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  1. 14 minutes ago, Max and 99 said:

    What would be the purpose of puzzle caches if the reviewer could just give away coordinates to anyone who asked? 

    You can solve and log the Mystery cache, even as a basic member (using the website), but it may be more work if the hidden mystery cache is Premium Member Cache, which you won't be able to see in the map. That puzzle looks a little hard!I

    Can you contact the owner of the cache to ask for help?


    Well, but if the hiding map does not show even an aproximantion of a mistery either the red circle, there is a gap which causes headaches. If m

    y position is not exactly the same as the location of mistery geocache, what would be the probability of finding the wrong cache?

    I've not played yet mistery caches, I'm still focused on single ones, I wrote to the cache owner just to have an idea of how far should I move my hiding in order to publish.




    8 minutes ago, Keystone said:

     Adding on to that recent response in a similar thread, if I told you the coordinates of the conflicting cache's hidden waypoint, then the owner of the conflicting cache would be angry with me for "giving away" the secret to their cache.  So, I don't do that.   


    Some reviewers will give the name of the cache that's causing the conflict.  Some (like me) will give an approximate, rounded-up distance to the hidden waypoint, like "less than 300 feet from a multicache that you have not found."  But no reviewer will give the exact coordinates.


    Well, that would be enough, or at least with "Move to the north, move to the south....", I've not created this geocache in order to discover where the mistery is located

  2. Hello everyone.


    I've just wrote this in the "Spain" subforum in spanish but it has no so much activity so I'll try here [Spanish topic] ...


    I'm a basic member, and I've been playing geocaching for almost two years so I decided to contribute hiding my first own geocache. I used the main geocaching.com website and I've found a valid place among the red circles with the 161m separation.


    Now I am in a loop with the moderator of the area trying to validate the geocache because he sais the position is not valid due to the final container of a mistery one is closer than 161m (which is not reflected with the red circles and I am not able to play mistery as i'm basic). Keep in mind the mistery geocache pin is 1km away.


    So I can not publish the geocache neither the moderator tells me which is the coordinates of that container in order to try to find another place to hide. I try to align all the rule but even with the maps showing restricted areas, there are another we are not able to see. Is a very annoying experience after so much effort.


    For whom which are available to see unpublished hides, I'm talking about GC84HHC.


    All help is appreciated.






  3. Hola,


    Estoy intentando publicar mi primer geocaché. Tras observar ubicación en el mapa de Geocaching veo una región vacía en la que decido esconder el caché. Sin embargo, el moderador indica que hay un contenedor físico de un multicaché cerca de esa zona y que incumple la norma de los 161m. (Supuestamente el multicaché comienza a más de 1km pero se acerca hacia la zona donde estoy intentando publicar yo).


    Yo no veo ninguna restricción para publicar ahí pero lo que tampoco veo normal es que después de buscar un sitio digan que no es válido porque hay un contenedor en las inmediaciones y no aparece reflejado en el mapa.


    En la primera imagen aparece las zonas posibles, en la segunda imagen la posición original del multicaché. Cabe decir que no soy usuario premium. (Pero que independiente de eso, deberían aparecer para todos qué zonas se puede publicar y qué zonas no)


    Edit: El geocaché ID para quienes tengáis permisos para verlo es GC84HHC



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