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  1. I hope you are going to place them so I don't have to get off the motorbike to get them. Oh and ensure that they can be opened and signed whilst wearing bike gloves.
  2. Stratford-on-Avon? I doubt the residents would agree with being classed as the South East. Also it's 2hr15min by the fastest train from London. Stratford in Greater London? Costs close to the Olympics, even if you could find a venue would be prohibitive.
  3. You know this because? It'll make a huge difference to the success of them. Ultimately, it's the organisers who are going to be out of pocket if they don't cover their costs. That is a bloody good reason why they need to be well spaced. And you know what? The one that need to have a serious rethink on date is the one that hasn't even got a sniff of an idea where it'll be held, not the one that has just to make a final choice between two venues. You know this because? ISTM, that it is one organiser, rather than some.
  4. No matter what your 'explanations' are, wishing to hold an event in the SE around the time of the Olympics, does not make a geocaching event anything whatsoever related to the Olympics. Aimed at piggy-backing off of the Olympics it may be but that is all. You can also add me to the list of the many who will be staying away from London and the SE for a month either side of and during the Olympics. Unless there are critical reasons I have to be there.
  5. Been there, done that, was reported for carrying a camera tripod... it was claimed to be a gun! Not an issue really, unless the geocachers are actually carrying firearms. An ARU is always an issue. And it does help not to pee the Old Bill off too much. Dave may have the evidence they were sent through the geocaching website, but does that show they actually left the server Earlier post from him says that their are Sever records of teh emails being sent. I know from my own servers that evidence of successful sending is not evidence that the email has been correctly received. All that can be said is that they were sent to the MX host for your email domain, what that then does with them is not Groundspeak's problem. If you aren't getting contact emails from Groundspeak, then there does become a maintenance issue, as you may well miss NM/SBA logs and reviewer emails. I've seen photographs of the hide, and never got round to a further attempt at finding it after my DNF back in August.
  6. Would you like to be going about your business and have an Armed Response Unit pointing guns at you? It seems very odd that you and only you failed to get the emails form the GMP about the requirement to relocate your cache as it fell in the exclusion zone. Dave says that he has evidence fro Groundspeak the the emails were sent, so either your ISP is dropping email silently, they went to an account you no longer check, they went in your spam box/were automatically deleted by the spam handling in your mail client, or you got them, ignored their import and are now claiming that they were never received. In all cases, it raises a maintenance issue against all your caches. Whatever the reason, the deed is done and the cache archived. Whining about it isn't going to change anything, just get real, get on with your life and go uplift the cache. You also say that that patch of wood is unique care to expand on that? I know the area as a friend lives nearby and have spent more than a few happy evenings in The Romper.
  7. They expect at least two to be muggled! Maybe someone should muggle the 10 main caches just leaving the 2 "contingency" ones?
  8. Ditto response. A fair number "forget" to make the drop. or the retrieval, either! I've accidentally dropped a coin off in one of my caches - I dropped two coins instead of one - and a week or two later almost took the house apart looking for it. So, yeah mistakes will happen. Personally though, It would be interesting to see at a glance who dropped what off and when. Essential? No not really.
  9. Yeah, vanilla beans. Don't you mean vanilla pods?
  10. One thing that has struck me is how in heck would you get the stonework of a bridge like that clean enough for "poster putty" to adhere to? This is a serious question by the way.
  11. I've watched this thread with some amusement. There's been a lot said, but what do we actually know? All we know is that a cache that has never been found (with 27 DNFs logged) has been archived. All else regarding the whys and wherefores is supposition. Does it exist? The CO claims so, yet has provided no concrete evidence that this is the case. A description of "What I did to hide it" is not evidence. Does it not exist? GS have not put their side of the story. Yes, I think that with the furore that this has created that a comment of some sort from TPTB would be very much in order. Until then all we know is something smells but not what.
  12. Um... Bolivia is not in Africa, and the cache would therefore remain on her list of "IMPOSSIBILITIES" until she decides to visit South America <ducks and runs>
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