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  1. I'm new to the uploading of field notes. When I try to find the file "geocache_visits.txt" as directed in the upload field notes page that file is not there. Again, the "geocache_visits.txt" file does not seem to be in the directory. I am trying to upload the "found" files. Help!
  2. Thanks everyone. I dug around and found a vest I had a friend make back in 1980 something for photography. It turns out with the 8 pockets and 2 clip rings it is going to work out perfectly.
  3. Okay, maybe a dumb question. How do you carry your GPS in the field. I got a caribiner clip with mine but as yet haven't used it. Walking along with the GPS in my hand seems a little akward at times. By the way, I have a 62s.
  4. What do you mean by putting it in the correct folder?
  5. I am using a Garmin 62S. I'll ask at the GSAK board.
  6. Loading geocaches thru GSAK, I don't get any description or hints. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Okay I think I've looked everywhere but can I download founds directly from my GPS to this site? It's kind of a pain to reload the local (I'm on vacation) geocaches and log them as found one at a time. I did not use pocket queries .
  8. Not to be creepy, but will you be at the event on Saturday in Farmington? I recognized your username from last fall. I am in Arizona and won't return to Durango until Apr 3. Didn't know about Farmington event.
  9. Thanks everyone. I've learned something today thanks to you.
  10. I am using my laptop with no number pad. Other than copy/paste is there a way to use the keyboard "Alt 0176?"
  11. Great! How do you enter the symbol in your GPS?
  12. When entering coordinates on this website or elsewhere, how do you enter the degree symbol? I know in my word processor I would use a zero in superscript but is there some sort of shortcut?
  13. Question 1- How do I load maps and such onto the SD card of my 62s? Question 2- I am looking on the GPSMapsource at various maps. What is a Co (Colorado) topo 40/20 overlay? Do I load it along wirh other maps. I am assuming by overlay it means another map would show thru. Right? There is also a CO Transparent topo. Is the transparent and overlay the same thing? Should these be loaded on the gps or sd card?
  14. I'll give Garmin a call. Thanks for the info. My previous Win 7 computer had no problem.
  15. I've had my 62s for about two months now. Love it. My computer crashed, and while trying to load Mapsource (from GPSFileDepot) on my new computer I keep getting the message "This is an unsupported version ...must be XP ver sp3 or greater. Everything stops there. I am using Win7, 32 bit. My 62s didn't come with any software disk. Everything in GPS. Why no Mapsource? Should'nt that come with the 62s? GSAK loaded okay. Which is best, GSAK or Mapsource. They do the same functions don't they?
  16. OK, I've been frying my brain (doesn't take a lot of heat) and am finally figuring out the relationship between the mapsets and MapSource. I guess like my other hobbies of photography, photo editing and such, once you learn a few terms and figure out the relationship of one part to the other, the pieces start to make since. Still, I don't think this will be my last dumb question.
  17. I'm new to all of this so have plenty of questions. I downloaded some maps grom gpsfile and by using cGPSMapper and mapset toolkit finally got the files to load into Mapsource. Now when I open Mapsourse and clich on Colorado 4wd (my naming) I don't get any reference map in the right screen, just some solid lines on a blank background. I am assuming I loaded some sort of overlay that is not overlaying anything. Can you help? Also, under the :Select a Product" tab I have a file there I would like to delete. How is that done? I've used the help files to no avail. Any help appreciated.
  18. A much better way is to design your PQs by "Date Placed" with a large radius of choice. Find the oldest cache in your area and set the start date for the day before and run the ending date out until the PQ hits the 1000 cache limit. Set your next PQ to start the following day... lather, rinse repeat. Takes a little fiddling to get it set up, but once you do the only "problem" will be when older caches get archived in your first PQ, you may wish to reset the dates to maintain optimization. Cheers! Is there somewhere explaining how and where PQs are designed and used?
  19. Okay, where do you change the interface settings? Sorry to be so uninformed. Garman 62s
  20. Being new to all of this, your talking about what to do seems to be what I need but the how to escapes me. Are there any tutorials that might walk me thru step by step to get these maps on my 62s?
  21. I've been reading that this fast charging is the best approach for NiZN ones. It's related to chemistry used, maybe it won't hurt the batteries and perhaps slow charging wouldn't be advised. Time will tell... 'm not sure there is anything but the "fast charge" charger for NiZN
  22. Thanks for all of the imput. I have ordered 12 enloop NiZN batteries with the NiZN charger. In reading all of your posts and the web pages reccomended, I have come to a conclusion. Batteries along with cameras, trucks, computers and widgets are very subjective. It seems to me if you have a fresh battery in your GPS, be it, NiCad, NiMH, Alkaline or any of the other N??? batteries, if you leave home with fresh batteries in your GPS and a couply of backup spares, you should get thru the day and have plenty of time to recharge before the next day. I really enjoy these discussions and thru them learn a lot. I get the benefit of all of your experiences. Thanks:)
  23. Red90 - Can you explain the booting in normal mode vs mass transfer mode. On my 62s I can have it on and when I plug the USB into it everything seems to close (nothing on screen).
  24. I'm having a hard time finding a trickle or refresh charger for NiZN batteries. All ther seems to be is 1 hour chargers. Anyone with experience with these batteries and fast charger?
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