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  1. Hi @amber1997 Great question, thanks for surfacing it. To answer your question, no this is not what this feature means. The same guidelines regarding creation and placement of Adventure Labs® still exist today, they have not changed. This feature is about providing a convenient experience for our Premium Members so that they can see Geocaches and Adventure Labs on one map.
  2. Hi @happileigh I would like to try to help you out. Are you using an Android or iOS device? Can you check what version of the App you are running? You can find this on the latest versions on both iOS and Android opening the More menu then tapping Version Info.
  3. Hi @Max and 99 - Thank you for your feedback with regards to coords.info links not opening in the the app. I have brought this issue to the team and we will investigate what is happening.
  4. Hi @Thathanka . You will need to have a minimum version number of 8.46.0 for this feature.
  5. Hi Max and 99, For the introduction of the new levels of Wonders of the World, you will need to be sure to have the latest app version which is 8.42.0. If you are not running 8.42.0, once you update you should see the new levels. Best, brendanjw
  6. Hi everyone, a minor technical issue with our release, but I believe it has been worked out. Please take another look and let me know if you can access Statistics from your Profile. -Brendan
  7. Hi CACH5737, Thanks for the follow up. Do you see a line item on your Profile page that has a label titled "Statistics". If you can also check your app version for me by tapping "More" then tapping version info that would be great. We will figure out what the issue is. Best, Brendanjw
  8. Hi, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your replies and comments! I'm the Product Manager on the mobile team and wanted to take a moment to comment on the general question of "why these 29 Attributes?". Well, that is a great question. Together with Nicole (nykkole), who is the Lead Product Manager on this Attribute feature initiative, responsible for coordinating the release across both mobile and web, we determined that for this first release we would only offer a subset of the Attributes on mobile. The driving factor for this decision is space and affordance within the UI of the mobile app. We looked at the benefit of delivering value to the community sooner rather than waiting developing a UI solution that would allow us to "fit" the entire set of Attributes in the app. To determine which Attributes to host in the app, we looked at existing data related to cache owners usage of Attributes, as well as existing Pocket Query data. We hope that this set of Attributes is a benefit to all players that would like to personalize their search options, but realize it is not inclusive of all Attributes at this time. Ultimately, at some point in the future, we would like to update our UI, and that would allow us to feature all the Attributes that make the most sense for a mobile environment in the app at that time. Best, brendanjw
  9. So glad to hear things are working, I sincerely apologize that you had to uninstall/reinstall to get it working. -Brendan
  10. ** UPDATE - I reported a false positive on the suggested workaround. Deleting previous finds and re-logging them will not provide the desired result of receiving a Clue. We are investigating this issue and hope to have a response shortly. Hi, We discovered the issue with clues not being awarded properly (it was a timezone issue). Future logs should work properly. We'll keep you updated on this issue. Best, Brendan
  11. Hi, If you open your mobile app, then navigate to the Profile, you should see a line item that states Mystery at the Museum. Can you confirm that you are seeing this? I have included a screen shot of my profile page for reference. Best, Brendan
  12. Hi everyone, A quick update from HQ regarding Mystery at the Museum: 1. We are aware that Events taking place outside the July 11 - August 11 time period had a Detective Clue associated with them during the beginning of the promotion (initial 1.5hrs). We have now removed Clues from Events that do not occur during the Mystery at the Museum (MATM) promotion. For now, they will continue to show up in the search results but they will no longer award a Clue. 2. Regarding disabled caches, as part of our Clue distribution for MATM, we have assigned the Detective to all disabled caches, assuming that these caches might be enabled during the MATM promotion. We are currently looking at some remedies and solutions to this. Best, Brendan
  13. Thanks for the status. I've recorded this issue and the team is investigating. I appreciate your patience and feedback on this issue. Best, Brendan
  14. Hi everyone, I've been monitoring this forum thread and wanted to take a moment and confirm that we at HQ are also seeing issues regarding searching for clues as part of The Mystery at the Museum summer campaign. We are only seeing this behavior on the web. Until we can correct the issue that is happening on the web, one alternative to continue playing the game is to the mobile experience. We are looking into it right now and will hopefully have a fix soon. I'll report back when I have more information to share. My sincerest apologies, Brendan Walsh brendanjw
  15. Hi all, Just a quick note to share that we have added a link to the Browse map the to the header of our website. We realize that this is an option many geocacher's have requested. You'll find the link to the Browse map on our Play menu : Clicking this link named "View Browse Map" will take you directly the Browse map. Best, Brendan
  16. Hi, To clarify, this change is specific to the Search map only, we did not make changes to the Browse map. We received a report that the Search map was showing markers at the corrected coordinates in ALL cases. This was intended. The fix that we implemented yesterday ensures that the Search map will only show markers at the corrected coordinates if the cache has NOT been found. If the cache has been found the map will show the marker at the posted coordinates. Best, Brendan
  17. Hi everyone, Thanks for sharing all your feedback on the new map, it is much appreciated. Once again, I should note that all of the feedback is read, considered, and serves as a valuable input when we decide what to work on next. Today’s deployment consists of the following: We have a fix for users that are running browsers that do not support WebGL. For those that are affected by this issue, they’ll now get a modal window with a link to access the older Browse map. As a reminder here’s the URL to the older Browse map https://www.geocaching.com/map/ The map will now only use the corrected coordinates to plot cache markers if the user has not found the cache. Fixed some placed-date issues with caches on the Search map. Please stay tuned to this forum thread for further updates. Best, Brendan
  18. Hi everyone, Here’s what to look out for with today’s update! We’ve made some minor visual improvements to the map’s left hand list view. Now, when you sort by distance or placed date, we display the distance and date on each list item. When you sort by distance, terrain, or size, we’ll highlight the corresponding value on each list item. Here is an example of sorting on placed date, the date for each cache is now displayed on each individual item. Current location marker: We had a little fun with this, and are anxious to hear your thoughts. Now, when you click the current location marker on the map, we show you where your current location is by displaying your personal profile image with a consistent pulse. After clicking the on screen current location marker, my profile image is displayed where I am currently located. This is helpful if you are zoomed out on the map in cache-rich area. We’ve added the cache owner name and the placed date to the map’s cache details preview. It’s been added at the bottom of the view. In addition, we’ve made some bug fixes and optimizations. Please stay tuned to this forum thread for further updates. Best, Brendan
  19. Hi everyone, Here’s what to look out for with today’s update! One quick note - these were all requests either surfaced in this forum or suggested from community members at large. From the Cache Details Preview, clicking the “More Info” button now opens the Cache Details Page in a new browser window. We’ve pre-pended the Short Description to the Long Description - this is now viewable as one inclusive description on the Cache Details Preview and Cache Details Page. If the cache type is an Event, this is where you will find the time of the event. Lastly, we added a scale to the map - you’ll find this on the bottom left hand corner of the map. Additionally, in case you missed it, we fixed the problems that some reported when viewing the map on Internet Explorer as of February, 5th. Please stay tuned to this forum thread for further updates. Best, Brendan
  20. Hi everyone, Thanks for sharing all your feedback on the new map, it is much appreciated. I should note that all of the feedback is read, considered, and serves as a valuable input when we decide what to work on next. So thanks again! Here’s what to expect with today’s small update: The map will now display in the geocacher’s chosen language. Grammar enhancements to translations. Updated the visual treatment of past Events. Events that have already occurred will display in a half-tone to differentiate them from upcoming Events. Fixed filters for ‘caches I own’ - this filter is accessible from the logged-in home page. Fixed mapping Lists functionality. Made some visual changes to the ‘Search this area’ passive label. Please stay tuned to this forum thread for further updates. Best, Brendan
  21. Hi all, We are aware of the reported IE issue with the map, and are actively working on it. We are looking at all options and hope to have a fix out soon. Thank you for your support and patience. Best, Brendan
  22. Hi all, I appreciate your comments, and feel that I can make one distinction that may put some fears to rest. The map that I have cited that we are retiring is as @thebruce0 noted in his post earlier the search results map and not the browse map. Here is an image depicting the browse map, and the reiterate, when I've discussed retiring the map, I am referring to the search results map, and not the browse map. I hope this clears things up.
  23. Hi @k13. Great news! You don't have to "skip the map". From the home page, begin your search by entering your desired search term, then you will see your search results in the list view you are accustomed to. Then if you'd like, you can map your results.
  24. Hi all! I hope you are all doing well! Here’s some information regarding today’s update: Sorting options: We’ve added the following sorting options to the map: Distance Difficulty Terrain Size Placed Date From the ‘Sort by:’ drop down, select the desired sorting options. One caveat, we are going to make this less ‘wordy’ and more intuitive by considering alternative ways to offer these sorting options. This is not final. We have the underlying functionality built and our intent was to get this out to you the testers and geocachers as soon as it was ready. Please let us know how this works for you. Filter option: We’ve added the Corrected Coordinates filtering options, allowing geocachers to filter for Mystery Caches that they have solved. Open caches in new browser tabs We’ve added some functionality, to the overflow menu on the list, and the right-click (context) menu from the mouse which allows for opening a specific cache in a new browser tab. Overflow menu: Mouse Right-Click (Context Menu): Event date: We made a small update to Events, and have included the date of the event in the list item. Updates to ‘Done’ button: We added some functionality to the Done button on the Filters panel, adding the following behavior: If you have made any selections and customizations using the controls and options contained on the Filters panel, we will turn the button green and won’t let you dismiss the panel until the user has clicked Done, thereby setting the choices. We also fixed a small bug where we weren’t showing the star icon for owned caches. This is now fixed! Thanks again for all your patience and I can’t wait to hear how you like this update! Once again, here’s what we are working on and what to expect in the future: Multi-select list view - This provides a way to select specific caches from the map’s list view, and add them to list. List and Map - This is probably the most requested change in the forum. We plan to decouple the search results list from the map, so that from the initial search on the home page, you will have the option to view the search results on a list or on the map. Search World - Editing and optimizing the zoom level so that we honor searches that require a zoom level to show the entire world. Filters and Sort - Continuing to add filters and sorting options that exist on the old map, our goal is full parity. Best, Brendan
  25. Hi, This issue was just brought to my attention. I'd like to apologize for this experience, and also help with some troubleshooting. When you have a minute, and I apologize if you have already provided this information, but could you confirm that you are on an iPad 3? Also, if you could you provide the version of iOS that is on the iPad? We are working on reproducing this issue, and these details will help. Thanks, Brendan
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