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  1. Sharing to facebook isn't working properly right now. When you try to share a log the only thing that happens is that a link to the main geocaching.com website is shared.
  2. From both Android and iPhone, I am seeing issues with trackable logs not posting with the correct date. On the Android this is observed with the Groundspeak app. On the iPhone this is seen with both the Groundspeak app and a third party app called Cachly. Since this is happening on multiple platforms and multiple apps, I suspect that there might be a problem with the API. I have been recently geocaching in the Pacific Time Zone and I have noticed the problem since on or around January 1/13/17. I have been updating the trackable logs, with the correct date, via the website to correct the problem. The date is always off by one day in the future. It is interesting to note that cache logs don't suffer from this problem. Some trackable IDs that I have had to go in and change are, TB5MDJC, TB5MN6Q and TB5CRQA (dates not fixed on TB5CRQA). Is anyone else besides me aware of this problem?
  3. I'm having the exact same problem. It's very frustrating but I'm glad that geocaching.com is working on it.
  4. The three cache per day limitation is a feature of regular membership on geocaching.com. If you decide to upgrade to a Premium membership you will find that restriction is lifted. You can log finds from the app regardless if you have a regular or premium membership. Have fun!
  5. Your friend can download Geocahing Live for free for the Windows Phone. All she has to do is go to the "Marketplace" and search for it. In Windows Phone the icon for the Marketplace looks like a shopping bag. Good luck!
  6. I have the HTC 8X which runs Windows Phone 8. The same Geocaching Live app that works with WP7 works just fine on my device. It's much more convenient than using a stand alone GPS device! The only thing that I don't like about Geocaching Live is that it doesn't specify whether a cache is Premium or not but I guess you could get around that by filtering with a Pocket Query. Caching is so much easier to accomplish on the fly now. I can search for caches on the phone or load them with a PQ, get driving directions, use the compass to get to GZ, and then finish up by logging the cache including any trackable activity & pictures that I've taken. I can even look up a trackable before I pick it up so that I can decide if I want to help with it's mission or not! Marking a waypoint is possible as well.
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