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  1. HMMMMM??? What to do, what to do???? Well I own 2 garmin GPSr and they have very reliable except my gpsmap 60c took a dump but it did get fixed under warranty. I think what happened may or may not be a fluke. I would not spend the 186.00 dollars to get it fixed. Save the money. There are SEVERAL websites to get new GPSr's for a great price. Save up and get the new 76CX/CSX and see what happens. You should be ok.....


    P.S. Option A is not an option!!!!!!!

  2. Why would you want to do this. I mean , I commend you on the hunt, but what is wrong with just supporting the website since 90% of the website is free anyways, whats wrong with giving back and then you will have the moc's anyways........Not being rude, just curious.......

  3. ummmmm, sounds ...good....I ......Guess. But for me personally, I work 12 hour shifts for my regular job, and I volunteer on my days off at my job in a diffrent department, and that takes up 99% of my time, but even if it means one or two caches I will make time, I need the exercise and the mental stimulation.....

  4. I believe this thread began with my post here.


    I sorted through a number of pictures I have taken of my homemade caches and will post at least some of them later. Many are just snap shots but they will have to do.


    I will admit that I feel resistance to revealing my designs however. It's like handing over my secrets. Oh well, for the sake of the community, I tell myself, right? I hope they are appreciated. I may even annotate how I make many of my containers puzzles to get open once found. One uses a mousetrap, another uses a piece of junk with a spring in it I found on the street while geocaching in San Antonio. Another requires that the person use a credit card. No I have not yet figured out how to bill the person. :D Another requires 6 steps, AFTER finding the key in another location, another is "launched" (slowly) like a missile out an old rusty tube when a cable (taken out of an old typewriter) is pulled on, and another is suspended inside a hollow tree. That one is real popular. I made a two story fake birdhouse out of PVC. It's a TB cache that is so difficult to figure out how to open (w/o hints) that few would have the patience (at least) to deal with it. :D There are many more but that's all I can find pictures of as of the last half hour.


    I definitely don't want to post the pictures on any of my geocache pages so I need to know of a free image storage facility where I can upload them. Then I will use the appropriate URLs to retrieve em from there.


    Since I don't have a webpage, can someone refer me to a user friendly service that is not going to go belly up in the next few months?







  5. How's this for hiding in plain sight?



    That's absolutely astounding.


    Is that a cache, or something else?

    I saw this picture in a Reader's Digest the other day. Apparently this is a way to urban-disguise cell phone equipment. It would, however, make a killer cache if you were to to toss out all that telecommunications equipment and put a ammo box inside instead :D



  6. Quick suggestion. Get your gps and MOB/MARK a location. Now start way back from that point and navigated yoursef to the point. Yes you know where it is, but pretend you have never been to that point before. This will show you a couple of things. First and fore most it will show you how to fine tune your Nav skils with the gps, but also how your gps is getting you to a point. Do this a few times. Also, have a friend hide a small cache in a field, backyard, whatever and you go and find it. Do this several times having him hide it in harder locations as you go, will give you an idea of how and where to find those stubborn caches.....Good luck......

  7. Well, depends on how you look at it. Advantage yes. If the cache is 37 miles away and in a town you are not familiar with, the choice is clear map, it..... What I like to do on my 60c is follow roads until I am less than a mile out and then re-find and use off road. The gps will take you there but not show you where it is at. So cheating, not really. If you are just hard core though or feeling guilty for using google satellite maps, get as close as you feel comfortable and then have the gps give you a magnetic bearing. Shoot that with your compass and turn the gps off. Good luck.....

  8. Thanks Miragee- that helped. I'm still trying to work with all the configurations, it takes a lot of time. I'm planning on figuring out pocket queries next, but it looks like I've got to get a PDA to go paperless. Looking for something simple...but aren't we all!


    I didn't mention in my memoirs from yesterday, that I hit a brick wall...yes...my first DNF. It's taken me a whole day of contemplation and intense therapy to type out those 3 nasty letters :laughing: Well, one thing that does make me feel a tad better is that there is a possibility that the owner's coordinates are off. I'm watching the site like a hawk to check for the next innocent newbie that hopefully will read the previous cachers logs warning of this...TO BE CONTINUED


    Coords off, maybe???? Maybe not. Where did you look, Where did you NOT look. If you can see a place in your mind right now that you did not look in but it is in your mind, good chance its there. Look around, your gps will get you there, but not show you where its at. Look in the places you KNOW it is not and you will find it. Some people are devious as I learned in one I did last week.... PVC pipe screwed into a chain link fence cap. Oh ya, took a good while and a hint from an unusual source but I found it........

  9. Hello and welcome. I am not new to geocaching but was away for a while and now I am back and caching away..... Ask any questions, no stupid answers.......


    My only suggestions - 2


    1. Learn how to use A gps, not just your gps

    2. Get a compass and learn how to use it. Your gps can and will be wrong.....


    Good luck and happy caching....

  10. I completely understand your frustration!!! What I found that works is the length of time you spend at that cache. I have gone there, not been able to find it and left. WRONG ANSWER. Went back and spent some time and VWALA sp???? FOUND.... Your best bet is A: understand your GPS CAN and WILL be wrong. Get a compass and learn how to use it. B: start looking in places you KNOW it is NOT in and your stats are sure to climb!!!!!! Good luck and happy caching!!!!!

  11. I am a police dispatcher (911) for the police department and a die hard cacher. Lucky for me I know alot of the officers and alot are my friends. However, I still make sure I have some sort of information on me at all times of what I am doing and why I am doing it. Most if not all police officers respond very well to the truth and can most of the time figure out when you are lying and telling the truth. I have not been approached (YET), but if and when I do, honesty is the best policy.......

  12. you may also try the NEFGA that is one of the areas we cover and we have a caching plans forum where we try to hook up with others to cache together.


    I appreciate it..... Actually After I posted here I went there and did the same.....


    Thanks again.....

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