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    Cache Density By Area (Best chance at finding a cache)

    1 Prince Edward Island


    PEI has less than 500 caches in 5,683 square kilometers. In just 1,400 sq.km of Toronto (the main part) there are almost 600 caches which is about 400% more dense.


    If you take everything in Ontario from 44°40' south you would have over 6,000 caches in around 85,000 sq.km which is approximately the same density as PEI, but in an area 5 times the size.


    So, my conclusions are:


    1. You have a better chance of finding a cache in southern Ontario than PEI

    2. PEI is really really small.

    3. I'd love to go caching in PEI.


    Umm now is that really a fair comparison when:


    Greater Toronto Area had a population of 5,555,912 in the 2006 Census.


    The entire Province of PEI had a population of 135,851 in the 2006 census.


    Remembering of course it takes people to place them in the empty space.

  2. If you are using a Palm, why not look at Cachemate as the alternative. I have used that software on my Palm for more than two years. It is an excellent program and well worth the paltry $8.00 registration fee. I use GSAK to Export the .pdb file, but Cachemate comes with its own program for converting the .gpx files in case you don't use GSAK.


    Since it is such a paltry fee perhaps you could offer to buy us all a copy.


    I myself am very disappointed as well. Many people in the geocaching community are NOT technically savvy. It was a huge jump for many to actually hold a GPS for the 1st time, then a bigger step to learn how to make pocket queries. Many of us, being people that love the outdoors and the trees thought the huge binder of printouts that weighed 5lbs in your backpack was just not very environmentally friendly, let alone convenient. Then with PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP came the advent of paperless caching. My two staples since this wonderful discovery has been EASYGPS and MOBIPOCKET. Both are free and very SIMPLE to use.


    I have tried GSAK and other programs just to be baffled and confused trying to figure out how to make the very complicated programs to work. I was very comfortable in a point and click method of quickly getting the WPts in my GPS and palm M125 so I could maximize my time CACHING, not trying to figure out how I was going to get out caching.


    A friend recently asked me if paperless caching and premium membership was worth it and easy. I reassured him that it was. I now regret that decision.


    Not only am I disappointed about the loss of such an easy way to go paperless but I am disgusted in the way GC.COM dropped the service, or was unable to continue with it.


    What ever the case may be, but why not notify their PAYING CUSTOMERS and supporters?


    Why not respond to this post about what is going on, why not have a simplistic solution on their web site on EXACTLY how to go paperless with step by step instructions so the NON-TECH-SAAVY individuals can do it with out using 3-5 programs to spin, convert, sort, arrange and export the cache pages to a devise?


    Why are they so silent on the subject?


    Why do we have to read so many posts and still be lost on what is the easy and FREE way to go paperless?


    Why does a membership to GC.COM not alredy include everything you need?


    Arghhhhh, I see my premium membership expiring and not getting renewed like thousands of others out there.


    I AM DISGUSTED. Until this day I have done nothing but spread the word of how valuable and important it was for everyone to go Premium. I have now removed all premium designations from my caches and do not see me promoting Premium in the near future until GC.COM finds a solution, posts it here, AND puts the Paperless info on the MAIN website for all cachers to see.


    We hunt for caches, not solutions to programming issues. That is their job and what we pay for.

  3. Is there a problem with supporting simple curiosity? Why are the watchers scared to be known? If you can see who is viewing the cache page for premium members how does this differ? I have nothing to hide and watch a few caches myself. The owner of a cache should have the choice to know who is watching him via their caches. Perhaps if GC.COM is considering removing the information from the cache page that someone is watchging, they should actually remove the ability to watch caches all together.

  4. I also agree that the bookmarks should not be deleteable by cache owners. If you place cache-trash then you can expect to have it labled as so. If by chance you honestly feel you cache is not as described in the list then you have the option of contacting your area reviewers or GC.Com and lodge a complaint.


    Maybe build your own list of ignorant cachers. Hmmm then that would make you ignorant and have to add your self to the list.


    In all honesty any one who makes a lame cache list needs to look at themself in the mirror and ask..."Who made me God?"

  5. Well I like the feature on a Premium Members cache where you can see who looked at the cache page, when they looked at the page, the first time they looked at it and how often.


    Why something similar can not be incorperated with non-premium caches is beyond me.


    This is news to me. How do you get this info?


    If you OWN a premium member only cache, just under the Cache owners name is a link that says


    "This is a subscriber-only cache.

    Read the audit log (see who viewed your cache)"


    When you click the link it takes to to the history of the cache page of every one who has opened the cache page to view it, when the first time was the viewed it, the last time they viewed it and how many times.




    Last Visit..........First Visit.....................User................#Times




    9/16/2006.....8:43 AM 3/26/2006.....CasheKicker..........239

  6. Well I like the feature on a Premium Members cache where you can see who looked at the cache page, when they looked at the page, the first time they looked at it and how often.


    Why something similar can not be incorperated with non-premium caches is beyond me.

  7. i am not sure if this topic ever came up before but if it has I am sure I will be redirected. In any case i am often curious who is watching my caches. I was wondering is it beyond the scope of possiblity to allow the cache owners to see the list of users that are watching their specific caches.


    Hmmm. Would be a great Premium Member Perk. then you could see who is watching all your caches not just member only caches.


    Just a thought :)

  8. I feel that Eastriver Nova Scotia is the Geocaching Capital of Canada!


    I would also have to agree with the Lost Geeks


    Since GCBBA was the very 1st cache in Canada it should only go without saying, although I guess we must, Eastriver Nova Scotia is the true capital of Geocaching in Canada.


    Stating that on location is the capital strickly because it has the highest density or population would be like saying Toronto or Montreal is the Capital city of Canada.....


    Hmmmm, not a chance!!!!


    Besides what do numbers have to do with it?!?

  9. I also feel it should be "ATTENDED" not "FOUND". The key word here is "EVENT" of which you must attend. Can't be very hard to "find" a huge gatering of geocachers in a small area.


    In fact as the organizer of a CITO in Nova Scotia Canada, I have sent e-mails to all those who logged a "found" entry and requested they change it to an attend.


    In fact because of the confusion of both selections, some actually logged them in both selections. This adds to confusion as well as duplicate log entries.


    I removed it at one point and someone yelled at me for some reason or another. So I took the path of least resistance and put it back. You need to take it up with the person who yelled at me if you can find them.


    So, without trying to sound to rude, I too will YELL at you too. TAKE IT AWAY!! ATTENDED ONLY IS THE RIGHT CHOICE!!


    sorry now I will whisper.........sorry....


    But still!!!

  10. I have a friend with the new magellan explorist 600, and his geocache page list all the info you need, GC code, name, place by, date last found, difficulty, cache type and container size and even the "hint". He no longer need to carry his pda. I hope that Garmin implements this as soon as possible..... Anyone have any insight on this?


    I would suggest e-mailing that information to Garmin. As our Geocaching community grows larger by the day. Acknowledging our wants, wishes and desires in a GPS unit is what they must do in order to compeat with the compitition. If you suggest it they seem to be very receptive. If we do not tell them what we want they wont know.


    Send them an e-mail. We all have to tell them what we want.

  11. I have had some e-mail exchange with Garmin inreguards to the "X" line. It is as follows. They were very fast in reply, infact in minutes. Very impressive.



    Sent: Monday, January 09, 2006 7:04 PM

    To: Garmin Sales Support

    Subject: Sales support request for GPSMAP 60CS



    Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx


    I was wondering if the 60CSx memory card will also be capable of storing

    Waypoints as well as maps. Being a Geocacher that travels far and wide it

    would be great to be able to preprogram the card with all the Geocaches for

    each Map set.


    Request emailed to mobile@garmin.com




    Thank you for contacting Garmin. At this time the card will be for mapping.

    Waypoints, tracks, and routes are stored in the internal memory. I will

    pass your email on as a suggestion.


    Kyle B.



    1200 East 151st Street

    Olathe Kansas 66062


    Thank you for your hasty reply. I thing that is would be in the best interests your company to incorporate such an upgrade. As from my observations Garmin is the number one choice of product in the Geocaching community. Many of the members of our discussion forum are very excited about this new product line. I like many others have been anxiously waiting to see what this wonderful new "X" line was going to hold. I can not stress enough how beneficial having the waypoints stored in to the memory card would be to all of us. My current GPS, GPSMap 60cs, already holds almost 1000 waypoints. I always wish I had the ability to store more. I am forced to keep some open slots for adding some while on the trail. What a wonderful thing it would be to be able to have a few Memory cards, pre-programmed with the Map sets and all geocaches along my proposed route (and more for detours) for my long drives from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. Or, for when traveling overseas. I myself would find this feature irresistible and would have to upgrade to a new model immediately. As I also know many others in our community would do the same.




    Thanks for the information. I will pass this suggestion on as well.

    Believe it or not, we do pass all suggestions on to our engineers for consideration and in many cases incorporation into our products. While I can not promise you that we will use them I can tell you that about 80% of the suggestions we get are actually used in one way or another and are a very big part of our product improvement program.

    Kyle B.



    1200 East 151st Street

    Olathe Kansas 66062




    Again thank you very much for such a speedy reply. I will pass this information onto our Geocaching community. We look forward to ever better products from your company.


    Who ever said you can't improve on perfection?


    Highly recommended and appreciate your time.




    Should they upgrade the software to allow Waypoint storage on the card as well it wouls be much more attrative for sure.


    Perhaps other interested parties should also send their ideas...

  12. For a coin that is so overpriced they sure did sell out in a hurry.


    THey were open to Club members for about the 1st 2 weeks and sold well over 100 coins to us alone then hit this fourm and the reminder of the 500 coins sold out in much less than 24hrs.


    Guess the price was not so bad after all. Sure there was a small margin of profit for the organization and for the folks that took the time, initiative and effort to develop the coin. My hat goes off to them for risking their own money not knowing if they would be stuck holding a couple thousand dollars worth of their own money invested in coins that would not sell.


    I for one, am pleased with the coin and do not think it was over priced. All things considered. Remember 1st you have the cost of production and stamping the coin, Conversion from U.S. to Cdn funds, shipping and handling and the GC.COM fee for making them trackable. Not to mention the time, hassle and possibility of not being able to sell the.


    I have no problem with them making a bit of green on this either. For those of you that do not know them, which I would say is everyone that is complaining about them. The Geeks are our Geocaching supply store here in Halifax The Three Geeks. Again they took a risk and invested their own money to provide us with Geocaching essentials from their home so we do not have to wait for most items in the mail. They have made it easy for us to get a TB or whatever else when we need it. They show up at events held in the Maritimes to provide their services and often donate hundreds of dollars of prizes to help make our events more successful.


    Oh and remember before you start spouting off about the prices at their store. All prices are in CDN funds. Besides if you don't want to use them you do not have too. Keep the negativity to yourself.


    My deepest thanks to The Lost Geeks for making all of this possible.

  13. Well I do all my purchasing from GPS Central, however for those who do not have a visa, or who do not want to pay postage or just can't wait until it arrives by post. It is a good alternative. Not everyone can shop online. It is good to have options.


    And as the topic starter was asking for

    Does anyone know if there are any gps stores other than GPS Central In Calgary?
    They obviously are looking for an option outside of GPS Central.

    Not sure of their reason nor is it my business to ask them. They wanted other options and I was offering them a solution.

  14. Interesting to note. I have two aquaintences that have bought GPSrs just before the last price drop.


    Even after the sale my 1st friend called GPS Central called and voiced his opinion on how he was dissapointed he missed the price drop. They honored the price drop and sold it to him for the new price.


    Second individual ordered from GPS City. When he called they told him they do not offer price protection and told him he would be charged a restocking fee if he returned it.


    Now who would you rather do business with.


    My vote stays with GPS Central.


    GPS City is sounding more and more like a company that has forgot that customer service and appreciation can go a long way.

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