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  1. I use Road Runner also. No notifications or PQ's. I set up a gmail account and set one notification of an active cache area and right off the bat, finds and DNF's notifications started coming in. So I think it's a Road Runner problem, not a GC.Com problem. Hopefully this gets resolved soon. I hate web based e-mail and prefer to use my Road Runner e-mail with Thunderbird as my client. Edit: I just configured Thunderbird to use with Gmail. Works like a charm. I will send some duplicate notifications to Road Runner so I'll know when that address starts working again. It's all good now. Gmail is your friend.
  2. Same here. No PQ's or notifications since Monday and I use Road Runner. My notification radius area is normally very busy with 50 plus notices a day, more if there is an event in the area.
  3. You go to CVS Drugstore to pick up some non-caching related stuff. You pass by a display of pill containers and you think to yourself "Cool geocache containers." Guilty. Actually going back to pick up a pill fob to use as a bison tube later in the week.
  4. I was about to post a question regarding this rule, but I might as well use this thread to do so. I have my sights set on a spot for a cache which is about 500 feet away from another cache nearby. Yes, it's too close to the other cache. However, there is a body of water between my chosen spot and the other cache and a person will have to walk about a half mile around the body of water to get to the other cache from my chosen spot, therefore making the actual distance from my chosen spot longer than 500 feet. I'm debating placing a cache there, but will not waste time doing so if it still falls under the 528 foot rule.
  5. You go to a grocery store and even though you don't drink coffee, you buy a can of folgers and then dump out the contents just so you can use it as a cache container. I have actually thought about doing this, but just decided to ask a coffee drinking buddy of mine to save me some folgers cans. I don't drink coffee myself.
  6. I've only been doing this for a few months now. Cache GC1EJWQ
  7. Here are a couple more NCIS related ones. McGee: Hurry up and sign that log, Ziva. I just got a text message saying that a new cache got published and it's not far from here. Ziva: Oh, you want to get that SOS, right? McGee: Um, Ziva, the correct term is FTF, not SOS. Ziva: Oh, right. --------------------------------------------------------- Dinozzo: Yes!!! FTF!!! McGee: Um, Tony, you didn't get the FTF. Dinozzo: I didn't? Ziva: No, look at the back of the log - right there in tiny print - "Gibbs FTF @ 7:28 am" Dinozzo: That sneaky bastard. He must be taking lessons from that Knight2000 guy on the Groundspeak forums.
  8. Dude, that was so perfect!!!! I love NCIS and Caching.... After I explained it to my wife (also an NCIS fan), she got a chuckle out of it too... I did another NCIS one too. It's on the previous page of this thread. You will have to scroll all the way down for it, though. Glad you liked it.
  9. Gibbs: Hurry up and sign that log, Tony. There are some muggles coming our way. Dinozzo: Right, boss. I'm just a little pissed that McGeek got the FTF. Gibbs: Relax. There's another new cache down the road that McGee won't get. Dinozzo: And how do you know McGee will not find that cache? Gibbs: I told him Best Buy is having a sale on the latest Call of Duty PC game, so he rushed there to buy it. Now sign that log and replace the container so we can go get that new cache down the road. DiNozzo: Right, boss.
  10. My son is a huge Harry Potter fan, so he likes it when I say "Look out for muggles while I look for this cache."
  11. In the 200+ plus caches that I have found, I have not traded swag, only TB's/GC's. Some adult swag that I found were cool such as: A University of Michigan lanyard a laser pointer a penlight brand new socks still in its packaging DVD's keychains with a business logo on them bug spray (not really considered swag - I found one can to be used by cachers in a skeeter infested site and not taken) I was tempted to take the Michigan lanyard, but had no swag to trade with, so I left it. Otherwise, I have not taken anything else even though some were interesting. I'm the type of cacher who simply seeks out the cache, signs the log, and move on to the next one. Every so often, I will take a TB to move it along, but for the most part, I don't even discover a TB/GC unless I'm at a TB hotel with little muggle activity that allows me time to go through the TB's and note my discoveries. To sum it up, I find it, log it, and move on.
  12. If your GPS has a waypoint average feature, you can do that too. What it does is takes several samples of coordinates while at GZ. From that, it takes all the samples together and averages it out. The average is usually the one you would use for your cache. That's what I did for my two caches (though I plan on hiding several more once I reach my milestone, then take a break). I took about 50 samples at each location. Maybe I could have taken more samples, but one cache is urban and the other is at a county park, not heavily wooded. So it's all good. Never had anyone saying coords were off. I'll probably take more samples at a heavily wooded area. Hope this helps.
  13. I use a PDA along with a bluetooth GPSr (I don't have a traditional GPSr). The PDA is great cover as I walk holding the PDA/GPSr in one hand and a pen in the other. I use the pen as a stylus for the PDA so that I can use it to sign the log for the cache. Saves me time having to put away the original stylus and grab my pen. I was at a beach one time looking for a cache. One old lady asked me if I was an inspector working for the city. I played along and said "Yeah, I'm doing a survey on the beach. " She said "Don't you need those yellow survey tools for that?" (she's referring to something like this.) I said "No," then hold up my PDA/GPSr) and then said "I use my GPS to take measurements." She nodded and then walked away. It helped to do a little improv as I didn't have the "survey" excuse lined up to begin with, but when that lady asked me that question, it just fell in my lap and I went along.
  14. This does not bother me. Write log, scroll down, hit submit. We have to do the same thing for making forum posts anyways. Write forum post, scroll down, hit "add reply" It's routine for me that I thinking nothing of it. I don't see a problem.
  15. Never been injured while caching. Did tear an ACL few years ago at a non-caching event and had surgery...then almost re-injured it at this cache . I got very lucky that I didn't re-injure my knee. Recovering from surgery meant two months out of work and another 8 months before I was at full speed.
  16. Nah. That's a letterbox. There's a lamp post near it. I think it's in there
  17. Think I posted in a similar thread to this before as this feels like Deja Vu. But here I go again. One day, a new cache was published as I was about to set out on a 25 cache run along a 75 mile route. The new cache happened to be on my route and was closest to home. So I got that cache first thing in the morning as an FTF, then kept on along to get the rest of the caches on my list. All in all, I think I had 21 finds that day and did not get home until about 12 hours after I found that new cache. I was too tired to go online and went to bed. Then had to go to work the next day. Finally, I came home from work and went online to log that FTF along with the other 20 caches that I found. Had that new cache not been on my route, I would have skipped it and let someone else have that FTF. So think about that before claiming another person intentionally waits too long to log their FTF. Also, if I find a new cache and was second or third or whatever, I don't wait to log online. As soon as I access the computer and the FTF is not logged yet, I'll log mine anyways and say "I was STF. The Thunderlords found it 15 minutes before I did." or something similar. I always give credit to the FTF person if he didn't log his yet so people know who found it. I have 6 FTF's to my credit. 4 of those were not immediate ones (I found one cache two weeks after publication), so it's like not I was an FTF hound on those FTF's. Also I have said this before and i'll say it again. The FTF is the one who name is at the top of the log. It's not the one whose name is in tiny print in the back of the log. It's not the one whose name is in the middle page. It's at the top of the first page. So Knight2000 or whatever, your supposed FTF's logged that way does not hold water for me. For all I know, you are just feeding us a line of bulls*** saying you got FTF when in actuality, you were like STF, TTF, or so and logged your name in tiny print and claiming you were FTF. To each his own.
  18. No. You keep looking for each stage until you find the final. The final stage is the one that you log.
  19. I had a situation similar to yours except that I was the one that took a TB before it got logged. Basically, I wrote in the log that I made the find and found a TB in it that was not yet logged because a family from out of town didn't get a chance to log their find and drop. They indicated so on the physical log in the cache, so I knew it would not be in the inventory list just yet until they got home. So officially the TB was still in their possession when I found it. But it was unofficially in my possession. I simply waited for them to log the find and drop, then I logged the retrieval of that TB to make my possesion official. It happens all the time. Cachers will sometimes find a GC or TB not on the cache inventory list, so they may wait a few days for a previous cacher to log the drop. If no drop log is made, then they may contact that cacher to log the drop. If that cacher does not respond, then simply log it as a grab from that cacher and if the TB/GC owner wants miles on his TB/GC, then log a dip (meaning drop, then retrieve) in that cache where the cacher found it . Hope I make sense.
  20. I guess it does help to live in a cache-rich area, Knowschad, as you do. I live in an area where there's only like 60 some caches within a 10 miles radius. It's that sparse. On my stats on my profile page, out of my 184 finds as of this post, I found 58 of those caches in that 10 mile radius. The rest of my finds were more than 10 miles away. So back on topic, 21 finds in a day is the most for me and all of those 21 finds was spread out around 30-40 miles radius in a rural area, so I spent a lot of time driving from cache to cache. So I thought those 21 finds were pretty good as it was done over about a 12 hour period. I estimate I spent about 3-4 hours driving that day As for states, MI & WI lots of times as I live on that border.
  21. Oh no. Not another "You know you are addicting to caching" thread.........
  22. To those FTF cachers that say they sign their name in small print or on the back of the log to deceive another cacher into thinking they got FTF - I have one question for you - how do I know you didn't sign that after I found the cache for the FTF? For all I know, you could have done that after I got there for the FTF and you signed the log in the back in small print and then claim the FTF and then claiming you did that BEFORE I got there when it's not true. All I have is your word for that, right? To me, FTF's are such that it's the first signature at the top of the log sheet and if I don't see a sig there, I will claim the FTF along with the date and time that I found it so it obviously can't be missed. I'm not wasting time looking through every page of the log book or log sheet looking for a sig. I'm signing the first available space I see, whether it's a cache with 100 finds on it and a worn log book or a newly published cache in which I sign at the very top of the first page. For the record, I have 5 FTF's out of my 166 finds (as of this post). 3 of those were slow FTF's meaning I found them long after publication (I found one just the other day two weeks after publication because it was 35 miles away from me - the other two slow FTF's were about 6 hours after publication because I was at work when the notices came in). The two quick FTF's, I found right after publication when I was out of the house anyways and happened to have my PDA and cell phone with me. Got the notice on my cell both times and used my PDA at a wi-fi spot to get the coords and made the quick finds. Otherwise I'm not an FTF hound. To each its own.
  23. Obviously, one place that bodies cannot be hidden are in LPC's
  24. It's always about the challenge of the hunt to me. I've only traded swag just once in my 160+ finds. Otherwise, it's the thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of making the find and the agony when I don't make the find. IT's what geocaching's all about. Right?
  25. You know. I was gonna add that too. Glad I'm not the only one. It's one thing to use a cell phone to add field notes. That's fine. But why can't the user wait until he comes home to log his finds in detail instead of doing "Logged from my phone using the Geocache Navigator by Trimble!" Those are the most annoying logs I ever read. Too bad requiring NOT to post that would be considered an ALR or I would delete them from my own cache logs - lol.
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