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  1. I just got my new Verizon Voyager (the so-called "iPhone killer"). But why is my google maps screen blank? And why is the "View map" screen blank on the geocaching sites? Why don't the maps on the cache sites display? Does this unit not display google maps correctly? And it won't display yahoo maps or Mapquest either. :blink: This doesn't happen with my son in law's iPhone, it displays them all fine.


    Is there something I'm missing or is this unit just inferior. The Verizon people are clueless, they've never heard of geocaching. If I can't figure it out then the new Voyager goes back and it's the iPhone for me, even though I've been a Verizon customer for years. If they can't display a geocaching.com screen properly then they have lost my business. Has anyone else out there tried to use a Voyager for geocaching and had this problem?


    Thanks for any help in advance.


    Walkabout 44


    Just a guess here since I've never used a Voyager, but I'm wondering if it's a javascript issue? I know the iPhone has a real browser and so far as I know, no other phone has a browser equal to Safari in the iphone. And by "real", I mean fully supporting javascript, css, DHTML, etc. Google maps is heavily javascript dependent, so that might be your issue.

  2. I use a mac but I have parallels to run windows on it. When I attempt to use my colorado through parallels to download maps from mapsource it says that the device is in use by another program and I need to quit that first. I am assuming that the program which is using the colorado is on the mac side but I cant figure out what it would be. Anyone got an idea?


    I have this same problem too. I just have to yank the cable out and plug it back in. I'm not sure what's getting the Garmin hung up on the Mac side, but I've never had an issue with just unplugging it despite the dire warnings of imminent doom and gloom that pops up every time I do so.


    I'm using VMWare Fusion btw.

  3. There are several different tracking devices out there. I would recommend the Tiny Tracker




    Or, you could go other routes of getting one of the new kenwood radios that have the TNC and the APRS firmware already loaded onto it. Hope this helps!


    Check out my APRS tracker at http://map.findu.com/ab8ve





    Thanks. I was looking at the Kenwood HT. I'm still unclear on this whole thing though. Do I need software running at home to make this thing work?

  4. I use my 400t for Mtn. Biking as well. The mount from Garmin that I got had no rubber strip on the back of the mount, so it doesn't stay put that well. You'd definitely want to put some in there so it won't slide down.


    Other than that, I say go for it. It works great.


    Edit: Also, I've used mine on single track trails through the woods that are pretty rooty and have plenty of bouncy parts. I've not experienced any issues with the unit shutting off, although once it did fail to record a track, but I think that was due to user error.

  5. That lacrosse charger you linked looks pretty nice! I like the MAHA MH-C9000 charger, but that lacrosse seems pretty similar, and is on sale right now with 8 extra batteries for my other junk!


    thanks for the help guys. looks like I am a Lacrosse charger man!


    tcatkins99, did you get the Lacrosse brand batteries with your charger?? are they any good?


    Yeah I got the one that came with 4x AA 2,400 mah batteries and 4x AAA 800 mah batteries. It also came with a travel case as well.


    My decision came down to size, ease of use, and functionality. As best I can tell, both units are quality items and charge/maintain your batteries very well. However, the Maha is a rather large charger compared to the Lacrosse and the reviews I read were a little disconcerting regarding its ease of use. This review comparing the two seems pretty thorough and influenced my decision: http://www.amazon.com/review/R26DDCWZ2JG3H...=cm_cr_rdp_perm


    In the end though, I think both units are good and you can't go wrong either way.

  6. From what I gather, the Maha Powerex 2700Mah batteries are the highest rated around here, and I think I will be using them unless someone has any other suggestions....


    But when it comes to a charger, I realize a cheap-o charger will not cut it, so I am looking at the Maha chargers, and there are a bunch of different ones!




    I went with a Lacrosse Charger. It's smaller than the Maha charger and gets great ratings as well. I've had no problems with mine and use it with the Maha 2,700 mAh batteries. It's even revived a pair of old sony batteries that I thought for sure were goners.



  7. Granted, I've not been active in the ham community in a loooooong time ('93 or '94). I've maintained my license since then just because I studied too hard to get it and don't want to lose it. Plus getting licensed while in middle school/high school caused me no end of grief. LOL


    Anyway, I'm looking around and googling about this APRS stuff. Wow. I can't find a good source on how to get started in it. Can anybody recommend a site or something? Everything I can find was written years ago and references using DOS based software or System 7 era Mac OS stuff.


    I know I need A)a gps receiver and B) an aprs capable transceiver, but that's about it.


    Thanks guys. It might just be that this can get me back to using my license again.

  8. Thanks for the input on the software. Looking at that software, it looks like it only accepts shapefiles from a pretty limited number of coordinate systems and my data is in the GCS North American system so I may have to transform it all to UTM or something first.


    Anyway, have a look at http://www.maris.state.ms.us/HTM/DownloadD...ewide-Theme.htm for MS data.

    You can use ogr2ogr (www.gdal.org) to transform your shapefiles into different coordinate systems. You probably just want WGS84 as the output.


    Yeah, I just converted them in Arcmap to UTM. The original files were actually in SC State Plane NAD83 to start with and not GCS NA.


    Thanks for the input though.

  9. Hello,


    So, I've chosen my next state for topo maps. I am being moved by my job to Mississippi so I'm going to start with that state.


    So, with that: does anyone have any data for Mississippi or anything I should be aware of (I have never been to Mississippi)?


    I'm starting to download DEM's now and will be using the census roads that were recently released in shapefiles.


    Also, for this one I will be writing a detailed "how-to" stating how I do what I do for my website so look forward to that as well.


    A little off-topic...but what are you using to convert your data? I've got ESRI shapefiles of all the topo, roads, and hydrography for S.C. I'd love to be able to convert that into a format I and others can use on their GPSr.

  10. I can't change position format in Colorado300 from "W" to "E".


    Bug , or I miss a method ?



    I don't have my Colorado with me right now, so I can't tell you whether or not that's a bug, but in the interim, can you put in a negative value? So, for example, the coordinates would be W-95 00.000.


    Kind of a bad workaround, but perhaps it will work.


    If you are using multiple profiles make sure the tracklog is enabled in all of the profiles you use. I don't think Automotive mode, for example, has it enabled by default.




    It's possible, though I've never used any profile other than the default (recreational I believe). It seems to be working ok now, so we'll see what happens.


    As for the hard locks, unfortunately I've seen no pattern so far.

  12. I'm using the latest non-beta firmware and have noticed the following issues:

    • Unit Hard Locks sometimes requiring removal of the batteries to get it going
    • No Trackback (not really a flaw, but a big oversight IMO)
    • Direction arrow gets "stuck" oftentimes when exiting a vehicle while looking for a geocache
    • Unit failed to record any tracklog data for me for an entire day this past weekend
    • Poor screen visibility
    • This thing probably would run best with a small nuclear reactor given the rate at which it burns through batteries.

    I know I'm probably restating issues that others have had, but my hope is that the more of us that voice these issues then the more likely Garmin will respond.


    At this point, I'm past the return window for the unit so I'll just stick it out and hope that Garmin addresses these problems. As it stands, I find the Colorado to be an outstanding (albeit expensive) Geocaching tool first with everything else a distant second.

  13. It just failed for me. I got through the entire process of selecting and entering, but when I clicked to send it, I got an error message saying the system is not working now. (Or something like that.) I've learned to always Ctrl-A my text and save it somewhere before I click "Send" on their contact form.


    I didn't even get the error page but I did save my question in a text file though. Thanks for trying it out for me.

  14. I've tried it in both IE7 and Firefox and I get nothing. I'd call but the wait times are 30-35 minutes.


    If I go to their contact page and jump through all their login and drop down box hoops, enter my questions, then click submit, it just blinks in FF and nothing appears to happen. In IE7 the form just turns white and forces a reload to see anything.


    Maybe I've sent them 20 emails by now, but how am I to know? If I click the history tab at the top, nothing shows up. Anybody had any luck with this?

  15. I'm willing to setup a County Challenge for SC, but I've got a few questions.


    First, I'm new at Geocaching so I don't know if I need to have a certain "stature" here in order to do something like that.


    Second, I've not cached every county in the state. Would that prevent me from setting up the cache?


    Third, is there any reason for/against making this a member's only cache?


    I've actually already started making a map, but I haven't taken it much further than this yet.



  16. As for the Delorme unit, I've already bought a Colorado and don't plan on taking it back (knock on wood).


    I understand the limits of rasters, but I have access to sub-meter imagery in many areas (read large urban areas. Not so much in the boondocks :D) so I don't think pixelation will be much of a problem. Mainly my goal is to overlay a raster on areas where I'll be Geocaching or being a tourist.

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