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  1. There are less than 15 premium caches within 60 miles here which seems a shame. And looking at logs it does appear more people passing through are looking for the caches than are the locals.
  2. Well, Doc, you do have Eureka in your profile.... (I do see I haven't made the dissuading factors as clear as necessary.)
  3. You seem hot under the collar. First, its not like people haven't complained about finding off color, or even pornographic materials left in caches before. Secondly, I'm offended that you bring it into the conversation with such an accusatory tone as if that's my intent. I outlined my thoughts along legal issues, not based on content. If you choose to misunderstand that, I can't help you. If Budweiser wanted to advertise during the Super Bowl, Budweiser would pay radio or television. Radio and television stations do not pay Budweiser to advertise. Yes, there may be some mutual agreement between two parties if they both see benefit. But there is no mutual benefit in making a design, paying for the production of the design and placing someone else's name and trademark on it (without them paying for it). That's just good business sense. From the opposite side a person could be sued for using the company logo without approval. And that is good business sense too since you want to know how it used and if the use is in line with company profile. As far as your sweatshirt, underwear, and T-shirt, and whatever else you wear that's a bucket without a bottom. You have the choice to not purchase and not wear. If you want a T-shirt, you don't have to settle for Hanes. And nobody requires anyone to wear those labels. You could rip them off if it bothers you. (Lest we forget the shirt company got paid to put "Hanes" on that T-shirt. And somebody got paid to make those labels.) So...... My choices are to agree to their terms or to not agree to their terms. I don't agree. And I don't have a problem with it.
  4. Agreed, the travel bug/dog tags route is easier for putting out a couple of items, but expensive in bulk numbers. In this case we're talking 20 to 25 items, immediately getting tagged and leaving the hand (say starting March 19 when the Planetary game starts...lol). That means the personal serials would be more possible without the expense. Putting out a bulk and seeing where they go and how fast they get there would be fun but tracking is not essential. Looking through the list of 500 in the Garmin, I question how many would be picked up immediately. Many caches in this area sit for months without a visit while the ones close to the interstate and around the loops receive multiple visits per week or month. The bed and breakfasts caches are the hot spots. And always seem to have trackables. As it is the items I put out are going to be put out either way, with or without a tracking number. They'll be placed in caches or in parks or some stop along the way from here to there to anywhere (and to nowhere). And I've already decided on two good places for my own caches, not so out of the way they get no visitors and not so busy people will trip over them. Once I'm more experienced and better acclimated to understand the process, I can always change my mind.....
  5. The more I read, the more I'm getting turned off at the idea of tracking. Its not the expense. The two things I don't agree with is: 1. The requirement of approving the design. A. In my case the design might be different, or might be a different item from time to time. 2. The requirement of adding the registered trademark. A. That indicates the item is their property and their design. 3. You are paying them to advertise for them. In the real world that's not the way design or advertising works. No architectural firm is going to pay you to allow them to design your home and no newspaper, radio or TV station is going to pay you to mention your business. While I understand they are selling unique tracking numbers, (that can only be tracked through the site), its a bit absurd to give control of the design and pay them to advertise the site. People who use the site for geocaching (and who doesn't) would not need to be told what to do with the trackable. The bottom line comes to: If you're buying something, it belongs to you and what you do with it is no ones business. (That's what buying entitles.) Producing your own items doesn't cost the seller any time or money in design or production fees. And the tracking doesn't work without the "players" input, so there is no administration fees, upkeep fees, replacement fees, and no guarantee the numbers will ever be seen once they leave your possession. That sort of puts me on the same team with the guy complaining about premium caches not showing up for basic members.....
  6. Thank you! Not trying to make excuses for my ignorance but there are so many categories of everything, its hard to get a solid understanding of what what is and what what is not. The more info I get here, the more I read, the more some things make sense and less sense for others. I'm not sure what the decline of other sites means. Then there is the site offering free tracking labels but the tracking can only be done on that site, and the guy who claims if tracking were in the hands of open source anything could be tracked, and the threads here asking why can't tracking be the same as the whereisgeorge site. Not matter how its done, it depend on the participation of the "players." Last cache I found, supposedly had a trackable. It was not there. It still shows as being there. So either someone doesn't know they have a trackable, or they don't understand how and what to do with it. Without their input even the trackable can't be tracked. Seems there are three sides in this endeavor. Those making money, those out just to have fun, and those competing to rack up numbers.
  7. The bulk rate is 50 at $1.50 each. My head-calculator didn't register that dot between the 1 and 5. That would be $75 for 50. My bad. NiraD an ID number sounds great. Are they the same as pathtags? "Pathtags Definition: A pathtag is a small (1″ diameter) coin that is left as signature items by some geocachers. The design on the face of the coin is customized, while the other side holds a generic design and a serial number. They’re often mistaken for geocoins, but there are three main differences between geocoins and pathtags. The most important difference is that pathtags have nothing to do with Groundspeak and are not trackable at geocaching.com. Another difference is that the tags are not individually trackable – all tags of the same design have the same serial number. While it is possible to track where the tags were logged, it is not possible to track the path of an individual tag. Finally, tags are usually meant to be kept by the finder, instead of being moved like activated geocoins." First I have seen that definition. Found it searching for info on trackables. I suppose it wouldn't have to be a coin.
  8. I like the idea of the trackable. Yes, I love to hear when someone has found one of my treasure chests. It makes it the work part worth it. Looking at the order page 50 tracking codes with travel bug for $150 seems about the same as I spend to make 100 boxes with necklace, bracelet, anklet and/or a token engraved with the city, county and state. Its a good thought. I'd much rather, as you say, engrave the code on the box and make it the trackable. Events would be my second choice. But when I tried to go back to work, three stressful weeks proved that no longer possible. I like the trackable idea very much. I need to think about this.
  9. I might be tripping now. Looked up a list of events in Texas for that week......
  10. Thank you. He hasn't tried to talk me out of much, but if he had I'd listen. Some days are good; some days you come out of treatment and sleep 10-12 hours to recuperate.
  11. Dialysis patient here. When I told my doctor I planned on doing this he said, "Well, have fun."
  12. Completely understand . And I understand the premium part of the game. For example I buy heart shape artificial stones and crystal pointers to put in a cache or drop off.....$70 I buy chain and/or leather strap to make the stones wearable....$45 I place the swag in a ziplock.....$3 Maybe I laser a little treasure chest to house the piece. Take 8 inches of wood (25 to 50 cents) The time spent gathering, assembling, and putting these out is worth more than the $1.20 to $1.70 you have invested in each one. Reading different threads has caused me to question how many, and if, I should put these in a cache. They were out for people to take, but it would disheartening to go back, find a couple scribbles in the log and everything gone, and/or the cache trashed or missing.
  13. In this part of East Texas, there is one earth cache, 4 mystery caches and 6 multi caches within 30 miles. Those eleven total 165 points. Then I'm left with 495 traditionals to pick from. Easiest route is to find the ones that have more than 10 favorites which count as 15 each. If such an animal exists in these parts. The only one I know is the Bed and Breakfast with 54.
  14. Makes me wonder if I'm not getting into geocaching for the wrong reason. I can see both sides. Basically the whole point of hiding a cache is to challenge people to find it. On the other hand stealing it, destroying it, or trashing it is not part of the game.
  15. Easiest way I have found. Geocaching.com will send an email with the zip file. Download the zip from the email. Click on it. You'll get the screen below. Click EXTRACT. Then click EXTRACT ALL. Select the folder to extract. (Make sure your Garmin shows up as a mass storage device) On the computer, open folder where you extracted the files. Copy the files. Open the GPS, the Garmin folder, then the GPX folder and paste. (I'm using Base Camp, can't help with Easy GPS)
  16. Good question! My first question would be why would need to connect the Garmin to an IPad or phone if it had wireless connectivity? Why not just drop in at a hotspot (or use a home wifi) and download directly to the GPS? With that in mind, I searched for a GPS with WIFI capability. Garmin has/had the Nuvi 295W. Not so good. Reviews say the browser is sloooooowwwwww, and battery life is about 4 hours. (and it's not really a walkaround in the woods unit). Cerberus response answers my question. Garmin says, "all of the new Oregon handhelds will have wireless integration with Geocaching.com for Geocaching Live. Users will be able to wirelessly download cache descriptions, logs and hints, even if they’re out in the field. Once a geocache is logged as found, it will be automatically uploaded to the user’s Geocaching.com profile. Premium Geocaching.com members will also be able to sync their geocaching lists directly to their device. Users can even use the LiveTrack feature to broadcast their location to family and friends and let them know they’ll be the first to find a new geocache." Good stuff!
  17. You're completely on track cerberus1. I pay attention to the GPS to see which direction and how far away. It won't locate the object but (hope) it gets me close. This was a busy street corner. Traffic in front and on the left and a train track say 50 feet away (with a moving train at the latter part of the search). It's a street corner. There is a monument. GPS said is was the monument. Nothing. Starting at the curb to 6 feet past the monument in both directions, I found 11 cents but no cache. On average, I expect GPS to get me withing 12 - 20 feet. (Accuracy said within 3 feet). It was a totally different environment than the one in the rural area. Within 92 feet, I started watching the compass, moving NW. Feet continued to drop. At a grove of trees GPS said within 6 feet. Put the GPS away and began looking around. It jumped out I'm new at everything involved, especially GPS. So I fumble around between maps, compass, descriptions, etc. Then I noticed the route tracker. Duh! Need to learn how that works so I'm not searching on the map for the next cache. If set up properly seems it would take you from cache to cache. Overall, I didn't have a good master plan. I knew leaving home the first stop. Never expected to end up near the monument. So didn't find a lot, but I learned a bit about caches and GPS. And I enjoyed the beautiful weather! (Really off topic, biggest smile came when I got Facebook message that a young fella had located one of my treasure boxes and wanted to keep it. With my blessing, keep it. I love getting those messages letting me know they have it and like it enough to keep!)
  18. Thanks Max. Got out this morning. Found one, left swag. DNF 3 nanos or micros. Was within 2 GPS feet but.....alas!
  19. With the weekend coming up (being out and about) I put together some swag to leave. Since I put little boxes out with a necklace inside from time to time anyway, I figured I'd just personalize a few for caching.
  20. kunarion, going to play with it some more this afternoon. Have no idea what I did to get the zip file. I was using the Garmin help and the Help center and then read NiraD's post, went back, hit something, did something and it worked. So far I haven't been able to duplicate it. I did start creating a list as per the link you posted, but adding caches one by one is confusing when you have two or three close to each other. (And time consuming.) The .ZIP files are so much easier and have so much more info. This morning I learned by pushing the menu button while on the map screen I can get a description of the cache and the hint, if it has one. Maybe I need to delete the files from the Garmin before adding more? Maybe I need to connect Garmin before I log in? Maybe I need to start Express before I make the list? Maybe I need to forget everything I think I know and start with a blank page? Its a lot to take it at once, like playing Monopoly for the first time. Once the laser is setup and running I'll walk through everything again this afternoon.
  21. icezebra11, I'll have to do this several times to get the hang of it. I tried doing what I did this afternoon and got the message I haven't made any lists. I should probably connect the Garmin and try again. On the other hand I did get out and play with the GPS. The coordinates loaded. The descriptions loaded. So off I went to GPS locate a cache. I got within 5 feet. Couldn't find it. Turns out it was a micro (pill bottle). I'll try again tomorrow. The more I use this stuff the easier it will be. And the sooner the better. I'll get to see what's being hidden in the area and try to add something different.
  22. Done icezebra11! Haven't half a clue what about using this GPS. And still learning to use this site. Apologies if I offend anyone.
  23. Oh, I downloaded Garmin Express and the plugin too. Read the Garmin stuff, been through the help page, and maybe I'm missing something but there doesn't seem to be a straightforward step by step process.
  24. Right! Followed you and downloaded a file 20613551.zip. Unzipped it shows 20613551.gpx and 20613551-wpts.gpx Those are in my download folder. Now what please niraD? Should I just move the .gpx file to the GPX folder in the Garmin? (That's what I think I'm supposed to do, but thinking gets me in trouble.) (The .loc file will open with notepad, giving the name of the cache and the coordinates and a reference back the page where its found.) You are batting 1000!
  25. I made a pocket query.... I downloaded the pocket query... The file is geocache.loc.... It was downloaded to my Downloads folder in the computer..... How do I get it to the Gamin in GPX form? Where do I put it?
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