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  1. I agree. I am completely nonplussed every time I see a set of micros with the description like "Cuddles #77 - This is the 77th micro of my favorite pet names series." Makes no sense. Like why (other than numbers) should anyone care about your favorite pet names, much less you have 77 FAVORITE PET NAMES? (Can't you be normal and narrow it down to 10 or so?) And what do all these pet names have to do with this trail/path/highway? (Now I'm just using that type series as an example. You can plug in anything to want like "Famous people who don't know this place exists," or "Great Inventors who never visited this spot," and the always popular........"Here's tree cache #48 of 2981.")
  2. This thread seems to offer some decent solutions.....
  3. I'd say the problem is you can't mount the Monterra as a removable drive. Read the workaround here....... https://thomfre.net/teknisk/monterra/wifi-file-transfer/
  4. I hear that. Whatever works. First thing I put in my bag was an assortment of pens, pencils and sharpies. I've seen some labels and a couple of stamps as well. I even thought about doing a stamp for Letterboxing.......
  5. Thanks K13! So far I've spent $47 for tacos and haven't got a single phone number! That one is not working for me..... Its a credit to the player that they do follow the sign log as best they can. Saw one today where someone didn't have anything to write with so they took a stick and impress/indented their signature in the paper. If you shaded over it would see their signature. I was impressed with that idea!
  6. How would anybody know who the unnamed party was if you hadn't told us? Isn't that like self harassing/self stalking/paranoia/flagellation?
  7. That wooden car is going to last a lot longer than paper. I'd much prefer that. With everyone carrying a cell it makes little sense to require paper logs when its easy enough to snap a picture of the cache for upload. As long as they fit, I'll keep putting wooden tokens in them....
  8. I was thinking any response was better than no response, but you proved that theory wrong. I've logged several after heavy rain that were in excellent condition. Even with rain on Friday and rain/sprinkling and mist most of yesterday, I logged two this morning that were flawless.
  9. Judging from this angle, the building to the left looks about 100 feet tall. Given the distance the monument would be closer to 200 feet I suspect.
  10. You got me there...was busy sending a message...........(shakes head).
  11. I'm beginning to feel you get the impression I don't know my area and don't know how to read logs or descriptions. That will get on my bad side right quick. I may be new, but I'm not stupid. I've logged several cemeteries. Perhaps you aren't looking at the right one. But to question it simply because you can't find it is to say, "I don't believe you." And if you don't believe me, that's fine. I'm not in need of wanting people to believe me. But I'll go out and get pictures of the container and find the listings if you feel its necessary. I'm not going to call out people by name since some very negative connotations have been brought up, which wasn't my intent, or my doing. Name calling is completely unnecessary. I will say for the record when an owner is asked for a hint, and asked to check the cache, and a year later has not not responded......that is irresponsible. (Or the owner is not in the game any longer). You'll notice I didn't post all top ten longest not found caches. That's the reason you don't know which cache the 2015/2016 is. It would be far easier if you make your reply in accordance with whatever point you don't understand than to have three or four point to address. I think that's where the confusion sets in and it becomes a matter of going from fire to fire without putting out any.
  12. I see the fact it cost you money as an incentive. It doesn't detract from the example. You are responsible both the water hose and the cache. It's about being responsible for both. But have it as you like.
  13. I don't take anything as snarky. Being new is a fact. Doing numbers and looking at logs for a month isn't the same as practical experience, granted. The log I just quoted is over a year of nothing being done. No one (to my knowledge) has even looked for that cache in over a year. Not a week, not a month, not six months. One Whole Year with not a peep from the owner. If that's not being absent, then I don't know what to call it. Arguments don't bring solutions. They bring more arguments. The cemetery owner knew they were leaving the area. They knew they wouldn't be able to perform maintenance and yet did nothing to disable/archive this cache. Although they did offer some (not that one) for adoption. But if they knew they couldn't do maintenance on the others, how did they expect to maintain this one? That's poor decision making on the owners part. Irresponsible actions. Your choice. I make no excuses for being new. But being new doesn't change the logs that show the owners aren't doing what they agreed to do. Being new doesn't make me oblivious to the need for people to be responsible for their caches. And new doesn't mean I can't look at a log and see it was missing in 2015, logged as a DNF in 2016, and (it appears) no one has looked for it since. These are things I use to determine if I want to make a 30/50 mile drive to see if it is still there/if it is in good shape. Fresh eyes sometimes see things in a new way. And that can't be all bad. But logs tell a story about a cache. When you see three DNFs, one Found, and three more DNFs, you know there is something not right.
  14. You're making excuses for absentee owners which doesn't solve the problem. And pointing the fingers at the people who most often are going to let you know something is amiss. If you feel someone is going to break it, just don't put any out. If people keep breaking it, disable it or archive it. At the same time, don't expect others to do the job you agreed to do when you placed the cache. Its like that water hose, it doesn't matter how it got turned on, you are going to turn it off because it is your responsibility (since you pay the bill). Whatever the cause of the disrepair, you, the owner have an agreement which makes, you, the owner is ultimately responsible.
  15. Again, you're talking specific situations which do not apply in this case. This particular cache is 5 foot off the ground, nestled between branches, well protected from rain and sunlight. None of the caches I've seen had holes in the cap. Even the one quite literally stuffed into a branch was easily removed with a twist. So again you're pointing to a specific case. One that doesn't appear to be the norm. Naturally we have to go back to the your word bad/my choice absentee CO since it is by agreement the job of the CO to maintain the cache. But then, maybe what you are referring too is the norm. How many owners put out caches expecting others to replace the logs, clean the mold/mildew, replace the canister when necessary, and perform all the tasks the owner otherwise agrees to do? If that is the norm then many of these caches are going to rot into the ground before they get repaired. Too, if the owner doesn't care to maintain it, then why not disable it? Why not archive it and give up that spot? Why rely on others to fulfill your obligation? Nope, seekers are the least responsible. They are generally the persons who point out the need of maintenance and the missing contents and/or even the missing cache. If an owner were responsible there would not be a year of DNF, Missing and NM logs. Think about it: How hard is it when your neighbor calls and says, "I noticed your water hose was on" to go out and make sure you turned it off. And you would without hesitation go out and check, I'm sure. I have found a total of one cache with no top/no lid. How does a cache lose a lid? In that case I would agree. Somebody didn't pay attention to what they were doing. Or the cache never had a lid (It was in a secure high and dry location that may not have closed if it had one).
  16. Ahhh...you're speaking to a specific situation. The cache in the original post is a plastic pickle jar. Those don't have a proper airtight seal so condensation develops inside causing the damage, mold/mildew build up. Form-a-Gasket or making a gasket from cork material might work, but I would replace the whole thing. The site has so much history. One of the oldest cemeteries in Texas, site of one of the oldest churches, soldiers from the Texas Army and confederates interred there. Great place for a cache. And here's the BUT...... The owner has left the area, hasn't responded to messages......AND may well hand the adoption over to someone else at any given time. To be clear no matter what a seeker did, the cache would come to disrepair without constant maintenance.
  17. I agree with justintim1999. I gave it serious thought. There may be a few exceptions but for the most part, it is better to remove these abandoned/ill cared for caches. Its geo-garbage or whatever euphemism you prefer. I disagree that the players are responsible. If you agree to place and maintain a cache, you (the owner) is responsible. You can't place blame on the players for not performing proper owner maintenance. Looking at the top ten caches with the most days out, five belong to one owner, two belong to another owner. The other three are by three others. If you read the logs for these caches, there is some commonality. For example, one log shows.... 3/18/2017 looked all over. GPS was jumping around like crazy. Maybe we will revisit another day. 3/20/2017 (same person) Looked twice, for more than an hour. the only idea is a hole in a tree trunk full of water.....we'd like a hint..... 3/24/2017 (different person) Went out on two separate occasion.....weren't able to find it. Was wondering if the owner would go out an check on it? How do you blame the cache seekers? They looked, didn't find. Made polite logs, asking the owner to do his part. Over a year ago. Nothing from the owner.
  18. Good to know K13. Wasn't aware they could do that. I probably need to take a step back for a bit and reconsider. I am learning that messaging doesn't work to get their attention. Since we were rained out, got four Sterlite boxes and a roll of camo duct tape thinking to replace some of the missing caches. Then saw the word "throwdown." And read the word "enabler." Second thoughts set in. Perhaps these owners are relying on the community to replace and maintain that cache while reserving that spot for them in case they ever choose to make use of it again. It would be quite a letdown to place a cache and maintain it to suddenly find it missing with one from the neglectful owner who suddenly decided they wanted to use that spot again. And from the overall perspective it would be a bit childish for me to harbor ill feeling toward someone who reserved a spot years ago whether they use it or not. I suspect the same is true of my expectation that they would drop a message back, or pay attention to a log entry. I can accept a person gets attached to a spot they planted a cache being reluctant to give it up. And its their choice whether they read a log or respond to a message. What's left then is to find new spots, place and maintain caches in those, ignoring the ones in disrepair and missing. Don't know how many times I have to read it until it sinks in, but some leave the area and some leave the game.
  19. As a person just barely a month in, I'm still trying decide what I think. About/At least 77 of the 122 in this county are micros (63%). Many are placed along a route from point A to point B. Many have no other reason to be than, "I frequently travel this route" with little to nothing about the area, no reason for the cache, and may or may not include "you are looking for a camoed film canister/pill bottle/whatever." These are things I've come to realize through researching the area caches trying to discover the more interesting ones. Was thinking last night it would be a good idea to know what areas (and what type caches) receive the most visits, i.e., is there a certain type cache, or certain area people go out of the way to see? I've already realized that travelers passing through are more likely to stick the main roads which means a trail of micros along a major highway will have more visits then some of the nicer caches well off the highway. From that respect, the cache owner is giving the travelers/stats padders/whatever you call them, exactly what want. But is a good micro better than an average/or below, regular with some nice swag? I don't know. At least two major variables seem to be the deciding factors. 1. The cachers interests. 2. How much interest you can generate in your cache (without regard for type). For now, I reserve hate for broccoli, but even then, if its on my plate, I eat a good portion of it.
  20. Very interesting indeed.......I believe this is the old tree.... Reporting from Middlegate, Nev. — Fredda Stevenson sized up the despondent young man who'd slunk into her remote watering hole on U.S. Highway 50. He was thirsting for beer and, as Stevenson learned, advice. His new bride, he grumbled, had blown all their cash on slot machines in Reno. Then they'd sped east through 100 miles of sagebrush and hills as dark and lumpy as mud pies. They camped down the road from Stevenson's bar, near a large cottonwood tree that had inexplicably thrived in Nevada's badlands. The couple started quarreling. She threatened to walk home. He snatched her shoes, hurled them into the cottonwood's branches and said: Go ahead. Try. He stormed off with the car and ended up two miles away, at Old Middlegate Station. He polished off two beers before listening to Stevenson's sage counsel: "You want to be married for the rest of your life? You better learn to say 'I'm sorry' now." As Stevenson told it, the groom shuffled back and apologized. Then, at his bride's insistence, he hurled his own shoes into the tree. http://articles.latimes.com/2011/feb/16/nation/la-na-shoe-tree-20110217
  21. Okay......didn't check on caches. Looked for shoe trees in Churchill County, Nevada.
  22. Use your idea on the Loneliest Highway Shoe Tree on HWY 50. It's in Churchill County Nevada.
  23. arisoft, that is a good idea. Making an effort to let them know what was removed will make me feel better too. cerberus1, wrote a note that the log was replaced. I'll do the picture, edit the log and write a note on the coin page. I tried to contact this owner a couple of weeks ago to adopt a cache since they are no longer in the area. They haven't logged in since June, 2015. No response. Thanks!
  24. Had a cache bugging me. The first time I found it, the log was soaked. There was other waterlogged paper that was nothing but pulp in the bottom. Being new I just signed a piece of paper, left some swag. Then two things happened. It was suppose to contain a Suncatcher Geocoin which I didn't see. And we had a couple of days bad thunderstorms. Went to check it today. Yes, took a roll of toilet tissue and a box of ziplocks. Removed everything. Separated the rusty metal and paper balls from what was in good shape. Wiped it thoroughly and replaced the log with a pocket notebook in a ziplock. No coin. So what do you do with all the wet paper and rusty metal whatnot? (I put it in a second ziplock and brought it home, but not sure if that's the right thing to do.)
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