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  1. I apologize in advance of this has already been mentioned. The topic title says it all. I cannot send or save logs using the official iPhone app now that I saved the latest update (5.0). This is regardless of whether I'm using wifi or data. Please help/fix!
  2. I have used one similar to the one in the second link, and have some of the ones in the third and fourth link for my next caches. I have had it out for about a year, and never a complaint about dampness or leaks.
  3. Any logger will tell you nails in trees can be really dangerous, but not to the tree!
  4. That's my tool of choice as well. Writes upside down, under water or on wet logs, and I have it on my keys, so I always have it on hand.
  5. I was a member of Scouts Canada starting in Beavers, and went all the way through Venturers, earning my Chief Scout Award along the way. I am also currently a Cub leader with my son.
  6. Good luck TAR! Nothing but positive energy and the God and Goddess' love your way!!
  7. I am both a cacher and letterboxer. My favourite was a cache and letterbox less that 2 m from each other. I contacted both the GC and LB owner, and neither of them knew about the other. I was excited to get both a smiley and a stamp in my logbook that day!
  8. I do use G+, but not for geocaching. Most people I know are on FB, but have not made the transition to G+.
  9. Maybe you were throwing out someone's new signature item! How thoughtless of you!
  10. While the camo hockey tape is good, I also like to use camo fabric. I picked up a good size swatch that will cover at least 3 or 4 PB jars for about 7$, and glue it on using weld-bond glue. The fabric will pick up dirt and mud, and help add to the camo. I have had a peanut butter container como'ed in a hole in a tree for a year with no issues. Went to do maintenance a few times and found it frozen in place with no ill effects.
  11. If you are looking for camouflage tape, check your local sporting goods store. My son loves camouflage, so we picked up some camouflage hockey tape for him. He loves it for his hockey stick, and I'll steal some to cover containers. It's fabric, thick, holds well, and looks pretty good.
  12. I am intrequed by the idea of the GeoRing. Do you have a link?
  13. Viridios


    I have a Traveling Cacher Geopatch that I use to keep track of how far I have traveled. I move it from my caching bag to my school bag in the hopes that someone I don't know at school will discover it (No one has yet... )
  14. I just noticed that my avatar looks blurry and pixelated. Is this a strange side effect to the site update? Any suggestions for a fix?
  15. I was looking at my list of trackables that I have come across, and I notcied the symbols (See below). I have figured that the face denotes it being in a cachers possession, and the box denotes it being in a cache. But does anyone know what the green/grey mean? Thanks!
  16. I have an unknown cache that requires a QR reader to get the coordinates for the final. Would you consider that special equipment, and thus require a 5-D? I currently have it at 1.5-D.
  17. Sounds like a good way for cubs to get interested in Geocaching. I'm glad they don't require hiding a cache as a requirment. Now, now, the American Scout badge does not require hiding a cache, it's only an option. Same for the Canadian Scouts Geocaching Badge
  18. I got an email from Scouts Canada about one of the newest badges for the Cubs (8-10 years old). Check it out! I think it's a great way to get kids into geocaching, and to expose others to the sport. I think my son has already fulfilled most of the requirements!
  19. I did exactly that the other day...
  20. My animal antics story was during the summer while looking for the 2nd part of a 3 stage multi. I was walking through a field of tall grass with my buddy. I was looking at my GPSr when the ground right next to me exploded with a screech like I have never heard before. I jumped a good foot or 2 straight up, and my buddy, a big burly type, squealed like a little girl (no offence to the little girls in the audience). When I landed I saw a baby fawn bounding off through the grass. I looked down to where it was laying and I could clearly see the imprint in the grass, and my foot was touching it. I think I may have actually stepped on it causing it to scream in fear and flee. After getting my heart rate back down to a somewhat normal level, we continued our hunt, keeping a CLOSE eye on the grass before us...
  21. I have an LED flashlight that came with a blue filter. Will it work with the UV paint?
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