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  1. Alot of people carry a caching bag of some sort In mine I have gps, pen, spare batteries, flashlight, bug spray, a multitool, swag, notebook, spare pen, some specialize retrival tools, cito kit(grocery bag stuffed into a film canister) a few micro cach containers with blank log inside in case I see a good hiding spot while Im out small first aid kit(mostly just bandaids), bottle of water Just throw in whatever you think could be useful and add or subtract as needed
  2. most places that sell jewelery making supplies have them hobby lobby, michaels, walmart
  3. where you are standing and the conditions at the time matter also we have this nice thing called signal bounce I was looking for a cach downtown with a friend between us we had 4 gps I sat down and watched my gps say I was moving back and forth across the street we had almost 100 ft circle we were looking in the google map had it dead on where I found it but the signal was bouncing off the buildings so bad i couldnt get a gps fix Another time in the woods I was 60 ft away from the cach the leaves were messing with the signal I found it using the clue. the person hiding it may have hid it in the fall when there were no leaves
  4. I've got mixed feelings on this one. I guess I lean more in the camp of matching the effort in the log to the effort that was put in the cache. An involved cache will get a long response from me. A haphazard hide with a crappy container will not get much more than a TFTC. I agree, I have found a few caches where I cant think of anything to say about the rusty tin on a guard rail, overlooking a dump. I still try to make the effort. When I put the time into a tricky hide or container a tftc almost makes me think they didnt find it I think that is what he meant was dont post spoiler photos of the cach
  5. 1. Logging a find on your own cache 2. Logging a find on a cache you didn't actually find 3. Not putting the cache back properly (meaning as well hidden as you found it) 4. Not closing the lid properly 5. Giving away spoilers in your log or gallery photos 6. Not logging DNFs on caches you couldn't find 7. Logging "needs maintenance" simply because you couldn't find the cache 8. Moving the cache to a "better" location or closer to where YOUR GPS says it should go. 9. Keeping a traveler (geocoin or travel bug) or waiting a long time (more than a few weeks) to move it along. 10. Leaving your own cache container there when you can't find the original. 11. Not trading relatively evenly 12. Sharing answers to puzzle caches or final locations of multi caches with other geocachers 13. Getting your cache listed before you've actually hidden it... assuming you'll have the time to get out there and do it before the reviewer publishes. 14. Not bothering to get GPS co-ords for your hide at the time you get it listed. 15. Asking where the cache is, or giving away where the cache is on the Forum. 16. Posting pictures of the cache container and/or the location of it. 17.leaving a really short post in the log like, tftc or
  6. a cach popped up in my neighborhood i went to get it when i got there I had to stand in mulch to get i started walking away and the owner came out and asked if i found it I said no because i didnt want to step in the landscaping he told me to grab it if he hadnt been there i wouldnt have got it I dont want to step into flower beds to grab a cach if i can grab it from the grass fine but people put in alot of efford to thier yards and i dont want to mess it up even if they gave permission by placing the cach there
  7. the most disappointing finds are one you can spot from 50 ft away much like a lamppost hide I have found several in nice parks that were so easy it was like hey look the gps is pointing right at the only tree in the field and there are a bunch l sticks piled at the base I wonder where the cach is. a better spot is when there are several places it could be in the 10 ft circle
  8. nothing is illegal about these caches they are just really bad ideas containers should keep the contents dry most of these you will notice are full of water
  9. Last spring I found a racoon skull near a cach I was searching for. so far it is still in my truck but I plan to put it in a cach as swag sometime in the furture
  10. Being vigilant is fine, but it won't save you should someone wish to do you harm. In many cases neither does a call to 911, especially if you're hunting off the beaten path. "Big tough guys" are good too, but they aren't bullet proof and a crazed meth-head isn't afraid of anyone. I'm not trying to scare anyone or anything like that, but people should know that it CAN happen to you - anytime, anywhere. The best way to make sure you are safe in any environment is to legally carry a handgun ( if your state allows) and get some training on it's proper use and safety. You should be mentally prepared to defend your life, and know and abide by the laws in your state regarding the carry of a weapon. If you can't or won't carry a firearm, then pepper spray is the next best thing. I recommend one with multiple bursts. All thins considered, getting a little on you and having an asthma attack would probably not be the worst thing that could happen should some low-life want to do you harm. In my family, we prefer Glock's. A Glock 27SF .40 caliber handgun. My wife carries the G26SF 9mm. The 27 (with extension) carries 12 rounds and the 9mm carries 9 rounds. If you need more than that, you've got a problem a handgun won't solve. lol These days, trouble can happen anywhere - and bad guys don't make appointments. I have one question I ask people before I recommend a gun... Are you willing to kill in your own defense? I had a friend that wanted a gun for defense she answered... I would try to shoot him in the leg... I got her pepper spray If you cant say yes without hesitating, you dont need to be carrying a gun. You will just be arming your attacker. Get pepper spray, keep it handy.
  11. now there is one I never heard before. she doesnt know how to use the 3 sea shells
  12. it is kind of hard to write a long post for a lpc, but otherwise i try to say something about the experience which reminds me, I need to look at one of my last finds to see ifa question I asked was answered
  13. cell phones use the cell signal to triangulate your position it is not true gps which uses satellite signals to triangulate in areas outside city limits where you might not as good cell coverage the phones wont work very well
  14. I like to remind people that not all camouflage is green
  15. for lamp post caches you arent going to get alot out of me yesterday i went for a hike in a nice park looked for 5 caches wrote a 3 line comment about why i was in the area which i cut and paste into all the logs then added a line or 2 about each hide
  16. I don't know if there is an official quest on geocaching.com but I know there are several groups out there that have quest. Such as... find a cach in every county in the state, a cach a day for 100 days, one for every difficulty rating. So putting together a quest within your coalition shouldn't be a problem
  17. I dont like the idea of ftf prizes either. In this area there are 5 or 6 ftf hounds Any prizes would be going to them If I wanted to give them a present I would
  18. yes these are common questions and you may get some snarkie responses paperless is loading all the cach info onto your gps or other electronic device it is nice to have the size, difficulties,description and hint while out hunting. there are 3 ways to load info... 1 punch in coordinates by hand not recommended 2 connect gps to computer and click on send to gps from cach page or from map, my preferred way and 3 run a pocket query which will email you a zip file of many caches the use a secondary program to load them to your gps all at once. yes the 60 is a good unit it wasnt designed to do paperless but there are ways using it that way but you better have a little computer knowledge i havent used the oregon but the reviews arent bad useally both error value on most all gps it 10 to 15 feet
  19. Brilliant!!! lets see I have around 330 finds of those maybe 15 were ammo cans so that means I would have quit geocaching about a day after I started because there were no caches left in my area All cach sizes have their place... we are sorry that not all meet your high standards
  20. I use the term mugger muggers steal your cash or in this case cach and it is close enough to muggle it would be easy to get people to change when you cach goes missing you have been mugged clam power
  21. there are several ftf hounds in this area 90% of the time it is one of the same 4 or 5 people they are nice people but if i want to give them a present I will no need to put it in a cach
  22. There are no bad times for caching. oh sure some are easier. late winter early spring is nice before bugs poision ivy, and vegitation starts. summer is good for a nice walk in the park fall when the leaves are turning is wonderful winter can be difficult if the cach is under a foot of snow but easy if someone else has found it. so there is no bad time for caching
  23. I bought a colorado. I like it alot it has some nice features the street maps arent real accurate but i guess you can fix that by getting a regional map instead of the us map I might shy away from it because garmin has discontinued it that is why you are getting such a good price on it
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