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  1. In my case it does. Often if I am going somewhere I try to pick up caches along my way instead of making a special trip. I still make the occasional special trip, but not nearly as often, and I will usually wait until I can pick up a number of caches in the same area. Gas here is $1.18 per litre.

  2. Okay- stop laughing. Anyone know how to do a hard reset on a Garmin 12XL? It belongs to a friend of mine and was working fine then out of the blue ceased to pick up any satellites. Or do you have any other ideas what may have caused this and how to fix it?

  3. My son bought himself a e-trex Legend when he was 13. He had no trouble figuring things out. I am sure he would have found the same with the more "complicated" units. You can show them the basics, and they won't be long figuring out the rest. I am still at a loss to figure out the controllers on the video games they play...

  4. OK. I gotta know. Many of you are saying that you never use the electronic compass, even when you have a GPS that has one. I use mine ALL the time, pretty well every time I am navigating to a waypoint. When goecaching, I hit GO TO and then follow that little red arrow to the cache. A friend of mine tells me that he uses the map page and finds caches by zooming in and then walking until he is on top of the cache icon. I always thought the arrow was the simpler way to do things, but then again, I have always had a GPS that had one, so maybe that is just the way I have gotten used to doing things.

  5. I had one stuck on a cache that was a DNF, then I kept getting a note from the reviewer saying that I had to check on it. I finally made a special trip to check on it- and you guessed it- it was right where it was supposed to be. I think people have to be careful how they use the feature. And that's all I got to say about that...

  6. My goal is to get outside to enjoy the great outdoors and to see some interesting new areas/ sights. This spring I discovered that it was fun to collect icons so I am working at that when I get a chance. Numbers don't mean a great deal to me, I am one of the "oldest" cachers in NB and have been more or less left behind by some of the more active cachers.

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