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  1. I've used the Android Geocaching app to find a handful of geocaches so far on three different outings. So far i've been remarkably impressed with the accuraccy of the GPSr unit in my Motorola Milestone - I'd put it roughly on par with my Oregon 400t, although the maps on the phone are not as good.


    One nice feature of the Android Marketplace, is that you get a 24 hour "trial" period on any paid apps. If you decide within 24 hours that you don't like the app, uninstall it and the cost of the app will be refunded.

  2. Regarding size of the imagery downloads - I downloaded a 80 square mile chunk of Minneapolis at the Highest resolution available and the file was between 80-90 MB (don't have the unit with me so can't give exact number. So far I have download about 30 image files (most are 20-40 sq.miles, 3-4 are 80 sq. miles) in MN, WI, AZ, NV and FL all at Highest resolution and I'm using less than 1GB on my SD card...


    The info above about the image being posted that was 5.6 MB was the size of the screenshot, not the size of the imagery file itself.


    The quality when you zoom in below the 50m level is a bit lacking, but it has definately helped me located a couple of caches that I probably would've strugged with otherwise. This is of course more helpful when you are in a fairly open area, desert of Arizona for example vs. a heavily wooded area in MN where everything turns into a sea of dark green.

  3. Um... yes there is a 400, although you will most often see it referenced based on the types of maps that come preloaded on it. The Oregon 400t has topo maps, 400i has intercoastal maps and 400c? has ocean charts I believe.


    Otherwise the differences described above are correct.

  4. It varies by browser but in IE8, go to Tools -> Internet Options, then click the Privacy Tab and then the Advanced button. You will want to insure that "Accept" is selected for First-party cookies, you may need to check the "Override automatic cookie handling" option.


    Another option would be to adjust the Settings level to Medium. If it is set to high it will prevent the cookies even if you check the "Remember Me" checkbox.


    Hope that helps!

  5. I don't know what happened to my original post that started this topic, but the issue was that any new 1000 PQs I create return between 600-700 caches before I get a random cache in NY, UT, or TN that seems to kill the process. As I'm located in MN and am only filtering based on Active caches the ones that popup several hundred miles away are a bit odd as I'd expect a radius of maybe 50 miles or so. I have noticed that usually the random cache is a very early placed cache (3 or 4 digit GC#).

  6. I ran a "My Finds" PQ last night, but have not received it yet.


    I did however received a pre-existing, scheduled PQ 500 in the email this morning.


    I'm still having issues with PQ1000 results where I'm only getting 600-700 caches before a random cache in New York, Utah or somewhere else far from MN pops in and seems to kill the PQ...


    I've also had an unusually high number of PQs in the last 5 days or so that are unrecognizable by my Oregon 400T. Good thing I keep old PQs on hand or I would've been out of luck over the weekend.

  7. I use Windows 7 on both home and work computers and have no issues from either. I'd check your cookies settings - possibly its set to only allow "session" cookies, which would automatically expire when you close your browser.

  8. Why is it that when viewing "Your Friends" that the Hidden count is inaccurate? For example I have some friends who've hidden just a couple of caches, but the page indicates 0. Others have hidden 100 and the page indicates 75 or so.


    In all cases the friends have caches that are a year or more old, so it's not that they are all very recent hides that haven't been "calculated" yet...


    Not a huge deal, just strange...

  9. Does anyone else have logs on your owned trackables that seem to have a totally random sort order lately?


    One of my coins


    There is a log from today on top, then a few from 4/24, then a 3/21 log followed by another log from 4/24...


    I can't figure out what the logs would be getting sorted based on to give this type of an ordering to the logs.


    The rest of my coins seem to have the logs in order, so maybe it's just something with this specific page/coin, I don't know.

  10. I'm going to have a geocaching buddy try it out tomorrow to make sure it makes sense to someone other than myself and if all goes well I'll be able to publish it in time for the 10th Anniversary weekend!


    This might be a bit off topic for this forum, but wanted to share my excitement with some others who might care :-)

  11. What is the difference between these two settings for a zone? Does a zone have to be "in range" from the current position before distance/bearing will display?


    Does "In Proximity" indicate the distance at which the "on Enter" event will fire for the zone?


    Working on my first catridge and want to make sure I have this right.



  12. Hello,


    I just played my first WIG a week or two and thought I'd try my hand at creating a WIG cache in my local area. I've created a couple of test cartridges for my backyard just so I could test the zones, tasks, etc. and am brainstorming on an actual WIG cache for release.


    I've seen a couple of cartridges and posts that reference collecting coins and am wondering if anyone can tell me if this is a built-in feature or if I just need to find a coin image and create a "coin" item in the cartridge?


    If I wanted users to pick up a coin at say 3-5 different spots, would I create 3-5 coins or can I "place" an instance of a single coin in each zone/location?





  13. Hello,


    I'm running a Cub Scout Day Camp this weekend and have received 10 Venture HC units to use during the event, but I'm not sure how to load the geocache coords we're going to be hunting into the units. I could put them all in manually, but would prefer not to have to do that.


    I see that there is a USB connection on the back, but when I hook it up to my PC, it is just listed as a mobile device and doesn't appear to have any directory structure whatsoever.


    For what its worth I use an Oregon 400t personally, so I'm used to something a lot more powerful. I'm hoping someone can tell me that I can just create a GPX folder on the device and then load in a GPX file that contains the coords I need. Is it that simple?


    If not, what's the best approach?


    Thank you!

  14. I'm currently running 3.10 on my Oregon 400t and today loaded up the 24K Topo maps for MN onto my device. I also have CityNavigator, the US TOPO 2008 maps and the US State and County borders maps loaded onto my device with specific file names for each map.


    In Automotive mode I see my CN maps as I would expect. However when in Recreational or Geocaching mode when I want to see my 24K TOPO maps I'm seeing the US TOPO 2008 data along with CN points (businesses, etc.). I'm not seeing any of the 24K topo lines.


    I've tried disabling US TOPOP 2008, but the 24K maps still don't display... any suggestions?

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