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  1. Clean - straight forward - very handy Great job, keep 'em coming
  2. After a quick search at pricegrabber I found prices starting at $12.99 going to $27.99. Amazon has Scandisk listed $18.99. Hope this helps
  3. I got my Energizer NiMH AA 2500mh batteries and charger at either Home Depot or Lowes. And if memory serves, it was a $20 bill.
  4. After being stranded in N Carolina in bad weather for several days, my Meridian Color showed up after (of course) a beautiful Christmas weekend. I'll spend the week downloading and uploading caches for the upcoming weekend.
  5. I have been using Firefox for almost 1 year. Starting with a pre-release version to the current release 1.0. Unless I'm at the MS update site or a couple of financial site that require IE6, I use Firefox exclusively. I am so impressed with the features, ease of use and increased security/privacy features of Firefox, I have set my IT staff lose to convert my networks 50+ workstastions to use it. Tabbed Browsing Increased Privacy Better Security Faster loading/browsing Why would anyone us MS IE?
  6. That's my situation and plan. I don't see any problem with charging out the door. I just hope it's open at the time! Only 1-1/2 sleeps left to coin a phrase!
  7. I have a Meridian Color. I got it a couple of days before Christmas to get it set up. The plan is to hit a few caches on Sat and Sun. This is my first gps for Geocaching. I've owned both Magellan and Garmin units when I had a boat. I never got lost or had any problems with either.... so I guess I have no complaints with either mgfr.
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