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  1. The current log listing on Cache's allow you to select newest, most helpful and best story. So how does one choose to see oldest logs first, without having to scroll thru numerous pages?
  2. A few months ago while cruising in Alaska, I found what appeared to be a trackable in a cache at a coffee shop in Wrangell. It was an eraser with the following inked on it: Do not keep, play fair. TB55KD2 Do not keep 445Y0Z Now I have tried every combination of numbers and letters that I think it might be. Ie, S instead of 5, the numeral zero instead of the letter O. And 2 instead of Z. NO luck on any. I suspect perhaps somebody just threw this in the cache out of frustration with missing trackables. But thought I'd post here and see if anyone else has any ideas.
  3. So I was awarded a rare virtual a while back, and I stated the logging requirements in the description as: To take credit for this cache, please upload photo(s) of you or your GPS device with any of the monuments in the background. Recently I've started having a few cachers log finding the virtual, but then state something like "my caching partner uploaded photo's to his/her log". Or just "Found this one with so and so". (And so and so did in fact upload a photo or several.) Is it rude or anal to expect everyone logging to upload their own log photo? Or to send a message asking that they do so to keep within the requirements set? I did recently change the requirement to read: To take credit for this cache, please upload photo(s) of you or your GPS device with any of the monuments in the background. If you are caching with others, you must still upload a photo to your log to take credit. Thank you. But in the mean time wondering how others would have handled the logs. Thanks.
  4. Just a reminder. I was not specifically speaking of brand new cachers, but rather someone that has been around a while and considers them self an experienced cacher. I think we all know a few of those. OTOH, I have enjoyed meeting new folks on the cache trail and have had some good conversations with them. I think most enjoy caching as a fun "treasure hunt" for all. But as with any game or group, there will always be a few that just don't get it...those are the ones I'm primarily speaking of.
  5. Nano caches irk me. Lol (If you put a nano out, don't get mad if someone with big fingers needs more than one itty bitty space to log their find!)
  6. Thanks Keystone. I hadn't found that other thread yet when I saw this one. Probably would be prudent to split these comments over to that forum if you can.
  7. Narcissa, I rarely worry about what goes on in Geocaching in the real world. In the specific situation I was using as the example, we have a premium member cacher that doesn't see the need to log trackables online in a reasonable amount of time. In fact in PM discussion with him, he has hinted that he holds many trackables that do not get logged for sometime. (Weeks as opposed to days...) If you are advocating that this is ok, then I really hope you are not someone that likes to pick up trackables! I'm not talking about the person that forgets to log something now and then, or even the person that is on vacation and unable to log for several days. I am speaking of those individuals that simply chose to ignore the rules and make it miserable for everybody else. The rest of my initial post above was just venting the obvious. Most the time I enjoy getting out and enjoying nature and the sites as I look for geocaches. A trackable now and then makes it that much more fun. Also fun to read the logs on my caches and see where my bugs travel too. But there are many new cachers out there with all the free apps, and if those of us that have played a while are not willing to share our knowledge with them, well we too are missing out on the opportunity to get to know someone and keep caching the fun it was meant to be. OTOH, when there are members out there that know better, will then sometimes a polite reminder is in order. I don't believe any of us like seeing trackables disappear, or enjoy looking for a cache to move a trackable, only to find out that none of the numerous trackables listed are in the cache!
  8. Not controlling Narcissa, just an expectation that if one wants to play the game, then one should understand it's general concepts. Are you saying that one should just be able to take trackables and then not log them? BTW, I am having a fairly polite conversation on PM with the cacher that fails to do timely online logs. He is somewhat "old school" without smartphone, but apparently has access to the internet to message. The entire point to all this is, I think we all want caches and trackables to be as described. Being responsible game players keeps it fun for all!
  9. The PM traffic with Rebel has been fairly polite. He did threaten to report me to Groundspeak for harassment if I didn't remove their names from the post. I replied I would remove those posts once they made the proper logging of the trackable on line. (I think others have the right to know who is holding on to a trackable. A person publicizes their "handle" when they choose to play the game!) I too found his profile remarks interesting, compared to this issue of online logging. I have no problem with someone traveling on vacation without access to internet for a reasonable period of time not logging online. But if one has time to argue online, they certainly have time to at least log trackables.
  10. If one doesn't desire to conform to expectations of the game, then don't play the game! Too many times the fun of the hunt is ruined for many because of the irresponsibility of others. I know that there is no guarantee that my caches won't get muggled or that my trackables won't go missing. That's just the sad part of the game. But as one that pays for a premium membership, I try to educate others that have access to "premium" caches so that many can continue to enjoy the game as it was meant to be played. Cutting slack stops when a polite reminder is put out there, but then disregarded. If one has time to play the game and message, they certainly have time to log trackables they move!
  11. This thread brings up several points that get on my nerves. 1. Absent cache owners are worse than absent landlords. If you are going to place a cache, at least maintain it. If you can't do that, either archive it, transfer it to a fellow cacher than can, or DON'T place it in the first place! 2. If a cache needs maintenance, log it as such. As a cache owner that routinely checks my caches several times a year, I still very much appreciate it when someone on that rare occasion inputs a needs maintenance log. I don't expect the generosity of fellow cachers to maintain my caches. 3. If you don't find it, input a DNF log. Could very likely be the cache has gone missing, and if a responsible owner sees a few DNF's in a row, maybe it's time to check on the cache, or maybe even change the hint. Different matter, but sort of the same subject. If you take a trackable, log it as soon as possible. Apparently we have two cachers in N. Illinois, RebelTj and Smurfy98, that don't see it necessary to expeditiously make online logs. (See my note at GC4PYBB for explanation.) "I'll get to it when I get to it", is not the proper response if you have the time to play the game in the first place!) (In their defense, at least they did sign the paper log...) I'm sure I'm speaking to the choir here, but it's really pretty simple. If you are going to play the game, keep it fun for everyone and at least try to learn the rules and play by them!
  12. So this past week while vacationing at Lake of the Ozarks, we went to tour the National Shrine of Mary, Mother of the Church, in Laurie Mo. In front of the Shrine was a podium with a book listing donors to the wall there. Also inside that podium was a log book that had the words "Geocaching site" printed on the front of it, with many signatures inside. I did not find this cache listed on Geocaching.com. Not sure how long the log book has been there, or what it's real purpose is.
  13. Thanks. When I get more time, I'll have to review this and see if I can learn how to do it.
  14. THanks again. As I told mimandpap, this worked. As for keeping my caches for members only, I have done that due to the problems I have seen/had with "public" caches. I figure if some one is going to pay for a membership, they are probably going to take more care to protect the cache. Thanks again for this suggestion.
  15. Help. I'm trying to place a new cache. I want to copy and paste a description from a word document that has formatting such as photos and box charts. I had it entered right the first time but had to make changes. Now I can't get it to format. I'm sure it has to do with HTML code, but I don't know how to get the correct code. Can someone explain to me how I can take a word document that looks just like I want in the cache description to copy and paste without losing format? THanks.
  16. Just a suggestion for the powers to be that might be lurking here. How about allowing the originator of a travel bug an edit field to change where a bug is originated? Right now, if one accidently puts United States, instead of the state, there is no way to go back and change it. Maybe even have a box so one can put the name of the city where the travel bug is initiated. Thanks.
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