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  1. Many thanks to MooseJawSpruce. She came to my home in a effort to fix this problem. While we figured out the problem was unfixable at this time, she walked me thru and solved a number of other issues. Great folks these geocachers!
  2. I'm available most every day. Even today. How about I buy you lunch at Christina's today? Would love to chat. Bud Do you want to meet up in town some time with the laptop? Then I can see what you are doing and compare it to what I do?
  3. I have both laptop and desktop. It doesn't work on either. Laptop is Win 8, desktop Win 7.
  4. Sure seems like a convoluted method. Last week I was able to see the geocaches on the map. I could see a few in the area I was interested, click on it and send it to my GPS. This week not so. I'm even unable to get GSAK to see and download my pocket queries.
  5. GooTrekker26, I'm confused. I open the Geocaching map and click on a geocache I like. How do I save it as a gpx file?
  6. I had this program working a week ago on IE11. I'll try Firefox but it seems crazy I need a different browser for each program. Thanks for the Firefox advise.
  7. I loaded the communicator on my laptop and get the same results. Both computers show two drives and both show the 62S in the communicator. I suspect it might be settings in the GPS itself. Is that possible? It is Garmin 62S with latest updates.
  8. It shows up as two disk drives. I get the same results with Internet Explorer and Chrome.
  9. I had the same issue with Google Chrome.
  10. No need to 'add your GPS' IE does have a problem. Seems to be solved by changing 'Compatibility Mode' under Tools. http://support.Groun...=kb.page&id=457
  11. Sorry. I did not seethe other post and thought I might not have clicked on "post."
  12. When I click on a cache in the “Geocaching Map” the dropdown box asks to “Bookmark, Send to GPS or Log Visit”. I click on the “Send to GPS and the “Send toGPS” window opens but my Garmin 62S (or anything else) is listed. I have loaded the Garmin Communicator plugin4 different times. It shows is o the communicator but my 62S is not on the “Send to GPS” screen. The“Find Devices” screen is greyed out. I have tried to open in Internet Explorer and GoogleChrome. Neither works. My operating system is Win 7. What am I doing wrong?
  13. When I go to Geocache map and select a cache and click on the "Send to GPS" the window pops up and does not show my GPS. I have loaded the latest plug in 4 or 5 times. It indicates my Garmin 62S is there but not on the "Send to GPS" screen. I have tried this in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Windows 7. Any ideas? Solution?
  14. I can use the Geocach.com maps to show the concentration.Maybe if I could get feedback on the various FS policies.
  15. Thanks Everything in Moderation. That is helpful. Perhaps I could just show the various FS policies to our local managers. Perhaps the various reviewers could send me the local geocaching policies as you have and I could present that.
  16. I just returned from a trip to Bend, Oregon and was surprised at the number of GC's in the Deschutes National Forest. Here in Durango, Colorado the folks at the San Juan National Forest seem reluctant to allow geocaching. I have spent a little time attempting to convince them geocaching is a low impact activity that can benefit the forest with our "cache in - trash out" motto. I would like to present them with maps showing geocaches in the various National Forests. These would be maps such as the Google Earth maps showing the geocaches. I looked at the Deschutes (Bend, Or) National Forest map but the forest boundaries are not defined. I would like to print out as many maps as possible to present to the local forest management in attempt to convince them to open our area. Any assistance and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me.
  17. Thanks. How do I delete a duplicate?
  18. I deleted a number of finds on my field notes. Now I want to go back over all of them looking for duplicates. Where to find them?
  19. What an arrogant and unfriendly way to answer a legitimate question. The truth hurts, doesn't it. Your arrogance seems to know no bounderies. Wouldn't it have been better and more helpful to direct the questioneer to the policies or qualifications for the position? Also can you show mw the policy that disqualifies a person because he asked a question? These boards are full of questions so that disqualifies the questioneers from what?? You are shown as a "Charter Member" it would be hoped I could ask questions of seasoned geocachers without fear of ridicule, and I have many.
  20. Asking the question disqualifies you from ever becoming a reviewer What an arrogant and unfriendly way to answer a legitimate question.
  21. I have already contacted the organizations from Colorado and New Mexico. Thanks!
  22. Hi all. I live in Durango, Colorado and have been geocaching for about 3 years although I only have 120 or so finds. As you may know, you can't list new geocaches in the San Juan National Forest. Without going into all of the reasons or whys, I have been working off and on for the past year or so to get the necessary permissions. Today I met with the local Recreational and Wilderness Mgr., Mr Brian White. Mr White seems favorable to geocaching activities but government being what it is there must be a process. He asked that I contact any organizations (locally or otherwise) that might have an interest in geocaching in the San Juan National Forest in order to gather organizional names to present to the Distric Ranger. He wants to find out if this is just an activity for a very few or if a number of people would be interested. He realizes many people visit this area from other states and their input would be valuable also. If there any local Colorado (or otherwise) clubs that would like to put in their two cents, please email me with the name of your group and number of members if possible. Please just note the name of your local group or organization.
  23. I have GSAK. Can you edit the duplicates there and then have GSAK update my list in my profile? Where can I find this list on Geocach.com?
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