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  1. There is the UK Mega series in and around Alton/Odiham area, that should keep you busy !
  2. Thanks for all the advice. I'm still getting used to the unit, I am using Satsync and gpx files now and it is a doddle.
  3. I can't seem to load cache details or even location to a Satmap 10 GPS. Can anyone advise please Ta
  4. When first signing up to Geocache.com I didnt realise that would be my "caching" name. Is it possible to change names and any previous finds are logged under the new name ?
  5. Saw one heading to Tullibody from Stirling on Friday
  6. I am new to this activity and want to know if a GPS device is essential and if so what is the best basic one to start with? I appreciate all advice I live in Scotland if this is relevant
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