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  1. FWIW, I've had good success with the following GSAK settings when doing the OV2 export for my TomTom 720: POI Description: %drop2 %con1 %dif %ter %last4 %name Max Characters: 100 When I run the HTML export (something mine does support) Indices to generate: I just check "Code" (that's for the GC code) Waypoint code: %drop2 The "%drop2" just gets rid of the unnecessary "GC" on the front of all of the waypoint codes - saves having to type those in every time a search is being done or an itinerary is being built, or navigating to a cache. Ok, the TomTom one can really just have the POI views as there are no other browser capabilities? Is there not any way a browser can be added to the TT? There is a text file on the TT, but there is no way to access the text files?
  2. Hi guys I am helping a friend setup her tomtom. I have managed to send the gpx file from GSAK with the export to TOMTOM. It shows all the waypoints fine. Everything works 100% My question is, she wants to use her TomTom for paperless caching. Is there any way that you can add the cache details on the TomTom one? Hope someone can help!!
  3. Just doing this coz it did my reply twice!!! Same as what happened to Drix the other night...
  4. Cool Bananas!! We'll be there from 27 Feb to 3 March...maybe we can hook up for a cache or two? Would have to be easy peasy ones, because we have the bambinos..we'll leave the adventurous ones for you guys ! We were also hoping to do the TWIN cache - you know the one of the Pienaars brothers. I'm going to post a note on the twin cache topic. We'll be meeting up with Ysbeer somwhere from the 1st March and the 5th of March. He is from Toti. Why not meet up at the same place.And then maybe do a couple of caches.
  5. Battery made for temperatures of 10 Celcius or higher
  6. Hallo Hunters. We live down in Toti, but I'm away (to gauteng) on training from 5 - 20 March. Give me a ring when you down here, then we can get together for a beer before I leave for the bad traffic province... Sounds good, we'll Pm our numbers to you.
  7. Thank you for the good wishes Besem and Bruce!! 500 down and 3363 caches in South Africa still to do
  8. When we started caching we did not know about Gsak or how to download the caches to our Gps devices. So we did our first 300 caches by manually entering the coords. sigh And then to get our public profile to work. Anyways it took me a week to master gsak and since then we have had no problems at all. But in that week i thought I was going to pull all my remaining hair out!! A techno get together would have been nice before I lost my hair!! This sounds like a good idea....make an Event of it! But just say it is a general get-together so that there is no "Agenda"...I've learnt that Events cannot have "Agendas". I'm interested in the GSAK stuff....Rolf hates it - he says it doesn't work for him. I don't understand why, as Rolf is the one with the brains in our team. He is also a whizz of a programmer, but yet cannot get GSAK to work. I've been wanting to get it to work, but have not been able to spend much time on it. Unfortunately, I'm the one lacking with the grey matter, so not sure if I will ever "get it". Let us know what you decide!
  9. Anyone need to send any trackables down to KZN (Durban/Winkel Spruit) area?? Let us know and we can take it along with us. We will be down there from 1 - 16 March 2010.
  10. Anything interesting happening in the Durban area between 1 - 16 March 2010?? We'll be down there to do some caching in and around Winkel Spruit. Any trackables that needs to go to the Gauteng region let us know and we can move them along.
  11. This log has to start with an enormous thank you to everyone who attended our event yesterday and helped to make it such a success. It was wonderful for us to finally meet many cachers whose names we've seen on logs but also to meet up with old friends. To GreenJaM, your donation of 10 lucky draw prizes came as a huge surprise and was completely unexpected, thanks for that!! To Fish Eagle, thank you for your donation of a trial premium membership to a cacher who has never enjoyed premium membership or a trial version thereof, JohanChristel were the happy winners of that lucky draw. It was also wonderful to welcome Boudewijn (our international visitor from the Netherlands) to our event and also to meet Carbon Hunter and to finally get answers to our question on earthcaches......"why". But all jokes aside, as much as we run out of things to say about yet another rock in a veld, your earthcaches have been very interesting CH and have taken us to places we would otherwise never have seen. It was super to finally meet you. To our co-host Bruce, planning this event with you was great fun. Thanks for all your help, the nametags were fantastic!! This was excellent teamwork. The accuracy test on a flat grassy area was extremely interesting especially as weather conditions changed while we were at the event going from overcast on arrival to sunshine later in the afternoon. Flags were made for each team to plant including Netherlands flags for Bouderwijn and some cachers planted extra flags specifically to see if their original placement changed as a result of the change in the weather, and yes, the 2nd placement was different to the first, sometimes a difference of 1m. The difference between the furthest flags was approximately 8m with the main cluster of flags being in a 2m circle. Some flags were a lot closer to the pub (at least those cachers could get back to the pub quickly and enjoy some liquid refreshment), others flags moved more north. All flags were generally close and luckily nobody was so far off that they had to venture into the dam to plant their flag. It was great to see such an interest in the accuracy test as cachers often wandered to the test site to see the difference in placements. To see all the SA flags and the 2 Netherlands flags planted made for a wonderful sight. A total of 48 flags were planted. It would be very interesting to do this test again in an area where there are rocks or trees as this venue didn't have that and to then see the difference in the results. We’ll soon be uploading all the photos of the event for everyone’s enjoyment so do log in again to check those out. Please remember to log your TBs and GCs out of the event. The CITO event that RedGlobe is hosting is on the 27 February and hope to see you all there. GC236B4 We hope to see everyone again soon, either on the road caching or at Drix’s event on 27 March.
  12. Wow!! Seems like we'll be having good attendance tomorrow! 30 teams and 71 people. If more people feel like attending the event, I have made arrangements for 90 people. So feel free to drop in and join the other cachers at the event.
  13. The last I heard WAAS was not supported in South Africa. My e-trex WAAS is not enabled, never had it on from the time i got it. So I dont even know if that would make any difference if it is enabled or not. But a good pointer for the test, will make sure we everyones setting are the same. I am just curious to see what the spread of all the flags would be like after everyones done!! We might be able to see what the average distance is from a placed cache. Dont really know what to expect to be honest. Just very interested in the result!! Anyone travel without their GPS? What if there's a cache around the next corner...? The 2 competitive events that I did as part of Team Da Garma had 32 teams (dunno how many people) at NOLY (The Neighbour of Leap Year's Day Bash) and 30 teams/95 people at KotC (Keepers of the Cache (2008 Geocaching Event)) BTW, has the argument on WAAS in SA been settled? On the Garmin site it simply says WAAS is only in North America. Then I have heard that if you turn it on in SA (assuming there is no WAAS) it actually worsens your result. AND then I heard that WAAS is being tested in SA, so you might get some WAAS assistance on your device, but I don't think there is an indicator to show it (on my Oregon anyway, not sure)? So maybe we should just all make sure it is turned off to ensure a standard? As you anyway don't know if it helps or not?
  14. Well Anton you are the master of stats?!? You let us know what the record is for the most people at a event? Another interesting bit of information....there is a whole series being published on Saturday....Some FtF up for grabs!! Drix ...everyones welcome..just remeber to bring the Gps devices with. Every team will get 2 flags with the coords printed on them.All you need to do is to put your name on the flag as well as your gps model. We would like everyone to plant their flags and during the afternoon check it about 3 times. Then we can look at the result after that has been done.
  15. Wow, seems like we're heading for a good turnout on Saturday. So far 30 teams (71 members in total)have confirmed their intent to be at the event. We're really looking forward to seeing everyone there!!
  16. Sounds like a heap of fun, we will never decline a option to find some caches and a braai. We also have a few containers available to place as permanent caches, and never short of swag either. The 27th sounds like a good date! We will be away trying to clean up some of the Durban caches from the 1st - 16 March. So count us in!! Ps. We also have some Gazebo's
  17. When I looked at Astrofix...was only a few minutes searching and taht was enough to make my eyes roll back into my head
  18. It is not the lack of any interest Dakardrix. Some people like us just seem to take a lot longer to work out some of these puzzles. Especially if you are not in the It field. So we've gone back to school for this Public key/Private key caches that you planted. So as soon as we figure that out we will do them. We normally take 3 nights aweek doing what we call 'homework " to figure some of these caches out.
  19. Here is our centroid Centroid@-26.074977271386,28.0147446327158 Some 20 odd km away from our home location.
  20. Am I correct in saying that this is the place http://www.rustyhook.co.za/contact_us_map.htm Yes that is the map for the venue. Here are the coords for the venue. S 26° 04.809 E 027° 54.300
  21. I can guess who had the slowest pull away though... I think it was more a "idle" Anton
  22. We would like everyone to bring their GPS device/s with to the event. In a recent discussion started by gerhardoosMPsa on the Groundspeak forum about the accuracy of the different makes and models of GPS device/s.We were contacted by Gerhard to see if we could do this test. We would like to see how these Gps models compare to each other by doing a practical test in the accuracy of different models. We think that would be a very interesting experiment.
  23. Thanks to all for the quick reply. I think the method used by Pooks is a good one and should be acceptable and I will remember his method. I save all my finds in GSAK in a separate database called “Caches found”. This database is maintained and is up to date. At regular intervals I do re-visit the logs and I do read all of them. Sometimes it does bring back good memories. During these reading sessions I noticed that some cachers are adding waypoints at certain caches and this is where the question originated from. But I received my answer. I would like to do a GZ test at the next event if all agrees. Each cacher must show GZ and we pin it, the deviation should be interesting. I just hope that I am not the single cacher standing in the car park across the street. Maybe this year I must replace the one that I have. Thanks. Gerhard Hi Gerhard. This sounds like a very good idea. I have always wondered how far a few Gps of different makes and models would deviate. I will make sure to bring my Gps with to the 2010 New Years Bash event and we can put it to the test. CJ
  24. Have to agree with Pooks on the following: GC1N9RV Green eggs and bacon GC1T4ZW Kings Block House Ditto the green eggs one - a bit worried about the puff-adder at King's Blockhouse, but that's probably me more worried about the puzzles - hear they are a bit tough! We have also been watching what some of the other cachers prefer for their Mystery caches. We have spent the last week working on the Pretoria caches and Stoddards demise is giving me grey hair. And then i am only on day 2!! One the we really enjoyed solving was GCVE5M Naval M4 by cache fan. Another one would be Little Italy and Bric-a-brack by GreenJam
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