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  1. I have been having this same issue for a while now. Cannot add a cache to a list from the map & have to open up the page for each cache in turn to add to a list. Also cannot create a new list whilst on the map. I am on Chrome on a desktop. This is just so tedious & time-consuming.
  2. Perhaps this explains my issue reported on another thread with the map option not opening from lists, or enlarged map from a cache page. I just spent ages thinking I had some sort of glitch and checking all the settings on my PC. Fingers crossed it all gets fixed.
  3. I am having similar issues. When I try to open the map option from a list or an individual cache on a list I get a blank page. On the main page of an individual cache clicking on enlarge map on the small location map bottom right results in a blank page. Clicking on Play on my dashboard page then on the drop down item view map results in a blank page. However if I scroll down the play drop menu to Browse Map I do get the map of all caches centred on my location. I can move this to the area I want to view but this does not get me to a picture just of the caches in a saved list. Having not been on the site for maybe 3 weeks I have no idea when this started. I have logged out and in, restarted PC all to to avail. All ideas welcome. Any suggestion more positive than chuck my PC out the window welcome!
  4. LOL! Almost but not quite! First choice was Enn Reitel . . . But I'll give you the DING for actually getting the right name in Jim Broadbent as it seems no-one else is even guessing. I was not aware of Larry Lamb having a screen wife called Pamela - so maybe I confused you. The Pamela I intended was mother of Bridget Jones.
  5. Staying with "Fools . . . " theme, try this one for size: If you saw are a keen fan, or if you saw the re-run recently of "We Love Only Fools & Horses" you might recall that David Jason was not first choice to play Delboy. He was third but who was the second choice. A clue is that whilst IMHO he was perfect elsewhere as Pamela's husband I just cannot imagine his interpretation of Delboy would have resulted in such a national treasure character.
  6. That was a stroke of luck for me spotting the question as I only logged onto to here today for the first time in ages. Prompted by the renewal of my annual subs. Even though caching has been a low priority in recent months I still wonder where else I could get so much fun for £24.99 a year! I just paid a roofer £25 for 10 minutes work to replace a cracked tile. I'll go think of a new question - back soon.
  7. Will keep that in mind if I have any problems but so far eveything is hunky dory. Most of the internal space is occupied by the Topo Map. I have not loaded anything else other than what is there by default. Which is why I asked the question in the first place to ascertain what was what and wondering whether i could move the large Topo file to SD - concerned that if I did the next time I was prompted to do an update it would download an entire new file to internal rather than let me choose to override the old one on SD. Watch this space. No problem to me to simply reset the whole darn thing to factory and start over! Although I would of course remove the SD card with my paid for BE Imagery OS maps loaded.
  8. I moved a few things around, totally got rid of the other than English language files (moved them to PC and saved in a dedicated folder), moved a BE Demo file from internal to SD card and the sky did not fall in so far. I will be very cautious and always make back ups of anything I tinker with. But I have freed up a bit more space on the internal store and it does seem to have benefitted. I downloaded some purchased BE Imagery (locked to the serial number as far as I can tell) and it initally tried to load onto internal store but I took control and moved it to SD. As I am of a "if it ain't broke . . . " mindset it is very unlikely I will be changing units or SD cards in forseeable future but appreciate the advice above. Got a lot more confidence & know-how now after the advice given here. Thanks everyone.
  9. Thank you. I did find that referred to somewhere when I first started caching so now I only load up for the day (or several days if holidaying in another area) and delete the GPX files after I have found/not found them next time I connect to PC if I am unlikely to be in that location again. I have no reason to want to keep past caches on the gps and when I record tracks I transfer them to my PC for storage - can always reload a particular route back onto the gps if I am walking that way again and want a reminder of perhaps a newly discovered path. That GLSrChive site is excellent. Not delved into previously I suppose as the main use of my gps is tracking my walks - caching & techie details of the unit are less important to me.
  10. Thank you. I will experiment. Did wonder if the internal storage being close to capacity might be why the gps seems to take longer to fire up of late.
  11. Been doing it 2 years now - usually included into my regular walks to which it adds a whole new dimension. Still to get to my first 1000 finds (two thirds of the way there) but it is not about numbers for me. But really did miss it during my lockdown walks, partly due to not feeling it appropriate to handle caches and partly because I have found most of my local ones. I don't do drive-bys and I don't travel miles JUST to find caches so this year will be even more limited as holidays have been cancelled.
  12. I knew I would get a great answer here. There is nothing in the GPS manual of course and I did google all sorts of terms but nothing brought up the above link so that is very much appreciated. No doubt I was just not using the correct search words - eg "moving files on gps" got me lots of info on downloading caches. Digital Elevation map - doh! Only thing I could think of was demo map! I have got the BE Imagery on the SD card already as I use that as default for downloading. I had enough sense (just) to think that if something catastrophic happened to the internal store I could pull out the card before fiddling around with settings. Off to have a bowse now . . . . many thanks. Edit - Ok had a quick look and guess I have a lot of new bedtime reading. Maybe I asked a dumb question (LOL!) but the dumbest question is the one you don't ask - and maybe this will help someone else scratching their head like me. Great community here and caching is one of the best things I doscovered, if a little late in life.
  13. I have an eTex 30x GPSr, with 8GB internal storage and with a 32GB SD card installed. I noticed that the internal drive is almost full and am wondering what files I can move to the SD card. I already put GPX files when I go out caching onto the card and I generally delete found caches so there is a lot of empty space to play with. At the mo I have 4 large files, taking over half of the internal space, which are Disc Image Files. I assume one of them is the pre-loaded map and another (or maybe more than one) is/are the Birds Imagery UK OS maps that I have purchased and downloaded. But which is which? I have serarched for something that explains what all the other various file extensions mean (.sum, .gma, .unl) but with no luck. I am not very tech savvy (it's an age thing!) so thought I would reach out to all you good folks on here. The first 3 dated 02/06/2020 may be a map update prompted by Garmin, but I cannot remember for sure D6185080B 2,809,280 KB 02/06/2020 gmapbmap 47,624 KB 02/06/2020 gmapdem 941,072 KB 02/06/2020 This one is dated a month earlier, and I think may be when I installed some OS maps from the purchase of BE Imagery credits. I also installed further very small portion of map on 02/06/2020 (I had missed a coastal headland off a previous map) gmaptz 572 KB 02/05/2020 I was checking the internal storage in case that was causing an issue with downloading some more Birds Eye Imagery - but I now assume that the problem of not connecting to the server is part of the ongoing Garmin outage. I did think of simply moving some files, see what happens and move them back if something stops working. I would make back up copies first to my PC of anything I moved, just to cover my back. Thanks for any advice.
  14. Brilliant wendykmj! That was so simple and the OS maps which had gone AWOL came back straight away. Yet again I was glad I had saved the Bing key as a word docx so I can just cut and paste without re-typing. Where there's a will . . . . . .
  15. Seems to have been fixed. Wonder if the techies get extra pay if they have to fix things on a Leap Day? Mine is dated correctly btw.
  16. I just got the Leap Day souvenir & all I got was a box with a blob in one corner! But glad to find it is not just me with what I take to be a glitch that is perhaps site wide. Presume the techies out there will have to do a general fix for this - I would have no idea where to start fiddling around with URLs. A Leap of Faith? A Leap into the Unknown?
  17. Just added that museum to my bucket list for when I next manage a trip to Athens. Thanks for the pictures - looks like it was a great visit. My only find in Athens was GC6V0NB - Olympias Trireme & Battleship on Sea - almost 2 years ago when I was on my way to my first 100 finds.
  18. If they really want their independence perhaps the kids can receive membership as presents from grandparents, or Santa Claus or as suggested save up pocket money? Might it make them more appreciative if they have their own identity? Do they each have their own gps or smartphone? How much do they spend in a year on any other hobby? Whilst it might seem quite a chunk to outlay for each family member to have their own individual account it is such a great value interest for anyone to have, with the added benefits of getting into the great outdoors & exploring. After all I assume you all share the expense of travel when you go out on family caching expeditions, so apart from the minimal equipment required there is not much other outlay. I just completed my first 2 years as a Premium Member - and realised that my so far modest total of caches has cost me the princely sum of 7pence per cache here in UK, not including any incidental travel cost & shoe leather! Cheapest hobby I ever had! Maybe you could pay the subs then give the kids a themed money box (like a cache container) & for each cache they find put in a few cents & gradually save towards future membership renewal?
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