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  1. I have one 888 geocoin portugal version, a very rare geocoin for trade. (the coin are activated) Im interessed in tree of life blue or really good trades. If someone want send message to paulo.s.geocacher@gmail.com. http://trackables.geocaching-pt.net/wp-con...Front-Album.jpg http://trackables.geocaching-pt.net/wp-con...-Back-Album.jpg
  2. Misterys One of the best I've ever seen. Congratulations to the author. Greats from Portugal.
  3. Hello everyone. I have 3 geocoins 999, the Portuguese, Czech Republic and Utah. I want to exchange the three by someone who is really interested them. The three are activated, but I do not care to swap for geocoins activated too. The geocoin Portuguese shows some girls use to have, but I send pictures to anyone interested in buying that is not fooled. Sorry for my bad English. A hug from Portugal. Here is my email. paulo.s.geocaching @ gmail.com
  4. Paulo Si


    I´m from portugal and i want by versions of 999 geocoin. Someone sell?
  5. Uma cache mistery ou letter pode ter um ponto inicial que leve a um de 5 sitius, a escolha do gfeocacher e todos esses 5 sitius levem a um container final igual para todos? N sei se me expliquei mt bem
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