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  1. I am purrfectly happy to remain at Bentonite level.
  2. I feel your pain Two Pipers. I have had a few caches muggled by other cachers, muggles, flood waters, and logging operations. All these circumstances are frustrating. There are several threads in the forum that talk about some things you can do that might protect your caches. You may find some ideas in there that appeal to you. I don't see where Two Pipers makes an assumption that fellow cachers are to blame in his post. Am I missing something?
  3. A nice historical virtual that I was sad to see go. In this case a New Hampshire cache received an NA from a Montana reviewer!
  4. Same here. If the log does get passed around, I think it's best for the finder to rehide the cache rather than the last person signing the log.
  5. So, do you think the intro app experience will turn out somewhat like the 'new Coke' experience? (Attempt to increase customer base partly succeeds in alienating current customer base?)
  6. If the current cache owner is no longer willing or able to maintain their cache the cache could go up for adoption rather than be archived.
  7. One of my TBs, Extra Smiley, was in a cache that got hit by a chainsaw. Don't know what I did with the after pictures unfortunately. It continued it's journey for a while with a few chunks missing!
  8. After being missing for 4 years, one of my TBs has reappeared! I guess you never know for sure... In this case the person had misplaced some bugs. I am very grateful they will get them moving again. Hopefully soon!
  9. I always look at the attributes. Got to have 'winter friendly' in Northern New England for those snowshoe hikes!
  10. I think it depends if you are in a red state or a blue state (USA)....
  11. Someone is exploiting the ability to collect a souvenir without actually finding caches in those locations. If they had left the Found Log, I would have deleted it but they did clean up after themselves! This could probably go in the thread about Finds that aren't really finds!
  12. " xxxx found This is Vermont: Roxbury (Traditional Cache) at 8/21/2012 Log Date: 8/21/2012 Souvenir Hunter! Log will be erased! Thank you!" I looked at the online log and there is no entry. Looked up the cacher and there is no record of the find but sure enough there is a souvenir! So should I be honored that my cache was chosen for this dubious accomplishment?
  13. In the OP. "Weeks later, that smiley face saying he had found it is still on my cache page." I like The Incredibles addition to a nicely worded response that is educational and corrective. Send it and help prevent throwdowns.
  14. I came across this site years ago. Some of these stories are really funny! http://www.scamorama.com/ But, I digress...
  15. I don't recall ever giving an opinion on virtual caches so here I go.... I like them. I think we should be able to create new ones. There is no 'WOW' factor for other cache types and I don't think we need that requirement for virtual caches. There are lame caches of every type. I choose which caches I want to seek. If the listing or location looks lame I won't seek the cache. There are locations where I won't place a physical cache but I would place a virtual. I don't think there should be special requirements that make a reviewer's job any harder than it already is. We can make cache listing very complicated of keep it simple. The cream will rise to the top. The less desirable caches will fade away. Thanks for listening!
  16. I have a cache that regularly gets taken after a find log. I marked it for premium members only and asked someone to log a find log. In my case it just confirmed what I already knew. It is very sad to think that a fellow cacher is involved. I have decide to keep replacing my cache but I no longer enter a maint log entry. guy
  17. I had a group of six caches published in less than an hour a few weeks ago. Currently on my second day of a group of eight. Good comment about wondering if you did something wrong! You get used to quick turnaround and wonder if you did something wrong when it takes a NORMAL length of time! Reviewer must be taking a day or so off which is well deserved. guy
  18. I have seen some multi caches / unknown caches where the first stage(s) of the cache are located in extremely scenic spots where a physical stage can not be hidden. The directions to the final stage are very basic. For these caches the first stage is worth the visit and the final may be worth only a smiley. guy
  19. When can I get it. :laughing: I hear the wait time is a full year now....
  20. Not the only option. You could have brought a USB key with you and swapped it for the USB in the cache. That would have saved you a few seconds when "signing the log" so that you could find more caches that day. ...and the USB drive that you find may not be the USB drive the CO left and it may contain.... who knows. A for effort though!!
  21. Nice avatar! Which for some reason was mine until I posted? That is weird...... (Your avatar was showing as a white cat with green goggles until I posted..?)
  22. I love that the reviewer published a note in addition to the normal published log. That is a wonderful idea.
  23. You can add waypoints for parking locations and/or a trail head to the cache description if you want people to approach from a certain direction. This works well if there is private property or dangerous areas to be avoided.
  24. I pasted the code you provided into my profile and added the "<" to the front and the ">" to the end of the code. I'll leave it for a while.... Looks fine to me.
  25. I do not plan my milestones. I discovered that I had forgot to log a couple and they would have all been off anyways!
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