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  1. Hello all Hosts and Geocoin Participants,


    as you know i have all versions of previous multievent geocoin in my collection.

    I would like to get all versions for 11-11-11 too.

    Could you help me to complete 11-11-11 collection, please?


    Very Thanks for your goodwill.



    aka Bo.T.L. Czech Geocacher and Geocoins Collector


    Bo.T.L. add to list Figueira da Foz, Portugal geocoin GC304ZX

  2. Good for all.

    There was an error in my submission from the wish list.

    And what happened to me is what appears to want to trade my rare geocoin 888 Portugal for a coin that does not even know.

    As is obvious, and everyone must understand not want to do this exchange.

    As I tried to explain to the creator of mathtrade, mistakes happen.

    I wanted him to arrange a solution sinseramente and he did not care.

    I am not satisfied with this response minimally.


    In these modes will not send my 888 geocoin and hope not to send me a geocoin that I was meant in this exchange.


    I hope that we can arrange an alternative or rephrase what happened.


    My sincerest apologies

  3. Hello everyone.

    I wonder if anyone likes to collect samples and especially mystery geocoin?

    To me these two types of coins pleases me greatly.

    One reason is because they have no tracking number, and not lose their beauty for it.


    Does anyone have any sample you want, sell, trade or give? : D

    Or maybe even mystery geocoin?


    I am interested in buying as they rarely come here to Portugal these things: D


    Send mail

  4. :D hey every one, i was wonedring if anyone knew of any free geocoing chalenges where i or anyone else could win a free geocoin. are there any chalenges working at the momenyt or is it stupid and no one does it anymore?

    thanks every one! ;)



    I want a free geocoin rofl rofl

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