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  1. I see you can buy containers online. I was thinking those soda tubes but I kind of want something a little bigger. I was thinking peanut butter jar, would that work? A plastic one. I see you can buy the log sheets online or where do you guys get them from?
  2. I wanted to give back a to the community so I bought a bag of pokemon figures on ebay its real cheap like $3.99 a dozen helps to fill up swagless caches, and I think its neat to find a cool little toy other than a button or a quarter or something. You can buy in bulk 144 figures for like $20
  3. There is a cacher in my town that owns about 40 caches. About 32 have been archived recently... Maybe he put them up too quickly and can't maintain them. I myself would like to hide 1 or 2. Still deciding on it.
  4. I seldom cache at night, usually well lit areas like PNG's. Theres no way I'd go to desolate areas at night. -More chance to find wild animals b/c they prowl at night. -Can't see the ground, you can trip or run into something. -Wouldn't feel safe. I'd have to bring a rifle with me but then that makes other people feel unsafe.
  5. lol went to a cache once where people put easy find, found this fast, and so on and when I decided to give it a try. Looked for 20 minutes and no container. Alas after the last person logged it, the container went missing.
  6. You could cache earlier before the sun goes down and head back as the sun goes down so hopefully no problems. Found 3 caches passing the haunted bridge and 1 near the Blue Light Cemetery.
  7. Would anyone be interested in doing some caching at some cemeteries during the month of October? Or go to other haunted places that have caches nearby?
  8. I am friends with someone from a company that does Chiropractic solutions. They are big in the community and they would like to put a geocache by their office. I myself do not own any caches but I do want to help them out. What are the guidelines for doing this as a company?
  9. Meh I've been coming out of the wood works many times now lol
  10. The other day I was caching outside of a restaurant (at the edge of the parking lot) after looking around for 10 minutes a security guard game and stopped his car right behind me. He asked me if I was waiting for a friend. I said no. Then he said what are you doing? I said Geocaching. He was like Geo-what? I said its like a scavenger hunt game. I tried to show him my phone screen but he backed up and told me there had been some car thefts lately and that I need to go. I didn't find the cache but I found a different one elsewhere. Whats funny I have a huge geocache sticker on my car but he still didn't believe me.
  11. When you search for a cache and just can't find it and later turns out the person put it 30 feet from where it says. I got lost in the woods one time looking for a cache that was 75 feet from where it was supposed to be I was so mad I also got lost in a cemetary looking for a cache that was 1.5 miles from where it says it was..
  12. That's sad. Yes I have noticed at the events there are usually kids. I can't believe this guy used geocaching to get closer to these kids, yuck.
  13. Not me, I was going for the Phoenix and that's what I got. I tried to cache yesterday but had to do some work stuff. I am only 3 from getting the troll but I think its too late now.
  14. I've had to do that a couple of times. Try to sign log and its a mushy grey mess or its so tight in the cache its like trying to take it out of a black hole.
  15. Can you still find more creatures today or is the event over?
  16. I passed by a cache far away from home and found a packet of drink mix. I decided to grab it and toss it, you never know when it will rip and attract ants.
  17. You found 8 caches before the challenge started. So you need to reach 108 to get the world turtle, you have 2 days to get 6 more!
  18. I actually dont know how to log it as needs maintenance..
  19. I would say take it to a local event let others discover it and give it to them if they can help out the trackable. Otherwise for example I picked up a trackable near my city. Didn't know it was a trackable (I literally did not look at the back of it) and I visited a couple of caches and was about to drop it off as swag and right there I saw the back of it and realized what it was. Then a newbie player picked it up from that cache and did not log it...nobody knows where that trackable is now.
  20. I was planning to go for the Phoenix and I am 5 off from getting it. Also going for 100 this year, am at 84. yesterday I planned out some quick park and grabs and found 6. Plus the first 3 had money in them I got myself a drink. But now running low on swag
  21. http://whatliesbeyond.boards.net/thread/191/most-haunted-texas Magnolia Cemetery is listed as one of the most haunted places in Texas That's where I got lost.
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