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  1. I agree with cerebus1. Unless you just have an excess of ammo cans, get some lock and lock containers (and camo tape). Those hold up well here (in Texas). Took the liberty of looking at the name brand on one today. The pictures show the same container since 2015 although the tape is a bit faded. It was a Snapware container. You can get a set of 12 w/lids in different sizes for about $20. No reason to change what's working. Although I like the Etrex 10, if I had to do it over, I'd go all in on one with maps. The reason is when driving an area you're not familiar with, you come .2mi to the cache, and the next corner you see "dead end." Not fun. Get a map from the Visitors Center and Google the coordinates. Put a mark on the map. You always have backup if you get lost. If all the posts about trackables are any indication, people don't pay attention to the goals. If I were going to place a trackable, I'd look for a bed&breakfast/bug hotel....a cache with the specific goal of seeing the trackable along its way. Find a cache like that along an interstate (Pennsylvania Turnpike) and the odds increase it will be on its way in no time. From looking at the history of some trackables here, I've noticed they go missing or stall out when placed in caches off main roads. So avoid placing trackables in areas where people travelling through will rarely go.
  2. You're a better man than me Joe! If I tried that I'd have to take my ex. I can see how that would go.... She teaches higher math. There is a story she once had a class who was having problems understand plotting functions along X and Y coordinates. She took them to the gym, put masking tape on the floor, and they marched along the axis as she called out coordinates. (I think they gave her teacher of the year for that idea alone, but she is brilliant with math).
  3. I laser quite a few for different purposes. Anytime a cache is big enough for swag I put in at least one with my handle, city, county, and state. Church cache I'll put a cross on one side. Just for fun I make some that say "FREE" on one side and "Get out of jail" on the other. Or "Heads - I win" with "Tails - you lose." When in doubt I'll take a few and pass them out and get some reactions same as I do with everything else. Cashiers love to see them. Wooden nickels are an oddball but nice little novelty item. (Tried to upload picture but it says there is a problem.)
  4. Yes, barefootjeff pointed me to the toolbox last night which confirmed my undoing. LOL I will get back out and find it. Was hoping to work my way back to get the virtual cache and the mystery cache but it began sprinkling while I signed the second log of the day.
  5. Insane! I've never seen that menu! Looks like that is what I need. Being off was a big concern. If I understand what you are saying a 5 degree swing would be about 150 meters over a distance of 1600? I guesstimated about 60 meters over 200 feet. Still its best to know these things before you go trekking out in a bunch of fallen trees with leaves strewn over the ground. Nothing like waking up a rattlesnake or a copperhead when they want to be left alone. To that end a nice walking stick is a must. Thanks!
  6. Thank you! Sadly, the Etrex 10 is not capable of projecting waypoints. Such is life! Another thing I learned today.....
  7. I can live with that. I was projecting 182.5 to be the heavy side of 6.....learned something new. Thanks!
  8. What is the waypoint projection feature in the GPSr? Where is it? Please.....
  9. How would one project a waypoint at a distance of .4 mile at a bearing of 182.5?
  10. Surprised to learn cemeteries are hiding spots. But once you think about it, they don't have that many people poking around, so it makes sense. There are quite a number of caches in cemeteries in this area. And they all seem to be in good to excellent shape.
  11. Haven't tried phone caching. Certain areas out here where signal is spotty at best. There are days when I can look out a window and tell which neighbors are on the phone because they are standing out in the open away from any tall trees and buildings. Strangely enough the towers are only about a mile south.
  12. Same here. I've tried messaging cache owners with little response. I've asked the few that are involved and they have the same questions. How many people in this county are involved in geocaching? How many cache owners are there? So last night I made a Facebook page "Geocaching in Anderson County, Texas." It ain't much right now. Still needs a header, picture and content. But its a start at finding out answers. I hope to complete an inventory of how many caches are in the county, how many are missing, how many are in disrepair. Who the cache owners are (hopefully they will join the group)? Who is searching for caches? Once we know the problems, then we work on a solution. These are the things I call local support. These are things that the owners who have abandoned caches lacked. Geocaching.com will get a dozen mentions a day if it draws interest I would like. The thing is Geocaching.com strength is managing a worldwide data base which makes it impossible for it to pinpoint the problems of each and every burg, city, and town where caches are placed.
  13. I wouldn't trust a self driving car in rural areas. Too many things can happen in a split second when it comes to critters and cars. Two years ago traveling a state road at 5AM a buck appeared right in the middle of the road. Can't go right. Can't go left. The only thing you can do is slam on the brakes and pray. And so I did. And just at the point where you feel disaster has been avert, the buck lowers his shoulder, charges, taking out the headlight, rolls up denting the hood, falls off the quarterpanel fighting, and disappears before you can unbuckle your seatbelt. Don't know what the total number of animal-car collisions are per year but a I'd bet a good number involve deer. It happens on interstates and intrastates as well. . Then there are weather related accidents such as sliding on a slick spot in snow, doing three 360s and coming to rest against the guardrail. They might be nice for puttering around town though. Of course that puts an added burden on everyone around it to make sure the car can "see" them and the obstacles, and be able to process the information fast enough to react.
  14. Y'all made me think again.....so I had to go out and try it. Works either way. The only drawback of adding it as a waypoint is the GPSr doesn't recognize it as a geocache and will not give the option to view it or log it found. The workaround is after you have located the cache, go back to the original listing and hit GO as you normally would. Then you have options as you normally would. (Hope that makes sense) At any rate, I logged a mystery, still last in the friends league, and five points away from Jupiter with the weekend coming up.
  15. Very nice! Just click the pencil beside the coordinates and you can enter the new, or updated! Planned to stop in and check the waypoint coordinates coming in, but by the time I saw the cutoff I was past it.
  16. Thanks to both of you! I added a waypoint. Simplest way I think. The listed coordinates point to a location where you get the necessary data to find the corrected coordinates. It could be done there, but my brain was not working properly....I wandered around a good bit watching the GSPr while running into downed trees. Figured at that point it was time to regroup.
  17. Mystery cache has a riddle to solve to update coordinates for the final location. Solved it. How do I enter the new coordinates in the Garmin Etrex 10?
  18. Since you mentioned it, I noticed a found cache after I searched (twice) with no luck, Then I noticed the person had logged a second cache with almost copy and paste description of his actions which made me curious. Figured I'd look them up. Well, they aren't local. The flew in from another state, logged 305 caches in four days criscrossing East Texas. Google maps say by direct route, paying tolls, traveling point to point they traveled 760 odd miles, an average of 1 cache every 2.5 miles. Looking at the route, with the back tracking, turnarounds, crossovers and cutoffs, it appears closer to 1000 miles. Checking random logs along the way each one starts, "Found while"...on my way to city. Each one says..."Parked in a convenient spot nearby and made the short walk over." Each one says, "Found it easily after a short search." Then there is this entry. Two weeks after the owner has declared the cache missing, the tree trimmed and unsuitable, and has archived the location. But that's not my monkey;not my circus......
  19. I really like Basecamp due to the mapping feature. Easy GPS doesn't show the roads and stuff. Or I don't know how to add that. I haven't tried either to load PQs to the Garmin yet. Still getting acquainted with it. And I notice that the site now offers the option of loading the PQs directly to the Garmin using Garmin Express. Still have a lot to learn.
  20. Thank you. I suspect little wooden boxes and wooden whatnots will be my signature. There is always going to be so it works out beautifully.
  21. LOL...I promise not to piddle around caches. If only we could get the same assurance from the little critters slink, creep, crawl and hop through the area!
  22. My thinking as well. Being the new kid on the block I don't want to come off as one of those troublemaker types......LOL
  23. Well, too late. By you having access to the log, I feel better about what I posted. I just got a message from the owner who checked the cache as well, I asked if he has anything new on it.
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