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  1. Thanks for the tip about the beta of Cetus, I will have a go with it if I get a chance. Sgt D
  2. I have not geocached with my previous unit (GPS-III), but I intend to start with my new GPS60CS. It is a fantastic upgrade from my GPS-III. The screen is really close to perfect. The software seems to be well thought out and easy to navigate, although I have yet to really put it through its paces. The unit is very satisfying in the hand. Satisfies the creak test and as a whole seems very tough and durable. The unit feels quality. It is faster aquiring then my GPS-III, but I have yet to compare accuracy. Overall, after two days with it, I am seriously impressed. I had initially upgraded to a Magellan Platinum, but returned it when I ran into the 4 region issue with the maps. I was torn wether to return it as it seemed like a nice unit, but in the end I made the plunge, returned the platinum and got my 60CS. I am VERY happy that I returned the Magellan. The color screen is all that and a bag of chips. I should have learned my lesson when I went to a color Palm. Once you go color, you never go back. Now, I can't wait to go and get my first cache... Cheers. Sgt D
  3. Thanks for your reply. I have let the new owner take the GPS-III, so I cannot try it again, but I think I tried it with both NMEA and Garmin set. I can't be sure so I will try again when I can pry his new GPS-III from his hands. It is not a USB cable as far as I know, it is just using the universal connector on my T|3 and round garmin connector to the GPS. I don't think either of those connectors nor the cable itself is USB. I could be wrong... The confusing thing about GPilotS is that new serial port choices drop down box in the preferences. It had odd names for the selections and a big white space where it appeared that there should have been choices, only there was not... I can't fault the developer of GPilotS too much though, they do not specifically say that the software supports the GPS60CS, although it does say they support the GPS-III.... Big Sigh, I will try again in a few days... The thing is that I don't want to lose all these way points that I have built up over the years. I have travelled extensively with my trusty GPS-III marking waypoints as I travelled. It would be a shame to lose them all. Cheers. Sgt D
  4. Thanks for your reply. Wish I did. That of course would be the easy way to do it. I do not have the cable for the PC to Garmin Round connector. I do have the cable to connect to my PDA. As an update, I have been still trying on my own to do this. The program GPilotS does not seem to find my GPS-III. However Cetus and CacheMate (with a plugin) do. Unfortunately I don't see how Cetus or CacheMate download waypoints, it appears to me that they do not. GPilotS says it can, but I cannot make it connect to the GPS. So, any advive? Sgt D
  5. Got my 60CS and love it. I have searched around a bit and can't seem to find a direct how-to for what I would like to do. Apoligies if this has been covered, I did a search and didn't find an answer. I have a GPS-III that I am selling to a friend. Before I do, I would like to download all my waypoints that I have set over the years to my PDA, then upload them to my 60CS. I have the cable, I have CetusGPS and I am going to buy Cachemate if I need to. I am also looking at this software here: GPilotS I was just wondering if there was a step by step somewhere. I can probably figure it out on my own if pointed in the right direction. TIA Sgt D
  6. Wow, thanks for all the great info. I would have gotten back sooner to say thanks, but I am in the middle of PCS'ing back to the US from the UK. Taking the family back to the US after 12 years overseas isn't exactly a simple deal, so I have been away a bit taking care of things. Glad to see all the info. As for a case, I found a SporTrak Case at the BX that seems to fit the 60CS pretty well. Not sure I am going to keep it as it does say Magellan all over it, but for now it works pretty well. Actually bought two cases to try out, the other one is a magazine case for the butt of your gun. The 60CS fits perfectly, but I am not sure about all the straps on the back. We will see if it straps on to my RuckSack and decide which one to keep. The cell phone shop didn't have anything big enough. I am going to try out some maps and see what they look like, but I can't really test them until I am back on good ole US soil. I am debating the software upgrade. Mine came with v3.00, and I see that 3.30 is out. I have posted another thread asking about if that is safe to do or not. Not worried at all about the landscape screen, this thing is GORGEOUS! Haven't turned the compass on yet, so that isn't a big deal for me. My last unit didn't even have a compass? GPS-III, I am not sure if it did or didn't. I don't have the PDA data cable with me to test, but it seems as though it is the same connector as on my GPS-III, so I am excited that it seems that it will work. GPS-III for sale....any takers? Suggested price? Cheers, maybe I will try for my first cache this weekend with the kids. Thanks, this board is great. Sgt D
  7. I just got my 60CS today in the mail. It has version 3.00. Should I attempt the upgrade? I am upgrading from a GPS-III and I am not an advanced user. I just don't want the thing to do a white screen on me during the update and then have to be sent back. I would be pretty gutted if that happened. Thoughts? Opinions? Advice? Thanks, this board is great! Sgt D
  8. I have been trying to get a Garmin GPSMap60CS for about 3 weeks now. I have ordered at 3 places and cancelled at two due to the shipping delays. Finally found a place that had one in stock and it should be on its way to me now (fingers crossed). So, I lurked and searched a bit and found answers to most or part of the questions I have before my unit gets here; just a few things I couldn't completely clear up: 1. Does the screen switch portrait to landscape? 2. Does the compass work with the unit held upright? I have read that many were not happy with another model that had to have the unit held flat for the compass to work, is it the same with this one? 3. I have a copy of MetroGuide 5. From what I can get off of other threads, the maps will work, but I will not be able to do autorouting, is this correct? Will the maps work at all? Does roadlock work? Put simply, I want the unit to track me properly on the maps roads. I am not too worried about being able to punch in an address and having it prompt me there. 4. Will the data cable I have to connect my GPS-III to my Palm work with the GPSMap60CS? 5. Is there any nice case for it. Garmin only offers the same case that I have for my GPS-III. GPSGeek doesn't offer a case for it and a search on the board wasn't too fruitful. Cheers, Sgt D
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