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  1. Is there an easy way to figure out the duplicates other than going through all of my entries? I got one pretty easily because it was a recent double post (same cache back to back finds). But I have two others I'm still looking for.
  2. The ruggedness factor is a valid concern, but extra batteries and a charger are much cheaper than you'd expect. Visit Amazon.
  3. Disregard, figured it out.
  4. On a related note, I've caught myself referring to hides in stonewalls as 'Frosties' (after Robert Frost). That might only catch on in New England if anywhere.
  5. That myth felt pretty true when I couldn't get a signal until the clouds cleared away a bit.
  6. How do you keep the streak going when there's no way of getting a signal do to say, a weeks worth of thick clouds like eastern Mass had last week? Do you just pick out lamp posts by Google maps?
  7. It took me a while to figure out that SL stood for "Signed Log" and not "so long." Mainly because the first few times I saw it it was actually written in a log. Seems redundant. I don't have a problem with keeping things short, but finding the cache is a good enough puzzle. I'm not in it for the word games. If I'm using my phone I'll write TFTC or Thanks for hiding plus a very brief description of the any transaction or a quick "thanks for taking me here." But have you ever tried writing a whole paragraph on one of those things? Not entirely enjoyable.
  8. Continuously under water or just in a flood zone?
  9. I don't really have a separate pack for GCing. My device is my cellphone which charges during the drive. Backpack contains the usual dayhike stuff plus some swag and maybe TBs.
  10. Looks like people are trying to mark off every calendar day, but not necessarily in the same calendar year. Sound about right?
  11. Boston area: http://www.armybarracks.com/subcategories.asp?CatId=48
  12. Some people seem to use it as an average (which I can see as a reasonable goal ) and some people seem really fixated on dates. I think I'll go for the average. I'm up to about Groundhog's Day right now.
  13. Hiya, I've head the expression "Cache A Day" a few times. Seems like it should be simple to understand, but I think I've heard it used different ways. Haven't had any luck finding more info. Any directions? Thanks.
  14. Yeah, I'll acknowledge it's more of a hang-up than any sort of practicality issue.
  15. I'm familiar with those (my wife actually brings them with her when we eat out as a green alternative to styrofoam). I can't quite put my finger on it, but I just don't like them. Just something about hiking for miles, desperately searching for... Tupperware? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the feedback.
  16. Any luck with the soap caddies? http://www.coghlanscampinggear.com/cotrsoca.html It has drainage holes at the bottom, but I figured I'll have to cover it with camo tape anyway and can just cover the holes with that.
  17. yup Thanks. http://www.coghlanscampinggear.com/coplmabox.html
  18. Hi all, I found one of these at a discount store: http://www.coghlanscampinggear.com/cobrmabox.html Took me a minute to figure out how to open it. Doesn't seem too fragile, but I can easily picture someone breaking it out of frustration if they can't figure it out (or stubbornly breaking it unintentionally). Am I the last person on earth who didn't know how to open one of these or is this a semi-legit concern? (also, please ignore the typo in the title of the thread).
  19. Follow up: I was wrong. The log book I signed did belong to the cache in general and the logbook that's in the picture of the item that comes with the item (computer printout sheet that explains everything) was apparently missing prior to my arrival.
  20. So holding onto the item for a few days longer is not worse than keeping it separate from its log but out faster? Got it. Thank-you.
  21. Hi all, I accidentally separated an item from its logbook thinking that the logbook was for the cache in general. Should I return to the site to retrieve the log and keep the two together or give it an interim log creating a chase? Other factors: With the interim log solution I can relocate the item sooner. Again, my apologies/my mistake/my bad/sorry about that.
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