGS!" Set a goal in your own mind and just move it along.
  25. We've only been collecting coins for a short time now, but here's what we do. We started an EXCEL spreadsheet to keep track of our coins. We keep track of all our "coin codes", "activation codes", and "Groundspeak reference numbers". We do this at the same time we activate each coin, so that we have the right numbers, letters, ect. We had an issue a few months ago where someone put the coin in the wrong cache, and didn't write down the reference number. They contacted us and we were able to give them the right tracking number without a problem. They were able to move the coin to the correct cache without any issues. Problem solved. Hope this helps out!
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