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  1. Hey nice. They also fixed the problem that some GC descriptions won't be shown at all if the original description Page has been built with more "complex" html code. Before V3.00 it only showed empty space in some cases. Seems it DOES make sense writing to the Beta-Team after all. TC, morph
  2. It actually loads the Description. It's is somehow moved out of the screen. If you delete 2 lines of HTML code (i was messing around with the code) then you can read the text on the device. Some of the rendering troubles might be solved by just ignoring some of the html code which the devices cant make use of. morph
  3. REPORT IT TO GARMIN! Actually you should send the beta team an email and attach the GPX file along with the geocache ID code. If they can repeat it they will fix it. And it doesn't matter how many times an error gets reported. The more times it's reported the more they'll focus on that particular issue. Sent with example gpx files. Btw: This problem concernes not only the Montana... 62st and Oregon devices have the same problem. TC, morph
  4. lil question... has anyone of you found some GC where the the description won't be displayed at all? First i thought it was a GSAK issue but it is simply the bad html rendering of the Garmin Devices. For example send GC26QM6 to the Montana as gpx file and it will only show empty space instead of the description. Is that an old issue? Does it make any sense to report it to Garmin? TC, morph
  5. That's the way it is suppose to work - use the compass page when navigating to a waypoint. Oh, OK thx. I'm using the "small datafields" now as you can setup a pointer in one of the fields. TC, morph
  6. Was taking out the montana for some GCs today. Anyone using the geocaching dashboard on the Map? ...navigating to a GC works for me without a problem but when i want to navigate to a waypoint instead (blue flag) it draws the pink line to this waypoint but the dashoard shows the distance to the next nearest Geocache of my position instead. My settings: On the Map select "Setup Map" -> "Dashboard" -> "Custom" -> "when Navigating" = Geocache and "when not Navigating" = NONE can any of the other "Beta-testers " confirm this? TC, morph
  7. Well i got my Montana 650 today... Here my Pics taken mit both modes. I got bad light here but if it would be a common Problem you would see it on these pics too. TC, morph
  8. Thanks for the info. I haven't used my Montana in a motor vehicle yet. I am embarrassed to say that I am not sure to what you are referring. Is the Montana suppose to be able to show posted speed limits and lane assist? If so, are those abilities built into the latest version of City Navigator? I use CN NA that is about 3 years old. RE: battery life. I haven't yet checked the life expectancy of either the Li-ion battery or a set of 3 Sanyo eneloop AA batteries. However, I find myself setting the backlight to 0% a great deal of time. The readability of the screen when the device is hand held in a daylight situation is quite acceptable... and much easier on battery consumption. RE: ease of use. It took me a few days to configure the Main Menu to my liking. Now I can quickly and easily access the information I want. The device is much faster than any GPS I have used previously; the 650 has proven to be rock solid so far. Hi! While geocaching how was your experiance with the Montana in woods? Is the problem that your location seems not to be refreshed when moving around still there? That somtimes happend on the 62st when the reception gets only a little worse.(but still far from complete reception loss) ...like today i had to look for a place with no trees to get my 62st refreshing again. cant wait to see the Montana show up in europe.
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