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  1. YES! Did receive a response this morning in my messages. That's exactly what it is! Looked at the event details and the event has grown in the last 5 years! Sounds like a great place to be this weekend. Thanks!
  2. Plan to get out tomorrow for some nearby caches. Had fun with the multi today. Exchanged swag. Built a bit of confidence that I (might) know something. Gadget got me off on the right foot and pointed to a couple on the map she's never found. And the GPS should arrive Wednesday. Its going to be a good time to be a geo-newbie(?)
  3. LOL....too funny Kunarion. Thanks! I would love to attend this event and learn more. Less than 3 hours from home. Alas, I'm a dialysis patient. Short notice travel and get up and go plans are no longer viable. I have not so much as made the trip back to the Dallas area since 2012.
  4. Found today. Is it a trackable? How do you log it? Thanks! G
  5. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Worked like magic!
  6. That one is 2 3/4 long X 1 3/4 deep by 2 1/4 high. No problem to change in Inkscape. The trouble with it would be the glue in the Texas heat. Picking up some acrylic/ plexiglass to see how that looks.
  7. I'd certainly like a free trial as well, please?
  8. niraD, you calmed my fears about the Garmin. I have a smartphone (LG made Alcatel powered by Android)), but I am deaf without hearing aids so I am not a phone person. That's why I chose to go the Garmin route. I've looked at the map of my small town and already know the area where they are located. I've been there many times (surprise) and never seen anything out of the ordinary, of course I didn't realize there was anything there to find. So this should be fun. One is basically in the center of town no less. Shocked me to learn that. So yes! I appreciate all the advice you posted. Touchstone, I'm meeting with a local geocacher tomorrow at the public library. So that's good advice as well. I sort of backed into this, it wasn't my plan at all. I do woodwork and made these little boxes that I felt would be good treasure hunt treasures for kids. I posted on Facebook and was contacted about geocaching. That's where we are at now.
  9. Spent the day reading and exploring geocaching. Not sure what to think of it at this point. I purchased a Garmin Etrex 10 to give it a try. Any words of wisdom?
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