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  1. Hmmm Got a DNF on one of our caches. And the best is the cacher was never in South Africa!! GC22119 We are pretty sure it's not a vituall cache!! Very odd
  2. Here is one for the stats Gurus Are there any caches in South Africa that are below sea level??
  3. Tx Wayne We did have a vacation and did on average 5 caches a day. Will be a bit quiet on this side for a bit, got to get some work done now!!
  4. Thank you for the good wishes Wayne! Unfortunate about the Park in Green cache! This is the 3rd container we have tried to use at this location. The first was a effervescent container that kept on getting wet. The next one we tried was a film canister that got washed out of the hole every time it rained. The hole in the tree just fills up and it just washes away. The one you found was the one with the weight in it and big enough not to wash out. Just not water resistent enough
  5. You will always find some ( _ /_ ) hole that has a lot to say about stuff! But they would never try to say it face to face... No need t get yourself worked up about his comment! When you do see him in person...make sure you got a spanner to tighten his nuts
  6. Hi Rolf and Silvia Thank you for the good wishes!!
  7. I have just updated to that version - I was a version behind - and it is still giving the same error message - if you look at the macro page it explains the changes this year. So only able to run this macro on caches you own. I know that you can manually get the last 20 logs on a cache by downloading the gpx file from the cache listing on GC.com, but don't know how to get older logs than that. Thanks for the help. I am aware of the hard coding. I did not realise you wanted to add loggs on caches that you dont own. I have not tried to add more than 20 loggs as yet. And I am not sure if this is possible. The best advice I can give you is to post a thread on the gsak forum and see if you receive a answer on your question.
  8. As I thought.. There is a new version of Add Logs Ver2.21
  9. Hi Boris I did have a look at your profile and i see you have not updated your macros lately. That you can see when you look at the provincial map of South Africa and the totals of each provence thats not where they are supposed to be. So when you run your macros, click on Version and then ALL . This will update all your existin macros. Should not have any problems running your add logs.
  10. We have placed 17 caches since 12/12/09 Will do some more in April when were back from doing some of the Durban caches on our vacation
  11. We will be attending the Kwaggaspruit CITO Event. If anyone wants to send any TB's or Coins to Durban you can give it to us on the day. Or just send it with someone to the event.
  12. Thank you for the info Drix. I just have one question concerning the documentation. 1. Would you have a loc/gpx file for us to load onto our laptop and then send to our Gpx device/s? 2. A HTML file to load on our cell phones with the cache page? If so, who ever has a laptop can just bring it along and we can do the upload to our device/s right there and then. If you have these files on a memory stick or 3 it might make it a lot easier? Just my 2 cents worth
  13. Hi Anton Bruce said he had a projector that could be used at the venue. I am sure he will confirm that one a bit later when he's online.
  14. HHSA You need to register your "rescue mission" on the TB Rescue website in order for it to be published for all to see. Good luck - my racer is also crying for help. It has been stranded on top of a mountain since September!! That is the posting on the website. I just posted it on here so that if someone missed it on the rescue website that they might see it on here.
  15. Thats a good point Trevor We need to get someone to take notes so that we can post it somewhere for all to see. Some people who might be interested might just be too far away to attend. Noted and will make a plan to see what we can do about it
  16. Our TB racer has not done much racing for the most part of the Tb race. Our rescue posting 2010/02/15 07:10 AM from owner 'Happy Hunters SA' Our TB needs some help!!!It is in the 2009 TB race!! Firstly it was in the hands of a cacher for over 2 months. And now it's stuck in GC1W76W since 13/12/2009. Would really appreciate it if someone could help our bug to move!!
  17. Sounds like a lot of fun!! We're lucky that we have a bakkie that can go places some other vehicles wont go! Will make sure we pack our towing equipment if anyone beaches their car We got stuck in the mud axle deep at the Vaal and we were rescued by Antron! Just fair to repay that favour to anyone unlucky to get stuck along the way. With only 7 hours of caching for the day it would be unlikely for anyone to do more than half of the 80 caches that you're planning on hiding. We all still want to have a go and gooi some pap and feeding some non existent fish. And still have a braai!! So...seeing as were not chasing any numbers....we would be forced to come back on the Sunday to do the rest of the caches in the area. (Sigh) Sunday would be a full day (13 hours as our normal day of caching) to do the remaining caches we dont get to on Saturday!! Looking forward to it!!!
  18. Thats all good, we will take you guys upon that offer next time we're down there
  19. We think someone's going to be walking like a cowboy tomorrow!!
  20. You can always change you flight date A lot easier than us changing the day of the week
  21. Hi Grant Yes all those topics will be covered in due course. We would like everyone to start with the topics that we mentioned. And then continue onto more advanced applications. We Have asked Anton from DamhuisClan if he would be able to make some of the events, as well as Danie Viljoen and Jors. If they are not able to be at every event, hopefully we will have at least one at these events to share their considerable knowledge.
  22. 17 April 2010 15 May 2010 19 June 2010 Will be published soon.. This event has limited seating (20) for those who want to come and join us between 13:00 and 17:00 to learn more from a technology perspective. Because of the limited seating we have scheduled 3 days (1 per month) for this Techno Event. If you would like to join us, please post your attendance early for the individual events as seating is on a "first come first served" basis. It would be beneficial for you, if you have one, to bring your own laptop / Macbook with 3G connection to be able to experiment there and then with your newfound skills and knowledge. If there are specific topics you would like us to cover and they are feasible, then we will try and accommodate them into the curriculum. Please keep an eye out on the forum for updates and discussions as to what additional topics are going to be covered. The purpose of the event: - How to use GSAK, its Stats, and some spreadsheets; - Sending data to Cell phones as well as Gps devices; - Paperless caching on the Nuvi; - And if there’s time some SQLite queries. Refreshments will be provided during breaks in the afternoon for those attending the technology sessions. However, should you want to come just to meet up with everybody and renew caching friendships, discover some new coins or just enjoy a sundowner, braai fires will be available from 17:00 onwards. Please bring along your own "dop & chop".
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